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  1. Omg I think the Moomins are adorable What scared me though is Freddy kreuger and of course poltergeist and the exorcist. Good to watch if you want to stay up all night though.
  2. I've been addicted to Christina Perri's - A Thousand Years. I first heard it in Breaking Dawn pt.1 and it took me ages to find the name o the song lol. It's a beautiful song.
  3. o.o

    Dancing Cows coming for you!

  4. Welcome to Darkmatters, also a console player and a noob at it. You'll get addicted to here they are all so friendly and helpful ^^
  5. I'm surprised I'm not crawling on the roof or seriously ill since I drink 24 cans a week its amazing and tastes like tropical juice
  6. 1. What color pants are you wearing? my works horrible light blue ones. 2. What are you listening to right now? Flower blooming in the slums (FF7) 3. What was the last thing you ate? prawn cocktail pringles 4. Do you wish on stars? nope 5. If you were a crayon, what color would you be? Piiiiiiiiiink ^^ 6. What is the weather right now? raining >.> 7. Favorite drink? monster ripper 8. Favorite sport? rugby 9. Hair color? dark brown 10. Do you wear contacts? nope 11. Siblings? 2 dean and william 12. Favorite month? june 13. Favori
  7. its stand alone like the rest and yup their design team is deffo on something
  8. I dunno actually theres so many different elements to the game that I fell in love with, minus the shady graphics that mess up and make rubi look like a dood. I especially love the storyline and the fact that the characters are well thought out. Just a shame bethsoft had to get the rights. I reccomend it to everyone young or old because im obsessed like that. Just watch out for the creepy monkeys you gotta collect :cha (18): I suppose it kinda is like dmc in a way, fps and all that and im pretty sure the development team had 2 of the original dmc team on it. I know too much lol I
  9. oh yeah I also forgot to add hello kitty and meerkats to that list and this dancing cow
  10. COD has its upsides at least 30 year old match score obsessed bullys don't kick you from the game when your winning and get you penalized/banned like they do on manhunt and gears of war
  11. you get major claw hands when you first start but you get used to it and your hand doesn't sieze up after that.
  12. well its miserable here, raining as always but at least I got my replacementparcel off the royal mail delivery van safely this time.
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