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I will put some real hard pressure on the GA.


Gonna get the stilletos out and the fish nets and stand on the GA.... (Rik has a vivid imagination)



Oh Btw



(I think that the tune playing is rather appropriate)

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Ughhhh - This is my 4th message to the GameForge Support -


<Anestty> Please describe your problem precisely: I paid by credit card initially - the money was taken from account: Receipt was issued. Banned without explanation: Money back in Visa account 5 days later.: Received email telling to be unbanned send 15.22 Eur to account above: Sent money to bank as requested. I am still banned. Can get no assistance or communication from any support people - in IRC or through here. I have had no explanation at all for my ban. I am still banned. Please un ban me and explain to me why I was banned in the first place. Kind Regards


Moments after that I managed to speak with an SGO - Who of course said he could not help me - but gave me the link to GF Support - arghhhhh -


<SGO|tired> ok. tell ya what, try again and poke me tomorrow if no reply ill poke a coma :P


If someone can tell me what that means I would be grateful - :S


He did seem genuinely surprised I had contacted them 5 times with no response except a demand for money.


I am so over it all - for the record it cost $57.88 AUD to send that money to Germany in the fastest possible way.


The support here has been simply stunning - and a big thanks to you all :sick:

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This is total insanity - I have received an response - The same standard response I have received every time >_>


I just do not know what else to do -


Hello Anestty,




In payment per automatic debit transfer system or credit card, it can occur, that based on missing cover of the credit card/account, defective data or rejection through the bank, that the debit can’t be carried out. At the same time with the account ban, we sent an e-mail with further information to this process.



Best regards,




Bianca Klein




And thats it - only response from them I have ever received - crazy


The further information on this process email was the demand for more money - Thats it - what a pathetic setup.

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I am going to cry - I am going to scream - no wait - done that -


I sent the documents as requested and have waited all this time for this reply -


'Hello Anestty,




we have checked your problem and you have payed 3,22€ and your order costs 15,22€. Since you transfered the money from a foreign country it\'s possible that you had to pay bank charges for the transfer. There is still a remaining amount of 12€ that has to get paid and please keep in mind that there might be new charges for that transfer.




Best regards,'


Now ok - pls look at this - and tell me - please - someone tell me what I do now. The fee cost it to send the 15.22 Eur was 32.00 AUD - as is clearly shown as well a receipt, and the amount sent -





I think I may be losing this account - and I can't seem to do anything about it :cow_white:

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I had a problem sending money to Europe once via wire transfer. I made the request to send enough money so the recipient would receive €250 but despite costing $45 or more to send the wire, the recipient was charged fees and only got ~€200-225. I guess at this point it just depends on how much effort and expense this account is worth. :cow_white: You can still have my account if you are interested.

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Well - that being the case - They have won - I am not going through this stress any further - and the cost of over $100 is something I have never considered paying for Ogame. Who would have thought after nearly 3 years of game play - I would be perma banned - So there goes the rank 18 account. Simply for buying commander on the account. Very sad state of affairs. Thanks for everyones help - It's very appreciated.

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do we start a 'save the annesty' fund? a couple bucks from a few people is nothing if there is many contributing.


I have paypal'd money to friends overseas without issue. since they take paypal, couldn't someone paypal over some cash to their chosen email and they just clear the slate? this should get past all the crazy bank charges, but could still be botched by someone on their end. get the acct back live and then worry about resolving the other charges.

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Cassandra has taken up my cause - and will hopefully work some magic - Today I checked with my bank - and they confirmed the amount received as 15.22 Euro - the correct amount.


As for Pay Pal - I opened an account for this purpose - but the time it takes to verify does not match the time frame I have. They have taken so long to respond in any way - The account will be deleted pretty soon - hence the urgency. There claims appear to be total nonsense, I still have been told no reason for being banned in the first place, and there responses are either incompetent or worse - malicious. This has been noted by others. After this mornings anguish, I now have some hope. Watch this space :hugs:


PS - Thanks Gogo for your kind words on msn

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I should hope they at least rework the ban and extend it so your account! wont be deleted...given the idiotic circumstances


EDIT:I wondered why I saw this weird thing: acoBLEEP! and realized I misspelled "ACC-OUNT" :devil: Oops

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I'm losing a lot of respect for the company. I've actually never minded them working hard at finding a way to "float" the game financially...but not being good with business practice and ethics is unconscionable and wrong...it ultimately hurts everyone, and drags game forges name through the mud while giving them a reputation as being crooks. I really hope that someone in the higher end of Game Forge can help out here, there are good people there, I'm sure if they're contacted, this can come about better.



Coops if you want I can change the title of this thread to whatever you think is more "pointed" at Gameforge to keep the ball rolling. , if you feel that will help....this forum is pretty busy, and we have thirteen thousand unique visitors a month about... if this helps keep your name up in lights until this settled, I'd consider it a privilege.





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Today I had very high hopes for a resolution: Cassandra had contacted someone - a COMA, and I had submitted a response with another copy of the confirmation, that they had not responded too. But I also decided that Paypal was probably the only option to save the account in time. The daily stress has been to much, and as suggested here, I could sort it out at a later date. I attempted to do this, but was infuriated to find I couldn't - as there was no valid information supplied to do so. That was it. I grabbed my mobile, and called Game pay directly. Of course - there was only an answering machine - with an option to leave a message. Stfu I thought, and then called GameForge directly. To my amazement I was put through to a REAL PERSON!! I did not get his name - but he was very friendly and helpful, took all my details, and promised he would contact the billing team to investigate, and then contact me personally. Forty minutes later I received the following email.


Hello Anestty,




We could find the problem and resolved it.




Best regards,




xxxx xxxxx





I am stunned - but note that I am still banned - and I am hoping the next update perhaps will be unbanned. ( I only received the email less than ten minutes ago )


So I still do not know what went wrong, or what exactly resolved it. But I will post again when I am in fact unbanned.



To say I am overwhelmed by the support shown here and elsewhere is a massive understatement. I want to publicly thank you all, Ike - Gogo - My alliance who have been simply amazing, and big thanks to Nishroy, all the posters in this thread, and especially Cassandra.



EDIT: Un banned - at last ( I am in nOOb protection which is mildly amusing :P ) and my rank and points are completely random - but I am sure that will sort itself out. Big thanks to Incendareous, would have been hard without your support dude -


Again - I cannot thank you all enough. The community here is something special. I will remember it all. :drinks: on me for all!



edit of edit :P I just noticed I now have Commander for 72 Days, and 300k DarkMatter - Nice of them I guess :P

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That is awesome news Coops! I just went to the Pillory a little while ago and did not see anything. Too bad you are in (n)00b protection, I was totally going to farm you. :P Hmmmm, since you are now ranked below me, can I send lots of resources your way and not have it be pushing:) :drinks:


- Ike

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I can name those who helped you behind the scenes;)


I sent that email to Koop, he is CoMa of a few other communities, including Ogame.de. He said he will see it gets looked into. He sent me an email earlier this morning that the issue is under investigation.


The guy you talked to is WeTeHa - another CoMa I know well. I am glad it worked out;)

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