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  1. Ok. I understand. There aren´t much mods for Sacred 1 currently, so roaming the download section and picking stuff is a matter of minutes. I rather thought of all the content that makes it into the players override. Until now, the amount is tiny, but imagine a texture mod for example. The problem is not to pump everything into the override folder, the problem is to get rid of certain mods without damaging other overrides. That´s why I had an installer in mind.
  2. Hello flix I know you´re busy with the inferno gui, but let me ask a question: Are you interested in reworking effects? I had a community project in mind, maybe as a christmas present. Currently, our work, yours, Yesendra´s and mine, is ineffective. We work roughly toward the same goal, but I guess the result would be far better, if we team up. Imagine an installer/uninstaller, filled with the latest mods, fresh gui´s, skins, effects and Sacred Reborn. All eggs in one basket. What do you think?
  3. Eww. I don´t think I need breakfast anymore! chattius, you misunderstood the thread title! If you live in a country where minus 400 degrees is common and nothing special during the winter, then it´s understandable, that you need a bit more calories. Especially if you watch icehockey on your veranda, arm in arm with polar bears, wolfes and elks. (Of course a box of beer is ready too.) I think the Oktoberfest is far more palatable, exept the vomit-hill, which shall not be portrayed here. (:
  4. @ Flix A while ago I mixed some atmospots together for the ice region. Secretly I´m hoping that new sounds will make it into the game one day. That would be similiar to a dam break.
  5. Ysendra, could you take a look at your HUD again? I´ve found out that it looks better if the white symbols, like iventory, map and so on, turn into grey or a dull silver. EDIT: The new main menu is done. It looks cool and tough now, but I´m facing some minor issues. I have to mute some ambient sounds that are getting randomly played. It wouldn´t be a bigger problem to replace them, so that they fit to the new main menu, but it would lead to surprising ingame ambients, which would, most likely, not fit to the current environment. Hero Cave is next on the list!
  6. Little update: I had to drop the blood-galaxy unfortunately, the savegames are blocking the center of the screen, which means you can´t see the entire picture. Also, it broke the style. Ok, here´s a new prototype. There´s still some work to do. I´d like to remove the big rock on the upper left corner, reduce Gamma by 0,10 and do you think Skeletons should slowly drift down the bloodstream, half sunken and barely to recognize? I´m open for suggestions.
  7. Well done indeed Ysendra! The golden GUI will definitely add more flavor to the game. (At least until the dark GUI is finished. HA!)
  8. Hard to believe that the makers dumped the golden GUI! It looks great, judging by the screenshots. A good choice for gamers that prefer to play the good guys. Working on the Dark GUI becomes far more challenging now. We face a real bigshot here. @ Ysendra Get your job done as you see fit, don´t forget to spend some hours ingame too. I´ll take on the missing screens, savegame and main menu, after that I´ll have a look at spells and combat arts. @ Flix Hellish inferno goes hand in hand with lava and obsidian. I don´t see a bigger problem. If assistance is needed, just let me know and I see what I can do.
  9. Ah, too much praise! It´s just a single screen and it was fun making it. But I´m glad you like it! Well, let´s see who´s next. Shall we rework the combat arts, if our current projects are done? The colors don´t fit anymore. They feel so old and outdated.
  10. Dax

    Sci Fi Game Level Concept

    It rather reminds me of "XCom: Terror from the deep"! I loved and hated the game at the same time. Good selection of colors, SheHawk!
  11. Good news! I got the options menu ready. Well, Ysendra, what do you say?
  12. The use of overrides is always a bit tricky. The new stuff might fit the makers taste, but not necessarily the user´s taste. It personally think it´s better to seperate overrides by type, including a collection of old<->new screenshots, so that the player decides on his own which content makes it to his *.pak folder.
  13. Dax

    Sci Fi Game Level Concept

    Maybe you should take a look at Neverwinter Nights, it´s an RPG with an own toolset. The community is still highly active and their content is 100% free. New content, like tilesets, can be added with a few klicks to the toolset. I guess it might be something for you. Check out neverwintervault.org
  14. @ chattius Relax chattius. It was an unlucky coincidence. I´m not pointing at you. Speaking of Mister Hasselhoff and Mister Simpson, so I remember, that one of them is a drunkard and one is a murderer. That´s it. Oh, and both were quite famous years ago. Speaking of terrorists, well, there´s no difference between them. It does not matter where they come from, what they believe, or which skin color they have. It´s the same g!rbage, that feels "choosen" to end other people´s life. For what reason ever. It´s good that our secret service is edgy. Many innocent were saved today. That is what counts. Now, let´s return to the music, yes? @ Hooyaah Oh boy. Thanks for distracting me Hooyaah! I was a bit furious maybe. Let me answer with Amy Winehouse´s "Valery". A great song full of positive energy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vfTHe64HQB0
  15. According to the media, we just escaped our own Charlie by a hair. Please, dear chattius, link something that doesn´t darken my mood.