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  1. cold "Revenge is a dish best served cold." => proverb
  2. holy => hand grenade
  3. Dragon Brother

    Sacred Reborn: Daemon Chronicles

    Keep us posted, it would be great if you found Rivendell somewhere or something, but I agree that this phrase is probably the extent of the reference. I love how much the Ascaron developers added to the games in tribute of other things in life that inspired / entertained them. I've never quite seen a game series do it quite to the same extent as they did.
  4. Dragon Brother

    Sacred Reborn: Daemon Chronicles

    So going down a google rabbit hole reveals a fair bit about the phrase on that grave stone. It looks like the quote is a Lord of the Rings reference. The phrase "et eärello endorenna utúlien" translates from Quenya (one of Tolkiens languages for the elves) into "Out of the Great Sea to Middle-earth I am come" and is part of a phrase spoken by Elendil (father of Isildur who first "killed" Sauron) when he came to Middle Earth and repeated by Aragorn when crowned: Since Middle-Earth is east of the great sea maybe it suggests that a village to the east is inspired by a town from the Lord of the Rings?
  5. From Dusk till Dawn => film
  6. ice breaker => meet and greet
  7. peanut butter => toast
  8. corruptible => influenced
  9. Credit card => debt