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  1. I have a neuropathy of some sorts without any cause, but I will definitely need glasses for this because I can hardly read what I'm typing right now
  2. Hello, was looking for a thread to report how things are going. I was struck down by a sudden disease which the doctors can't find the cause for, I have tremors in my muscles and tingling in my hands and feet, also my eyesight suddenly got blurry so looking at the computer screen is no joy at the moment. So far I'm completely healthy and they don't know what to treat, I stayed in the hospital for some time without result, now sent back home with a bit of "time to get used to it and live with that". I'm doing rehab at home and will get my eyes checked out next week so that looking into a monitor is not a strain anymore. In hospital I had the strange urge to play Sacred 2 though. Some things don't change. Heh.
  3. I don't think you can hide it if you don't want to edit the textures/surface.txt. I've done this and changed all full helmets so that they allow for the hair to show
  4. It has been present on Console but never worked on PC. But it was supposed to work.
  5. Which dlls would I have to restore to ice and blood (unmodded) to get the original behavior (disregarding issues that could go along with that)
  6. There is this skin color slider. The values which color is chosen, are they editable somewhere? I use the same texture on seraphim and highelf but highelf is lighter so the solution is not the texture, but some file with the color values. Does anyone know something?
  7. That would be amazing if you could do a few guides. Personally I'd be interested in getting these things: - How to add new monsters, entirely new with new abilities, not replacing another mob - How to add quests, questmobs and questitems (and if possible how to add voiceover to quests?) - How do I edit the avatar images, the thing that you have done with the overhaul of the icons? I see that there are a b and c, but I can only work with a really and am not sure how to create the other two - An easier way to convert the _n into something that I can edit, I don't want to give my friend 2000 files, he doesn't play sacred - How do I load stuff into granny viewer? I only ever can load the model but never add textures With these things I could see myself adding content without altering the original game too much and having a good base for doing enjoyable content
  8. Haha, yes, I changed it, but I was getting help from my friend and linked him to some postings that he should read as he tried to find another way to import gr2 models back into the game (without success) and he was greeted with a lot of adds and this design. There is nothing to be sorry for, but if I didn't know the page, I'd also have the feeling that when I click somewhere it might install some virus. It's just one thing, it takes some negotiation to look through that. I mainly find information here on darkmatters through google, reading through old postings and trying to make sense of everything that I find. For example we could do a new official collection of tools and ways how to edit the textures like guides with images. I use GIMP and DXT BMP, someone else might have a different way. To edit the N I need the help of my friend with some photoshop plugin and then I need to invert green in gimp. It took us hours to find out how to even work with those files. There are some collections and guides here, but many have dead links, or require tools that you don't just get open source. All of that makes it really difficult to join in.
  9. Personally I mod only for myself and share it with others because if I like my mod, another one might like it too. I would like to get into more modding stuff but I simply lack the knowledge of the how to. There are a few tutorials in these forums but overall I just don't know how to do what, I cannot edit models as I lack a product key, I don't know how to add new enemies, I'd like to do new spell fx if that's even possible, some that just look more modern and better. So I agree a bit with Dax about a restart, maybe even activating reddit and show that "we are still there" as many people just would look there first. There isn't no one that plays the game as the mods still get downloads, and not all people that play the game download mods. If there were more guides how to change a specific thing that are easy to read and easy to access, maybe there would even be more people joining in. I also have to say that this forum is just an eyesore with all the adds and popups. My adblocker kills them all but if I didn't have an adblocker I'd just back out of it without wanting to read anything. If we want to revive the community and possibly get more people that are joining in, there would have to be some work to do, in activity, content and visually. Things would have to be far more accessible. I showed a friend this site and I can screenshot his reaction My plans are to keep working on the game. I will mainly (or only) work with the Purist Fixpack. I want to add quests that do not alter the original experience too much but just are an addon to "complete" the game. I want to add quests to the regions that are empty. I want to use AI voices to make the main quest more interesting and tell an actual story. I want to do another Beautification Project that will probably take me another year. I don't know how to do half of the stuff. I cannot tell you what do to with the project, I would use it if it was baseline in the PFP, but that would either require that you release a PFP version that uses all your changes or that flix added it to it, because I always revert to the PFP 1.4 if I break something. As long as everyone is creating their own thing in their own little corner it will always mainly be something that you do for yourself.
  10. Maybe I have not used the correct words, I am pretty much a rookie; mean something like the diamond set of the highelve, to me it looked like there were 2 surfaces, one for the metal part and one for the rest, but maybe that's just not how it works.
  11. @Lindor Actually I want to look into materials. Let's take these legs for example. How can I add two more material layers so that the thigh cotton would for example be silk and the blade on the knee metal?
  12. I have not continued on the wings specifically yet, as I'm still on the whole mod that would replace the seraphim model with the highelve model. But I'm starting to think that the mod will be too complicated to be released actually. I have added all the animations, even came up with a solution for the BFG, but I don't have an animation for the BFG when she's riding, so not sure what to make of that one. Such issues. Almost wanting to bribe dimitrius into giving me more animations from the dryad. Might release it anyway despite some issues. Overall it works quite well. Maybe if I want that mod there is one person out there that wants it too and then it's for them. I'll come to the wings again when I've decided on a color scheme to make the whole thing more pretty. I want all armor pieces to fit together in some ways and move away from the "green gloves, pink belt, blue legs, white chest" thing that makes it look like carneval. But not taking away too much so that it's still an eyecandy to find a different item, so I'll probably recolor everything. (and the rest of the time I'm busy dying in hardcore)
  13. Thanks! I won't have celestial magic, but use it on low levels as long as it still heals enough, it will be full divine protection eventually :-) I most of the time die in a stun The Build I am creating here is a bit nasty to play on early levels as it has no defense nor offense, so I don't mind the extra rounds to come up with a concept that works well enough, almost like an unskilled build. I've tried so far to do BFG, Melee with Combat Stance, Celestial Magic unskilled but running around the Light Pillar to avoid damage (sorry if the names of the skills are wrong, I'm playing german version) I also really really love Dashing Alacrity, it helps so much at early levels. I have Energy Shield lore in the skills, but that would be the only option that I'm unsure of, I practically don't need it, but I also just allocate 1 point into it and have no use for anything else. Still thinking around on that one though.
  14. I'm still doing this, playing without any health potions, and it's going great
  15. Can you change the color of the effect, for example to red?
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