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  1. 17 years of playing Sacred 1! Now thats quite a number. D#mn! I make it barely to three years with all fingers crossed. I tip my hat, chef! Good day to you Sir!
  2. It looks like the spawn counter for the region bosses. You have to kill the necessary amount of monsters to spawn the region bosses. Check wolfies lair for further info. PS: I would like to encourage you to explore the game mechanics a bit more on your own. The most questions you ask are getting answered in the sacredwiki. Wolfies Lair is an incredibly valuable source of informations as well. If you plan to fool around with the balance.bin, you are mostly on your own. PPS: I give you a good advice: Only one sword at a time. Do not try to forge 143.879 swords simultanously,
  3. You can find them on youtube and the russian social network VK. The team has decrypted the games code and is doing changes via hex editor. (Mmh. I guess I have mentioned it already a few days ago) So there is not much you can do, speaking of coding. There are still some possibilities left, depending on your motivation and skill. You could, for example, remix ambients using Audacity, a freeware program. Textures are an option, ground retex is possible, if you got enough nerves, or editing 3d models in 2d. Well, thats it. Since I am too lazy today, I will answer your question,

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