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  1. I had in mind to contact THQ possibly maybe. The idea is silly and does not promise much but maybe they release the source code of both games or even the tools Ascaron used back in the day. It would be a huge jump forward. But before I do so someone has to check my grammar first. It really could use some polishing. Also, it might be helpful if the modding sections blooms a bit more. IF these guys are interested they will surely check this site out to see if it is worth the effort. Speaking of S1 and Sacred 2, did you notice that there's some kind of iron curtain? Eastern Europe prefers S1, western Europe and north America prefers Sacred 2.
  2. Flat Earth Theory confirmed! So, it isn't a rumor after all! You are lucky that your hero did not encounter New World Order Soldiers that are guarding the end of the world for the UN, which is controlled by the Rotshield family.
  3. Dax

    Diablo 2 Fallen on SacredWiki

    Greta and kids that like to fight against the climate change brought me to the conclusion that the young woman from Sweden was meant. Speaking of movie trailers, I had to watch the ending of Rambo IV over and over again to get that how about adolf out of my head. Sometimes I think Germany is a country on the downfall.
  4. The game studio comes up with an idea, but the investor who gives the money and founds the studio, decides where the journey goes. Happened far too often, never went well. Too bad. The whole franchise had a lot of potential. Who is holding the rights on Sacred by the way?
  5. Dax

    Diablo 2 Fallen on SacredWiki

    Chattius, I bet a bottle of water that no one out of Germany takes Greta Thunberg seriously. Drinking Coffee is a sin btw, because it has to get shipped to Europe with a big, fat Cargo Ship. And these things waste megatons of ship diesel on their way north. Hope you feel bad and guilty now!
  6. Hey! Just drop the textures in Sacreds .pak folder. Thats it. Sacred will use from this moment on, the new textures. Here. Take a look
  7. I have to upgrade to Win10 first. I have swapped to Linux on my PC and got a very old Laptop with Win7 left, where Sacred is installed. Since support for Win7 has ended, this ancient machine will not go online. As soon as I got myself Win10, I will let you know. Count me in! It is not forgotten! D!mn. I am really sorry to disappoint you. Lets push the Multiplayer topic a bit more so that other notice it as well.
  8. HA! Today is a good day! The GUI is nearly done, some minor corrections need to be made, then it is ready to get shipped. I decided to separate combat arts and spells from the current project, otherwise it would take too long until it is done. Here is the final screen that was missing all the time, the combo background.
  9. Just another bug most likely. Are you interested in recording a MP session? Sacred could really use a little lovin. If you need a good soundtrack for your videos one day, just tell me. I will gladly lend a helping hand.
  10. Last but not least, Gladiator and Battle Mage backgrounds. Due to the dozens of CAs, the Battle Mage is the only hero that does not appear on screen. Sorry guys.
  11. One more to go. Gladiator and Battle Mage are next.
  12. I was surprised too how good it looks. Adds some flavor. Downscaling was a bit tricky and finding fitting screenies too. The more CAs a hero has, the higher the difficulty. Battle Mage, for example, is a real nightmare. Do you see the black markers on the left side of the CAs? I tried a whole day to find out where they come from.... Who said that life is easy?
  13. New stuff is ready. The remaining screens will follow these days.