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  1. Very simple, I like it! Ah that would explain it - there was only one thing I felt different (in addition to the improved texture quality), but I couldn't describe it but reading this explains it perfectly
  2. Thats quite impressive. Is this a simple enough process to do Flix? As in just upload files somewhere and it gives you a link to download the upscaled images?
  3. We're over 6 years since your first post in this thread and you're still creating new content for everyone to with the help of many others. Its amazing how you are all keeping this game alive.
  4. Thanks for clarifying. What have you done regarding the merchant ware quality formula? I'd say this is an interesting dilemma since it's clearly intentional if carried across both games - with diminishing returns to trading as well it seems the game was intended to discourage too much reliance on merchants for late game characters.
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