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  1. I was drawing a new texture for this grass patch. I don't know if I will add grass spikes to this one, I think there should be grasses that don't have any spikes for variety. Probably I will draw an individual grass texture for every grass there is, because right now I did what ascaron did back then: just copy the same texture over and over and recolor it. Also it's all very bright on my new monitor so I think I will do a bit more natural colors.
  2. Hello, I'm back with a WQHD Monitor and now that I see all the details I don't consider my mod good anymore. Will do a rework eventually. Time to brush the dust off the graphics tablet.
  3. Unfortunately no, I have scoured the map so much that I'm beginning doubting my memory... but a friend remembers it as well there was some kind of building here, I think you could not access it without parkour, not sure And if you looked the other direction there was another row of chain bridges parallel to the first ones and they were quite high above the water And I think on the minimap they were aligned vertically...
  4. There is some location, it's like a building on a cliff in the background, there are waterfalls to its sides and chain bridges spanning across the waterfalls. I think it was human region. where is that?
  5. I read in some forums that it helped some people to activate "Debug Mode" in the NVIDIA control panel. I didn't have these crashes every day but so far it is stable for me again since I activated that mode. I will report back if the crashes occur again.
  6. Unfortunately my game keeps crashing with this entry in the event log, well it doesn't crash as a whole, my monitors go black for a second and Sacred 2 gets minimized into the taskbar. That keeps happening every few minutes. Sometimes it suddenly stops happening and I can play for hours without problems. Today I can't. Any help would be appreciated. It only happens to Sacred, all drivers are up to date. --- Die Beschreibung für die Ereignis-ID "0" aus der Quelle "nvlddmkm" wurde nicht gefunden. Entweder ist die Komponente, die dieses Ereignis auslöst, nicht auf dem lokalen Computer installiert, oder die Installation ist beschädigt. Sie können die Komponente auf dem lokalen Computer installieren oder reparieren. Falls das Ereignis auf einem anderen Computer aufgetreten ist, mussten die Anzeigeinformationen mit dem Ereignis gespeichert werden. Die folgenden Informationen wurden mit dem Ereignis gespeichert: \Device\Video8 Restarting TDR occurred on GPUID:100 Error occurred on GPUID: 100 Die Nachrichtenressource ist vorhanden, die Nachricht wurde in der Nachrichtentabelle jedoch nicht gefunden
  7. Has anyone ever tried to restore the old mount/dismount animations? I remember they removed them in the first patch but I don't know why
  8. Since I've lost my savegames a while ago... at lv 130 or something... I'll start over, and this time in "hardmode hardcore" I've deleted all health potions from the droplists and exchanged the heath potions from the trader with the green ones. I've also removed gold drops. Let's do this!
  9. Grew a little tired of the highelf seraphim and now I'm back to seraphim mods I guess that's what I want for std-iron
  10. I would appreciate a screenshot comparison for the fur shader pack so that one knows what they will be getting downloading this
  11. I think this is from one of some undressed mod files, probably outdated
  12. I noticed that the _h file isn't working properly which is funny as it is the vanilla file. It's responsible for the skin color overlay, trying to fix it
  13. nvm, needed to download the old NVIDIA PhysX System Software from 2019... Should I delete this thread or keep it for future fools like me?
  14. The physX (pebbles, leaves, ...) are no longer present for me since I updated to win11. Any ideas how to resolve that?
  15. dimitrius urged me to update the file for reduced filesize which I haven't done yet but other than that I have not heard any issues so I'd call it finished
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