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  1. Adrenaline. A buff that increases defence and health regeneration. Out of combat, the buff is able to restore 100k health in 2-3 seconds, but in combat, the health regeneration decreases drastically and is no longer noticeable. Only useful for defence.
  2. Not worth wasting time on, I'm working on a mod that removes the display of armour on the character, but so that armour is visible in the inventory.
  3. it may be because of the "mouse: follow opponents", try to turn it off if it is on
  4. monsters on silver have more resistances, and enemies you are currently fighting may have more resistances of the type you are attacking monsters resistance on bronze x1 monsters resistance on silver x2.5 there is also a bug with the vampire in vampire form, weapon bonuses are no longer counted when switching weapon slots! This is easily fixed by switching the Skill being used - changing a Skill slot or changing a Skill in a slot with a hotkey. You just switch to another Skill and back again immediately.
  5. there are no modding tools for sacred, and to create a mod you have to hack the game and insert your asm code, which can cause an antivirus reaction. Here is the official source, but the result is likely to be the same https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1iD8jF7I1pTlTLoN0WFzsYfYtCTw0ZodI
  6. change the connection type in the game settings. If you have a check mark on the first point, move it to the second and vice versa, if the check mark is on the second point. Restart the game and connect to the server. Here is a video on what to do if servers are not displayed and how to properly create a server
  7. Open up the settings.cfg and gameserver.cfg located inside your Sacred installation folder. Search for the lines "NETWORK_IP_ADDRESS : " and put in your radminVPN IP adress. Save the document and try hosting another gameserver.
  8. here's an example CITIZEN_MAL.grn => MAGICIAN.grn CITIZEN_MAL.TGA => CITIZEN_M.TGA
  9. I modified them a bit. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1xB-ckqza_iO7UuvkK04i2B6v5vAKbBd3/view new names for textures CITIZEN_F.TGA CITIZEN_M.TGA fun fact: if you put the texture CITIZEN_FEM on CITIZEN_MAL, you get this
  10. This quest is not available to Daemon, Dark Elf and Vampiress (conditionally evil characters). But another quest with the same reward is available to these characters - "Intrigues Series".
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