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  1. I only know Luz-Saint-Sauveur close to the Col du Tormalet. And it isn't known for downhill but one of the hardest uphill passages of the Tour de France. St Sauveur -> Winterberg Just across the state border, 25 minutes away: ski jumping, bobsleigh and skeleton tracks,... in summer bicycle downhill below the ski-lifts. Our second was really really good in it till an idiot opened a car door without looking and she crashed into it on the way back from school. 4 years with more or less skin and scar surgeries.
  2. Battle of Fredericksburg -> Lahn-Dill Kreis Settlers from Braunfels founded New Braunfels in Texas. The founder of Fredericksburg lived in New Braunfels but was born in Dillenburg in Germany. My birthtown was Wetzlar, my older sister was born in Braunfels, now I live near Dillenburg. All three towns belong to the distric Lahn-Dill. What to say, it is the most beautiful place in the world Voted for second best canoo trip area in Germany, third best view from railroad, queen of the Autobahns, ... When doing a canoo trip from Wetzlar to Weilburg we can look up to the place I married, monastry of Altenberg
  3. charge -> light cavalry At the crimean war 1854 600 of the light brigade charged the whole russian army because of unclear orders. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charge_of_the_Light_Brigade One of my ancestors and his brothers were in the Kings German Legion. One fought in the Battle of Garcia Hernandez. A very similiar attack, but with luck on the side of the attackers. A dead horse was falling into a carree, opening room in the line of bayonets. Napoleon faile heavily in attacking carrees at Waterloo.
  4. Think yes. But enemies may still have physical damage modification.
  5. I think you can't go below 0. I hoped for boosted damage at negative armour values but never noticed them. The damage to armour formula is quite interisting from neegative numbers to 0,
  6. Yes This is why we mount a crane with a platform on the bigger Unimog in autumn. We chop all branches which are fragile and may fall at ice-rain or wet and heavy snow. 1200 metres to control on the road to our house. Not to mention that the above ground power-line follows the road. Heavy disadvantage on private owned road and powerline: you can't call town to control or repair it. Luckily, since we look for possible dangerous trees at every walk with the dogs, it aren't much if done regulary.
  7. Depends on armour of the target. If there is nearly no armour number of destroyers is better. If the target has high armour it is better to get less but harder hits. And to complicate it even more there is the Maelstrom CA. And to make it even more complicated: CM patch added fire(?) damage to the former pure physical.
  8. Kodachrome -> Ilford Most of my photos were with the Leica M5 I got from grandpa and Ilford monochrome film. There was an exhibition at Leica in my birthtown Wetzlar. Guess what, pictures Lenny Kravitz took with his Leica were monochrome too. There is something special to monochrome. Devoloping in cour own(?) darkroom is way easier and cheaper than colour. 36 shots (12 with a 6*6cm two-eyed Rolleiflex) make you think before shooting. Modern digital cameras shoot 12 pictures a second. When you come back from a celebration you have often 1000 photos you have to look through. So in the end 36 shots developed in a darkrom may be even faster.
  9. important -> weighting Mathematical weighting, mom used it without knowing at her last surgery. Some different types of surgeries have different probabilities for certain outcomes like; death, crippled, total recovery, remaining status quo. My mom feard being crippled and bound to bed more than dying on the surgery. The surgeon however wanted to keep the number of deaths as small as possible because of reputation and insurances. The two had totally different weighting on surgery outcomes.
  10. artists -> senior residence people in the nearby senior home have much spare time. Some of it is used to make eastereggs for decoration and sell them to sponsor concerts at their place. Lots and lots of different easteregg traditions. Okay sometimes their hands are not that good anymore, but people buy anyway.
  11. pysanki -> forest ants From my father's side I am used to collect onion scales and boil the eastereggs with them. Natural colours and: if in contact with ant acid they loos or change colour. Laying them in a foerst-ant hill results in nice random patterns on them. My wife wraps flowers and leaves with linnen around the eggs and gets nice eggs.
  12. sticker album -> Ostereieraufkleber = easter egg sleeves ? Without access to forest anthills, nettles or young blossoms- they are another way to secorate easter eggs.
  13. friendship -> Poesiealbum When aged 8-12 all girls in the class had one. Is it a friendship booklet, a poetry album? When asked by the owner of it you could write a little poem on the right side and some decoration on the left. my wife still takes hers from time to time to remember the people from school and home village.
  14. Fried bread dough balls... what can look similiar indian puri - only few times at an indian restaurant italian zeppole / zeppolini - one grandgrandma was from northern italy and it is still in the family recipe book, but heavily adapted to local taste. Using beef lard, bear garlic,... ... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_fried_dough_foods ... my restaurant owning classmate, former cook on a maritime research ship, does zeppolini with anchovy and algae in the dough, served with frutti di mare. My guess would be puri with caraway. Caraway fights the heavy fat contains a bit.
  15. Nice town-garden. Village gardens are more open so animals like lizards and hedgehogs can enter and leave. They also have a corner with nettles and other plants for maggots and butterflies. For our weather: A tornado stopped just 500 metres before my mom's former house where my brother is living now. The Biergarten where we meet in summer and the cayak and canoo rent for canoo trips on the Lahn are heavy damaged however. Video stops when the roof with the camera was blown across the river.
  16. vinyl -> Cafe I was born in Wetzlar and my brother still lives in my mother's house there. We often meet at the Cafe Vinyl. Nice pub with racks full of LP's covering the walls. Every two weeks there are small life concerts. It is located at the Schillerplatz with the Jerusalemhaus. A suicide happening there made Goethe who lived in Wetzlar at this time to write The_Sorrows_of_Young_Werther. Grewing up surrounded by wooden patchwork probably made me buy one and living in it. But it is grandpa's from father side one, a lonely 300 year old former forest ranger house mid in a forest clearing. The Jerusalemhaus is the red double house in the mid. It is place of a Goethe Museum now.
  17. I am with you, one catfish is more than enough for a year Catfish -> records I think it is close to three metres now. Luckily the only catfish around me is 'Däumelinchen=Thumbelina'. A small catfish which cleans the glas from our aquarium from the inside. Our aquarium is with local flora and fauna.
  18. Whomping Willow -> catkin We call the flowers of willows 'Weidenkätzchen' which translates as willow kittens. Tyoically decorated around eastern with eastereggs.
  19. protection -> fluttering elm We have some of these along (sometimes at heavy rain in) our waste water cleaning ponds. They should be more robust than the other elm variants. Grandgrandpa did them more than 70 years ago, even befor the elm dying disease. Somehow he hoped that one of his grand...grandchilds would be a carpenter too. I like the trees, they hide the cleaning ponds and are home of many butterfly caterpillars, mainly the white-letter hairstreak, named after the white 'W' on the back of its wings.
  20. elms -> injection DutchTrig is injected into elms to make them resistant to the elm disease. Daughter has a master in tree healing, arboristic. I used to interrogate before tests.
  21. ginormous -> Ulm Minster Tallest church in the world, 5th tallest building before 20th century.
  22. beast -> Brutus This car is named Brutus because it always tries to kill the person commanding it, like Brutus did with Caesar. Another nickname is Das Biest/ the beast.
  23. powerful -> creativity My dad used to say: The most powerful tool is your creativity...
  24. Axel F theme -> Harold Faltermeyer He is from Munich. One of his studios is named 'Sweet Home Bavaria'. He did also the opening of Top Gun.
  25. synthesizer -> Karlheinz Stockhausen I have some non musical interest in him. His mother was murdered same day by the Nazi's as the sister of my grandgrandma.. My relative suffered from a brain damage at birth, not enough oxygen. Stockhausen's ma had a heavy depression. Nazi's were murdering people in mental hospital at Hadamar as useless eaters... He is considered as one of the best composers in 20th century. Think most know Zappa, The Who, Pink Floyd, Jefferson Airplane, Gratefuk Dead, Kraftwerk,... All were influenced or learned from Stockhausen. Can is probably not so known, but were actually quite modern, giving the song is fron 1971.
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