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  1. Dragon Brother

    What are you eating

    Ok, that sounds pretty reasonable then. I wonder how it tastes...
  2. Dragon Brother

    What are you eating

    Interesting post Chattius. I imagine there must be some quite strict food quality requirements associated with eating raw pork? But I guess if you can eat sashimi / sushi, steak tartare, etc. then as long as the pork is fresh and isn't infected with anything then why not...
  3. Dragon Brother

    New project: Getting a DW seraphim to Niob

    I assume you're loaded up with regen per hit socket somewhere to keep your CA regen manageable? That made a huge difference in I&B for melee builds and for something like pelting strikes probably provides more bang for your buck than chance to halve regen time. Otherwise looks like solid build to have a lot of fun with!!
  4. Not sure => definite
  5. hippopotamus => platypus
  6. kind hearted => generous
  7. space-time continuum => gravity