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  1. Love it!! frustration => anger
  2. apple pie => american pie
  3. gift wrapping => presents
  4. Dragon Brother

    Need a new (or old) game

    It's worth a google to see if their are people with the same CPU as you able to play it. It might be old, but an i7 is still a decent processor. You'll only run into issues if the game requires instructions that the first gen i7's don't support, but since the minimum spec's for the game are a first gen i5 (recommended is a 4th gen core-I, not minimum as you say) I think you'll be fine. A quick google suggested there are people playing on an i7-920 (lowest spec'ed gen-1 i7).
  5. assemblage => group
  6. No worries, that makes more sense!!
  7. ghost => ectoplasm
  8. Do you mean 1/(3*(1/3)) = 1/(3*0.33) = 1/(0.99) = 1.01 if calculated to two decimal places? I can't see how you could get 100 as an answer, but maybe I'm struggling to do the maths incorrectly...
  9. lawn mower man => grass