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  1. No, there's nothing there that could break the save.
  2. they can work at the same time, but if you play Vanilla Sacred, it doesn't make sense because the chance to open wounds doesn't work correctly Chance to open wounds: - this bonus does not work on items! Only works as a set bonus, which only four sets have. With a certain chance causes the enemy to bleed, which causes him to take physical damage once per second for a few seconds (the number of seconds depends on the difficulty, on niobium 23 seconds). The damage of the bleed depends on the damage of the hit that caused the bleed. If the final bleed tick kills the enemy, the enemy gives no experience or items.
  3. Yes and here is an example of a high level Call of death
  4. Call of death: the in-game description of the ability does not correspond to reality! Buff, under the effect of which the killing of an enemy significantly increases all the damage inflicted for 5 seconds. The bonus to damage accumulates, but gradually goes down if you don't kill enemies. Maximum duration of the buff is 60 seconds. Damage bonus increases with Call of death level, but does not stop at 6%! A core ability of the Demoness, because it boosts her low damage to enormous values!
  5. in the early versions of sacred, you could take three characters as partners (Adelina, Anya and Minotaur Moca) in the latest versions, you can only take Moca in order to take a partner, you need to complete certain quests in that region
  6. If a boss/champion drops a weapon through disarming, then he loses the status of boss/champion,meaning he loses all privileges in the form of increased experience and improved item drop.
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