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  1. Yeah someone on the Nexus pointed that out. Will be fixed in the next release. Hopefully not long off. To manually correct in the meantime: Open the graphics26.zip file of the mod. Navigate to this folder: graphics26.zip\models\heroes\guardian\ Delete the folder there titled "batteries". This is the cause of the problem. These files are not contributing anything else to the mod.
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Player Skins Pack for Sacred 2 Enhanced Edition ================ This is a compilation of some alternate skins for the player characters, meant to be installed on top of the Enhanced Edition 3.0+. It contains the following skins: Dragon Mage --> Draconian Seraphim --> Black Seraphim Dryad --> Amazon High Elf --> Dark Elf High Elf --> Sorceress Install Instructions =================================== Download the Generic Mod Enabler (GME) and install it to your Sacred 2 root folder. Mod Enabler is available at http://www.sof
  3. Sacred 2 Player Skins Pack for EE View File Player Skins Pack for Sacred 2 Enhanced Edition ================ This is a compilation of some alternate skins for the player characters, meant to be installed on top of the Enhanced Edition 3.0+. It contains the following skins: Dragon Mage --> Draconian Seraphim --> Black Seraphim Dryad --> Amazon High Elf --> Dark Elf High Elf --> Sorceress Install Instructions =================================== Download the Generic Mod Enabler (GME) and install i
  4. Just as well, looks like I got rid of them some time ago in EE. Frankly I never liked the creature-shapeshifting at all. I wonder if just removing the mutation spell token would be enough? If so, the EE 3.1 version would look like this: mgr.defineSpell( "tw_en_mutieren", { eiStateName = "cSpellCast", fxTypeCast = "FX_TW_MUTIEREN_C", fxTypeSpell = "FX_TW_MUTIEREN", fxTypeCastSpecial = "FX_TW_MUTIEREN_C", duration = 10.000000, animType = "ANIM_TYPE_SM12", animTypeApproach = "ANIM_TYPE_INVALID", animTypeRide = "ANIM_TYPE_INVALID", animTypeSpecial = "ANIM_TYPE_RIDESM02-SPECI
  5. It sounds like transparency information was lost in the export. Anything not transparent will have an emissive glow. Try the attached sg map. : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Zctmk6Gp1SB-Z-U4YSWGYdAJOxAW_Sbt/view?usp=sharing
  6. The textures are a part of the Enhanced Edition.
  7. The work continues in the Enhanced Edition.
  8. Well... sadly there is not. Much of the equipment in the game is not added directly to the player's base body, instead many pieces act as body part "replacers" meaning they include copies of the characters' limbs, heads, etc., complete with their own skin textures. One solution would be to meticulously edit each armor texture that included skin, in order to match the hue and shade with that of the new base skin. I tried this in D2F with Silver Fox's help and it was a long process that still does not look perfect. And the process would have to be repeated for each new skin mod. The
  9. Dark Elf is working in EE. Equipment and custom skin colors are no longer a hindrance. That being the case, I'll make a custom skins pack this weekend.
  10. Thanks! Will fix in upcoming hotfix patch. If you want to apply an immediate fix, the change will be made in itemtype.txt, to type (13942, Under flags, FLAG_EQUIPCUT needs to be removed. It's basically replacing her entire head with just the helmet, instead of adding the helmet to her existing head, as is now the norm in EE 3.0. Looks like her pelvis and maybe some other body parts suffer the same problem. I'll review her whole armor set.
  11. Well as it turns out the potion cooldown doesn't even work and never has. It's broken at the code level. I didn't realize until it was time release so I never amended the change log.
  12. That one got imported in from Titan Quest. Same size it's been since 2.0. Recurve Bows are a bit bigger than long bows. The Dryad tends to grip off-center compared to the other characters. I can't change the grip point without making the others grip too far in the opposite direction.
  13. All of the Convert Followers quest-givers are in Khorum. Only one will appear for each character though, depending on what Deity was chosen upon character creation. Likewise with Green Gods, Parched Gods, Desecrated Gods, etc. Only the quest for your character's selected Deity will appear. Green Gods is in Dyr Lain, near the Temple of the Gods. Desecrated Gods quests take place in Artamark, in the central barony, above Black Oaks. Grunwald Forest in Artamark, look for the farm south of the Forest. Questgiver is in the main city of Hissil'Ta, near the south gate.
  14. As requested, there is now a second version available to download, that is meant to be installed on top of the EE 3.0 CORE, like any other optional module. Right now, it's English-only. I can add more translations, if anyone wants to translate the strings below: 1242915431 Rotating Blades of Light 3734181077 Buffet - The blades have a chance to stun enemies when they hit. 3734181078 Whirlwind - The blades spin faster, hitting enemies more often. 3734181190 Leech - The blades leech life from each enemy struck. 3734181191 Recharge - The blades draw energy from enemies to regenerat
  15. I've added a second version of this mod to the downloads, that is compatible with Enhanced Edition 3.0. Install it like any other EE optional module. As a reminder, the old version can be used with Sacred 2 Gold, with or without the Community Patch. I'll work on an EE Dark Elf this week.
  16. Hostility in Sacred 2 is a two-way street. You can make "Creature A" hostile to "Creature B," while at the same time Creature B will act friendly to Creature A. The is the case with the Sakkara Demon. When the duration expires and it breaks free, I think literally everything in the game is hostile to it, and will try to attack it. The Sakkara itself will only attack enemies of the player though. This is why the Battle Daemon will attack him, but he won't fight back, or try to kill you. The proof is that he doesn't explode. As soon as he sees a target that he registers as hostile, he
  17. Hello. The script drop.txt would need to be edited to remove the lightsabers from the merchants drop patterns. You could also just overwrite the file with the vanilla version of the script, though some other fixes to that file would be lost it should function just fine.
  18. So, the way it works is that the Sakkara becomes a suicide bomber when the duration expires. It is attackable by the player during the period of time between when it "breaks free" and when it finds a target to attack (the "attack" is simply an explosion). But, it's important to note that, during this period of time, it's not actually hostile to the player. It won't attack the player or allies and its explosion won't harm anyone but enemies. If there's no target for it to attack, I suppose it would just wander around forever, unable to explode. Simply put, what you've done is uncov
  19. Hello and thanks for writing back! Well, here's the thing: there are two animations at work for mounted combat arts. There's the hero's animation, then separately, there is the mount's animation. The hero's animation can be changed based on each weapon type. This is how Demonic Blow was fixed. The mount's animation, on the other hand, is the same for all weapon types used with that particular combat art. And I think what you're having an issue with is the mount's animation. So, it could be changed, but it would be changed for all weapons when using Scything Sweep. That's no
  20. Really awesome examples you've found! It seems like there's almost too much going on there, all these nested spoilers are tedious to browse. I'm sure it's not much fun to try to edit them either. You might simplify by just keeping a complete FX list, perhaps divided into used/unused (or tested/untested), and then another section for results. As far as automatic FX based on spell tokens, there's FX_GEN_SPEEDUP, that's like rings of orange sparks that circle the player, triggers whenever movement or attack speed buffs apply. There's FX_ENEMY_SPIKESHIELD_C, triggers for ref
  21. Most of my Christmas presents this year were food. Got a tin of some kind of homemade Oreo balls from my boss's wife, and two Christmas tree cakes from my mom (vanilla and chocolate). Favorite might be this cheesecake that a friend & co-worker made me though:
  22. One other comment - remember that some FX are hardcoded to be triggered based on eiStateNames and/or spellClass sometimes. So you may have categorized some as unused that are actually in use, they just aren't explicitly scripted in spells.txt. That being said, it's no big deal, the more important thing is how many more FX you found that I wasn't aware of. I'm thinking there's a lot of potential for more spells in the upcoming D2F.
  23. By the way, those bouncing shields are the generic "defensive" buff FX that are hard coded to appear whenever a spell grants certain properties and there are no other effects. You can see them all the time when the player or a minion receives a boost to defense or damage mitigation (Augmenting Guidon, Ruinous Onslaught, Shadow Step w/ Sanctuary mod). It can also be forced but I don't remember the exact name. There is an equivalent offensive FX with rotating crossed swords, that can also be forced with FX_GEN_MEHR_AW. cSpellDmSchutzrunen and cSpellHeFrostschlag IIRC.
  24. That ring is not supposed to appear anymore, except as Mormorin's Band. So it shouldn't show up in shops anymore. Aside from re-rolled bonuses I don't expect any issues moving from 2.4.
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