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  1. I just love that song. Remix is nice too, but I love the choir version the most (if anyone ever played Homeworld, I'm sure you remeber the moment when mother ship was leaving the docks... damn, it was just... too good ;P). Blue Oyster Cult -Dont Fear the Reaper - sounds soft, nice ;D open your eyes - yeeee. house of the rising sun - heard that too. ;D Epic songs you say... Land of Confusion by: In Flames (some strange video, tho). Genesis ;-) Disturbed My favorite. Next, since I'm Metallica fan: Nothing Else Matters The Unnamed Feeling The Unforgiven
  2. Its aaalive O____o. Em... moves at least ;D. Impressive. I think this could work as Avatar o.o.
  3. This censeroship just kills me ;D Its cool tho. I like bottom right thing from Tim quite a lot. I have no idea what is it, tho. ;D I think I'll make some more strange scans, havent found mine all-year works yet ;D. And... gogo - draw something, NOW! ;D
  4. ewww, I cant edit posts? O_o
  5. o_O. I want my flatron and keyboard like that ;D. Those are really impressive. O__o. They may be quite heavy, tho.
  6. First one looks like Iron Maiden guy ;D
  7. Fifth wins, o_O. Wheels looks almost like tracks.
  8. Linux Mandrake was the same thing. ;D Linux rox, tho. ;S
  9. About lag thing. I dont think it makes as much lag as "lagging" the spawn. Even if it does, most ppl doesnt feel them at all. (I'm not talking about ppl having 3205238682362191241295192 spywares and trojans on they PC's - they always lag, ORLA just make them feel it ). They only problem is, that it uses a lot of CPU, coz of high res sprites of sparks... If I only knew way to turn them off... ;(
  10. NOTE: I havent tested it in this form, but I think It could work well. If any1 test it, give me a response. Skills: - Weapon Lore (normal weapon dmg, mainly - Magic lore - Heavenly Magic - Constitution - Parry - Long Handled Weapon Lore - Armour - Concentration Equips: - Thunder and linghting sets, ORLA ofc. Main tip for slotting is to use many ORLA's rings, for "spliting". Why Thunder and lightning? It gives experience and drain bonus. It have decent resistance. - Horse. Since this build is quite dangerous, it is good to have extra % for HP. I found one with 40% Hp bonus. I
  11. Count on me... but only on higher lvls. (120-150 stuffs I guess).
  12. Since my seraphim is using Thunder/Linghting set, (and she is quite high as you know, 154) I can hand you over things I dont need anymore (I have quite a lot, armor, belt... and not quite sure for the rest). Msg me
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