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  1. Good one! I assume the amazon is the lost character. She has got her own animations but did not made it into the final version as it looks like. Nice work, Vilya!
  2. Hello kirth The question has been asked several times already by different users. I think if the widescreen option gets separated from the reborn mod, well, it is like chopping both legs off. The mod is not unbalanced if you ask me, it just takes a bit time to adapt to it. Valley of Tears is the ultimate test if your hero is viable or not. If you are interested in a playthrough, I can help you out with some gear if you want to.
  3. Mordekaiser can be roughly translated as murderer-emperor. Nice hover-bike and goblin. I am hoping secretly for some monster models, or fresh textures.
  4. Yes it is indeed. Piano is my favorite instrument. My neighbour, despite his age, is still playing it now and then. Virtuous performance. I usually start working in the garden, as soon as the music starts so that I can listen secretly. Offered him and his wife booze a while ago, but that was not a good idea. The concerto was discontinued for that evening.
  5. Have to chime in again. I have just listened to Jenny Moores piano track. It is awesome! Excellent flow. Give her a medal, Flix!
  6. Excellent, Flix! Here. Lets add some more positive energy to the topic.
  7. I want to add Blood Reign to the list. Good Ninja anime from the late 80ies. Guess it was the time before things became weird. Despite Tentacles appear now and then, they do not do what Tentacles do nowadays in japanese animes. English dubbed version, but there is also a japanese dubbed version with us subtiltes on youtube.
  8. Hello ALK I have got a question. I unzipped the sound.pak and tried to replace some sound files. Dropped the new files in the games .pak folder, but it does not work unfortunately. New sounds are not getting accepted, even if I use an original file and mute it for example. I assume the whole thing, (sound.pak) including the new sounds, needs to be zipped again and placed into the pak folder. Is there a possibility to re-zip everything and turn it into a pak format that gets recognized by the game?
  9. Pevil will get her share too. I am glad that both, pevil and ~Night.Wolfe~ gave me permission to use some of their screenshots. It all went very quick. That was pleasant. Good community here.
  10. So, I used Ufos Hero Editor to create a Cannon Dwarf level 40 quickly. Difficulty is Silver. Cannon Blast is only used as boss killer. I made a level 80 Cannon Blast combo. That would be 2 runes each level in theory. No problem and realistic. Desert Dragon goes down after two combos. No sets, uniques, or special gear were used. While I was fighting my way through the Goblin flats, I had a lot of fun with the Dwarf. Just as you. He is definitely the next on my list, as soon as I got enough of the Vampire. I want to give Dwarven Armor a chance + Entrench. Combined with a high level Hard Hit combo it will surely work, but I need to find, or buy some special weapons first that cut through the Dragons defense. As MetaL said, you have to know the Dragons soft spot. I agree that currently the amount of builds are a bit limited for a single character. I have difficulties to variate my Vampires since they depend on certain uniques. Rings, mostly. Currently I got two viable builds, the rest are either tiny variants, or not viable. But I believe as soon as sets get a rework and class related uniques too, the amount of possible builds will increase. Time and a lot of testing is necessary, who am I telling that, and it is of course a matter of motivation. Since I have cursed the game more than one time, I roughly understand how big reborn really is. EDIT Tried Cannon Dwarf vs Ice Dragon. No problem.
  11. Maybe, just another method is necessary. I turned all runes I have found into Combat Kick, learned them all and made a combo. Works very well. Runes can be farmed in vast numbers between Silver Creek and Porto Vallum. (The nameless settlement.) Since kill nr. 25 drops a rune guaranteed, you just have to make sure nr. 25 is a boss. Then you get up to 5 runes. A Combo Master is directly nearby and a trader too. One hour of gameplay should be adequate. I think that a certain knowledge of your hero is necessary. What are your heros soft spots and what are you good at? Of course I can try to enforce a certain gameplay vs powerful enemies at all costs, but it might end painful. IMHO Dragons are simply a test of your current build. I will try a Dwarf today. Silver difficulty, cannon combo level 30-50, widd sockets, critical jewelry. Lets see how it goes.
  12. ALK, dont you think you go in too hard? Played unmodified Sacred for quite a while until Thorium introduced Reborn. Since then I play it. Ok, the very early versions were a bit clunky, but it became better with each version. And the mod isnt finished yet. I always keep in mind that there is no source code and the team digs through assorted code. I believe in reborn. It will be pretty good when it is finished one day. The Vampire performs well against Dragons using Blood Bite and reanimated Wolf. Later, when you got your specialized weapons ready, you skip all that and go in with Hard Hit or Combat Kick. Melee vs Dragon adds some flavor. Speedy fingers are useful, though. PS Did you try criticals + widd + as-high-as-possible cannon blast combo? Back in the day I read that cannon blast does unresistable damage.
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