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  1. Good timing! Similar to the tree/noise in the forest, is there even a bug if someone fixes it before the user notices it?
  2. Hopefully also true for people who own it on origin, but I'm not holding my breath...
  3. Definitely pays off, the glow on both looks great and the ethereal feel to the energy creatures really comes through well.
  4. Amazing effort. I have to say I like the T-mutants or the energy creatures the most.
  5. Yes, I'm looking forwards to this as well. Had previously payed through with finesse and might so am also looking forwards to going for a sorcery based character. Only thing I need to consider is that I just logged into my origin account and I still have access to the original game so waiting to see if the improvements are worth another $50 or so...
  6. Looks great, definitely showcases these creatures in a much more impressive light!
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