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  1. I have to correct me. Over all the years we bought LEGO for around 4000€ for our kids. Robot, hydraulics, sensors,... Starting with our second Lego was used by school for different projects. Twins say they build a robot dog for a few says as it was on the manual. But they needed the parts for a maze solver robot for school. I was on a busniness meeting in Paris when the short lived dog was running.
  2. king -> fisher Our wasterwater is filtered in a pond. There is a pair of Kingfisher having nestlings and they are very busy bringing food.
  3. Marvelous -> fabulous The Fab 4, the Beatles I am best with the tuba. But with a guitar, my older sister taught it to me with a lot of 'Norwegian wood'...
  4. Neither vampire nor werewolf. We are too friendly. Driving home the kids from a handball match we saw a snake warming up on the street. I stopped with warning lights, I made hand signs to the traffic and it took 10 seconds for my son to catch it and placing it in a box. Traffic stood still for some more minutes because everyone was wanting to see the snake. Released it near a pond. Ringelnatter because of the yellow ribbon behind the head. English is ringed snake.
  5. Tarzan was our first Leonberger. Our oldest leaned walking while holding its fur, learned swimming while lying on his back. When we worked on our house, Tarzan was guarding her... Trained water rescue dog I think it will take some more decades till I trust into a robot dog to do the same for my then grandgrandchilds. In my opinion robot animals (which I know) are for the age group between mid-teen till family with yet no kids. We have two ecosphere and 3 baiosphere for having animals and plants with no need to care for them, Closed systems, selfsupporting.
  6. Normally we paint easter eggs saturday, family meeting sunday with an ending at the easter fire by firefighters of 5 villages mid between them on a hill.
  7. Just in time for Easter: Chicks leaving the eggs. Put most eggs in a breeding machine to have control over the time. Extented family with some young kids will come. So little chicks, coloring eggs in ant-hills, ... Think the eggs (added some fake eggs) in the nest with the hen will be ready easter monday. Prefer the chicks being raised with a mother hen. We have Deutsche Sperber (german sparrowhawk hens). Quite robust and can live outside, even hunting mice and such. Roosters can even fight with some success against fox and birds of prey.
  8. Oppenheimer -> Hanau Lived there for 6 month when a teen. Oppenheimer's father was born in Hanau. Same as the Brother Grimm or Franziscus Sylvus (invented genever/gin)
  9. black hole -> Karl Schwarzschild Did the early work on black holes and the event horizon. Died way to early on a disease he got while calculating artillery shooting at the russian frontier.
  10. vending machine -> harvest yourself Some farmers around us have fields where you can harvest yourself. No control, just a moneybox in a heavy concrete block. Pumpkins, sunflowers, strawberries, ....
  11. Tokyo -> Japan Not successful at home, but perhaps you would be big in Japan...
  12. Beat It -> Toto I think at the recording of Beat It 4 Toto musicians played. Funnily the song which comes first when hearing the name Toto is quite the opppsite meaning to Beat it:
  13. Dromedary (one hump) and Bactrian (two humps) -> Canada Once there were giant camels in Canada. Researchers say that their feet were as good on snow as on sand. yukon camel
  14. pell mell -> Marburg Pell Mell was a rock group from nearby city Marburg. Also the name of her LP album. Progressive classsic rock.
  15. Outch. Still 9 days to full moon with all its changing in mood and body (werewolves). Did you eat something which could cause strange effects? Bacteria or mold infected stuff?
  16. metaphasic -> cells When we were at university and my wife learning for tests in genetics I did the interrogation from books. Not Startrek, but that what I connect from decades ago:
  17. elements ->Meitnerium In the list of elements it is number 109. Named after Lise Meitner. She was the first to discover how many energy is in splitting atoms. Somehow her name is not mentioned in the Oppenheimer movie. She saw the danger and wrote to other scientiststo make no bomb out of it.
  18. carve -> skiing Never had carving ski. In my youth I had straight alpine ski and now I do mainly cross country.
  19. Birthdays- Think it will be close to three more years to my next birthday. Sharing birthday with half of the twins so its more their my than mine birthday short before x-mas. @LINDOR How many Lindor pralines do you get on your birthday?
  20. pumpkins -> fodder beets We don't carve pumpkins but fodder beets....
  21. wedding -> Polterabend The eve before wedding neiighbours, former classmates, friends,... come to the house of the bride and throw porcelaine. Breaking porcelaine is said to bring luck. We had around 300 guests at the marriage of our oldest. The couple has to cleanup the porcelaine together before a little party can start. We served drinks and snacks at the firefighter building after the porcelaine breaking. The wedding is then normally with a smaller number of people. At our place before entering the chapel for the wedding the couple has to do challenges, like sawing a trunk blocking the entrance door with a two men saw to show that they can work together to solve problems.
  22. We have firefighter open day tomorrow and I was phoning the baker for some hundreds breadrolls. I was put on hold and guess what was played in an endless loop:
  23. bonding -> first born Four years between first and second. When the second was born the older was closer to me. When my wife was nursing the second the older was walking with me in the forest, was interested when I was repairing something, ... Even with three more kids, the oldest is somehow more like me what she is doing.
  24. descriptive -> blazon In heraldry and heraldic vexillology, a blazon is a formal description of a coat of arms, flag or similar emblem, from which the reader can reconstruct the appropriate image. My birthtown Wetzlar's civic coat of arms might heraldically be described thus: In gules a spreadeagle sable armed, langued and crowned Or, over its wing dexter a cross pattée argent. The black Imperial eagle on a red background and with a golden crown stands for the town's former Imperial immediacy as a Free Imperial City (see History). The silver cross stands for the former Imperial City's right to mint coins. The arms are almost unchanged from those borne in the 12th century.
  25. british -> British racing green The VW Corrado VR6 of my wife is close to it, but the VW colour is called Classic Green Pearl Effect. 30 years old
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