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  1. Please forgive my interruption. Flix, are you going to leave? Hopefully not.
  2. When you start working on Sacred ...and when the mod rolls out PS Team member? https://www.moddb.com/downloads/sacred-reborn-v321
  3. Good day! You might look for SevPoots who is making Character skins for Seraphim especially. Just ask, he seems to be a nice guy. Link: https://sevpoots.wordpress.com/author/sevpoots/ Letting the Seraphims wings disappear is, afaik, only possible as workaround. Get the PaK-Extractor, find the texture, delete it and save the blank file in Sacreds PAK-folder. Et voilá! The wings are gone, but the shadow remains intact. LinK: http://www.mediafire.com/file/h43bcppuu7t46yr/sacred_tex_extractor.zip/file To swap sound files you will need Sacred NL, which creates a full sound list. Mayb
  4. It wont be that easy but there is a workaround possibly maybe that can be done by yourself in a day or so. Possibility one is to use a chest armor without texture or with changed colors. Search for Warrior_Armor_Krotenhaut for example. You can cut the texture out and save it for an invisible chest piece or edit the texture as you see fit. Problem is that a single file gets re used several times by the game. The newly created armor will be, I think so, worn by you enemies too. Possibility two is to edit an other chest piece, a set item in this case, in the way you see fit. Enemies do
  5. The pvp session was simply meant to be a demonstration, so that you can see for yourself. Nothing else. But you have solved the riddle already. Some players rather like farming and visiting the hero caves, like you for example, others give the game a normal run, like me. I survive the crab queen cave if I move carefully, same for the desert cave. I never survived one of the dragon caves, I get flame broiled too often. Since you seem to play the vampire too, just as me, maybe you can tell me in a few words where is the fun to use incredible strong summons?
  6. Well to see that the two pak techniques are pretty strong. And in this case you would be the only player in a pvp session. It is a matter of a few minutes to set everything up. To find finally a common line, can we say that it is in the end the modders fantasy you roam by playing his mod? I think yes. Alright then. I have to go back to Timberton now and look for better gear. A good day to you.
  7. Good day. I get your point. The difference between the makers view and mine is possibly maybe that we play the same game in different ways. As I mentioned before I was never after crazy builds or to discover hidden game mechanics. Does not apply to me. I can waste some time in the desert or around Timberton for example. (I like it there) We spoke mainly about the deflection techniques, sorry it was not expressed that well from my side, which grants near immunity vs ranged and magic attacks. At least in the current version, 4.0. MetaL offered balancing already, but since I played the
  8. Mmh. I am not a hardcore player too. I get well through reborn, but I was never interested in exotic builds like dragon-kwob, max damage possible or so. Forget the tossed ideas. I am rather after such things.
  9. Good day. Of course it is not possible to survive boss encounters using pak 1&2, afk or not, but it makes the game much easier. For example, I used the character, displayed in the screenshot above and you wouldnt speak of a reasonable build here, to roam the dryad forest in randomly bought white gear. Usually a place where the player has to move more carefully. I survived and it was a lot of fun. Sorry, the screens are not very well made. I was in a hurry and edited the post several times over a few hours. As you can see on the screenshots, 233% regen, caused in this case by E
  10. Good day. I understand you. Really. There are other users here I have offered a test run already, but these were times before things became a bit more complicated all of a sudden. The only solution is, as MetaL suggested already, a complete cut. Replacing the missing key elements will be unpleasant, it will take a lot of time. No need to loose faith, but I can say, under such conditions, nothing about a release date. Spring or summer next year perhaps. To give you the possibility to visualize the whole thing, just imagine that you would rip the southern wall out of your
  11. Good day. I made it a while ago along with another person. We had... different opinions, maybe. Since I am using the persons work, the current state is unclear. I will not upload it. Sorry to disappoint you. But what I can do is to upload some screenshots, showing the whole thing. I was hoping anyway to make people more interested in modding the game.
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