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  1. An interesting tool indeed!
  2. There is absolutely no reason to cheat in S1. The game is incredibly player friendly.
  3. Gladiator has to wait, I have found out the many portraits are placed wrong, which leads to transparent dots between the portrait itself and the health bar. As you see, Agent Rochefords health bar looks ugly and malformed, more like an egg, as long as the (random) portrait is not placed correctly.
  4. Dax

    My DarkyBoya till now

    Hello Zhurong! You can upload your pics here by saving them as .png. IrfanView, an image viewer, is freeware and can do so in a jiffey. Welcome to Darkmatters, by the way. Enjoy your stay, Zhurong!
  5. Just a little status update. I finished the inbox portraits for all NPCs so far, they fit most of the time, and today non humanoid portraits are on the list. Like cows, dragons, dogs, ghosts and so on. Also, some combat arts of the Gladiator will get a rework. I dont like them somehow. Pics should roll in at this evening.
  6. The old stuff is a bit ugly indeed. A few weeks ago I believed the GUI is done and ready for shipping, but it is far away from being complete. The decision to replace the NPC portraits and to include them was a good idea. I got one of four projects ready, the GUI itself, followed by new portraits, I can finish this until the end of the week I guess. Then, new Combat Arts, that is nasty job that drains a lot of motivation due to broken icons, and, last but not least, new cursors. In the end it will be a completely new experience for the player, if the GUI is combined with Reborn. I am hoping for some experts here that they join the show and drop some smaller or bigger projects. Some creatures really could use a visual freshup. On my wishlist are new sounds and ambients, my job, reworked conversations for NPCs so that they are not completely useless and reworked monsters, followed by weapons, sets, jewelry and so on. Big dreams, but we got enough young and motivated people here. Let us see how it goes.
  7. Dax

    Hey everyone

    I am waiting for Theuns to show up. Hopefully he has overlooked the last posts.
  8. As promised, Gladiator CAs. There is a little error, but it appears only in the characters CA screen. Some icons are getting cut. If you look closely at Throwing Blades, you will see it. Ingame, the new CAs work fine.
  9. Got a little sneak peek for you: Timberton. Let us see how it looks: The portraits add some kind of depth to the game, I have found myself running around in Braverock and Mascarell, clicking at NPCs, just to glare at the portraits. It is a bit difficult to find the right portrait for certain NPCs, since many portraits display classic uber-heros. Farmers and poor folks was the trickiest part. I assume I will finish the missing portraits today, then I have to do escort- and rescue quests again. Despite NPCs only join you for a short time, both portraits, inbox and hired, must be the same. Otherwise it looks ugly. And to be honest, I remove as much vanilla as I can.
  10. Good news today, I got my hands at a wonderful, huge portrait pack and replaced the first half of all NPC portraits already. No swaering this time, working of S1 is just plain fun. And no more ugly portraits no,no,no. Never again. Also, I started to work with the Gladiators combat art icons, that is not that much work. Maybe I can finish them today.
  11. I am back in action, and who said that life is easy, I am facing trouble right at the start. I am replacing cursors currently, but I am not so sure if I can realize the project. The game likes to add certain filters which change colors. I managed it to get it done for the Vampiress, but the modified filter has game-wide effects. It looks not bad though, in this case. This time the only way is to replace the particle filter with a blanc file. It is possible, but all visual effects that use this filter will become invisible. I have to check out first how many effects are affected. In the worst case I can turn the modified cursors into a yellow-golden goo. I would like to avoid it. Looks really ugly. The image below shows the new cursors, including the false colors, caused by the games filter. In this case, the cursors work correctly ingame, but turn green on the minimap.
  12. Hello MetaL and Starling I got a suggestion for the next update. It is about the Vampiress bats. Bats are very fast and the game struggles hard to take them down. What about giving them a limited lifespan of 60 seconds +1 second per level? What do you think of the idea that a higher level is necessary to summon an additional bat? Summon two bats at level 80, three at 160 and four at level 240? The player would have a really good reason to collect runes and roam stores to get better gear. Also, making combos becomes an interesting option now.
  13. Yes. I think aswell we can make it if we work together. Got +20 to motivation currently. Thanks to all of you guys. Lets get it on!
  14. Ah, too bad. I was afire already. But I believe somehow it is not over yet. However. We made good progress during the last months and the forum is blooming. It is a pleasure to see that so many players return. Maybe, you want to keep an eye on us. It will surely pay. Maybe you can answer me a question. I remember that you brought sounds into the game. Which kind of sounds if I may ask?
  15. Bringing something that could be infectious home is never a good idea, but washing things with at least 60 degrees seems to be adequate to deactivate cov19. Btw, how do you want to get rid of your possibly maybe contaminated t-shirt and pullover for example if you are wearing a transparent plastic face shield? Does not matter. Yes, soon masks for everybody will be a must have, the industry starts already to produce them in vast numbers. Those who want can wear FFP3 and Face shield and gloves. Go on then, give your creation away, including a good and extensive how-to. If it helps to avoid a single infection....good.