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  1. consonant -> Grimm's Law Brothers Grimm not only collected fairytales- they also researched how language changed For example b or poften changed to f or v. German Rabe -> english raven, Weib -> wife, Leben -> life, haben -> to have, .
  2. cosmic -> Planck Cosmic microwave background, radiation from short after the big bang
  3. In summer breaks most of us kids were at the farm of our grandparents. Being war generation they hated to waste food. The year their dog died we were fed with Saure Kutteln. Rumen part of cow stomach (normally given to the dog) cut in stripes, slow boiled and made sour with a sauce with vinegar. Served wiith roasted potatoe or Spätzle noodles. Tasted very good the first day, ok the second, but after three days ... Grandma knew how to make strange healthy food tasty. slow boiled for humen instead dried for dogs quote from https://www.greenpicks.de/en/beef-rumen-dried-for-dogs-naftie.html
  4. Are you sure that your non-barbarian stomachs can handle our food? This evening at firefighters the old ladies in the village will do Kochkäse (cooked cheese). Which is Quark and Handkäse mixed with some natron. Slowly heated to 42C to keep the protein and bacteria. Then mix some butter, yolk and perhaps some carraway or bear garlic in. It is a bit like the french Cancoillotte. But we use our local Quark and Handkäse. So it has a stronger taste, depending on the Handkäse. Can be used to smear on bread, as a dip, sauce to Schnitzel,... poutine :)
  5. Gene Kelly -> The Kelly Family The members of the family seem to be omnipresent in german tv-shows - probably because there are so many of them.
  6. Studios -> Frank Farian Died this week. When I was a young kid he had a studio in Braunfels. Was the time he created Boney M. He is now on a Stairway to Heaven. Farian Corporation was another of his groups. They did probably the best of all Stairway to Heaven covers
  7. Wild Currently there are some bales of straw at the place I stood while taking the photo. It is around 7C there. Nice temperature for hibernating 14 hedgehogs which were to lowweighted to survive outside. The problem was the drought in summer. Ground was to hard to dig for insects with their nose. So they could't get the needed fat layer. They need around 500g weight. Some were just above 100g. Freeing from ticks, feeding and keeping them at 16c in horse stall till they had at least 400g. Then moving into the cellar. Some were brought by friends who had no room. Horses donÄt like the straw after it smells after hedgehog. So in spring I water the bales and cultivate mushrooms. Nice moisture and constant temperature.
  8. James Bond -> Those magnificent men in their flying machines Gerd Fröbe acted in James Bond 'Goldfinger' (still my favourite) and in this movie. Both movies were done in nearby studios and nearly the same time. Gerd Fröbe once appeared in his german uniform at the James Bond studio interpreting german military music. The composer of the flying machines title song was inspired by the performance.
  9. event horizon -> Maserati Bora Classic car. Maserati and Neptun both have a trident as their symbol.
  10. Jack the Ripper -> Sewage Plant Murders Brother has an engineer in watercleaning and these murders were big talk then. Bodies lying in sewers for months and then passing a cutting screw when entering the sewage plant. Was near impossible to identify them or research how they were killed.
  11. animal abuse -> transylvanian street dogs Tourists see the street dogs and bring them to Germany, Uk, France, .... But they don't care for them themself but bring them to animal care stations which are overfilled already. The problem is that on countryside nearly nobody wants them. They prefer puppies from local breeders and teach them while still being at the mother. Add that the street dogs are often too short haired for our colder climate. For town people the dogs are often too agile and used to live on the streets. This is bad animal care in my eyes. Instead bringing dogs to overfilled animal care stations they should spend money to romanian animal protectors which try to reduce the number of dogs by catching and castrating.
  12. There will be no school in our district tomorrow. Depending on altitude thre can be freezing ice rain, very strong normal snowfall, or most probably to where I live: snow will partly melt on its way down hitting frozen ground. Heavy wet snow is a risk to trees or roofs so I exspectsome firefighter calls.
  13. mission -> oil dumping Before german reunion I was officer for signal interpretation and weapons on a <Breguet Atlantique sub-hunter plane. Our secondary mission were low speed low altitude flights over the baltic sea to spot for cargo ships polluting the sea with waste oil. With reunion and out of enemies (terrible mistake in the long run) I moved from flying to desk job, then expert for plane accidents with weapons involved, then leading an airfield firefighter group. Full of radar, sensors, antenna,...
  14. Grandchildren. As a grandpa you can play with and teach them without the lot of forbidding and saying no you have to do as a parent. Grandma took us kids to long walks collecting plants and vegs. Field for skating still frozen. 8cm snow since yesterday.
  15. We have still some winter vegs and we can collectsome winter mushrooms. No need for weekly visits to a supermarket. We have an electric indoor garden. For us it is easy to reach the main storage cellar for vegan food. Boars and deers are frozen in an extra one. It is more work to harvest, make jelly, vegs in glasses, ... The staircase ends in the kitchen. The place with the electric and water is atthe house side. It has an access hatchet. Using a plank we can slide down bakets with potato, apples,... The place frpm where I took the photo has a clay bottom to keep potato fresh. The cellar was rebuild in its nowaday shape 100 years ago when the house was often not reachable for weeks.
  16. Celcius -> Kelvin Always think positive, there is no negative in Kelvin.
  17. Oppenheimer -> Lise Meitner The woman who did the theoretical work about the atom bomb, but:refused to build one when requested. So who was the better person, she or Oppenheimer. I prefer her german documentary movie over Oppenheimer. The name Meitner is not mentioned a single time in the Oppenheimer movie. She was a woman in a men's world. 48 times nominated for the Nobel Prize. never got one. Atleastthe heavyion institute which worked with my university named an element after her: Meitnerium. I think it is a mistake that there is no Holywood movie about her life.
  18. Sunshine and still winter breaks so ice field is full of kids. I help my wife at their doc praxis: new laws, new software. Luckily some parents stay and keep control - and learn to use the field kitchen for spaghetti, mulled wine and Kinderpunsch (for kids, wine replaced by fruit juice). Unimog has a diesel generator, crane with floodlight attached. So there was action till 11pm.
  19. Do you mean the mountain region or the luxury good manufacturer. I got a Montblanc pen set for winning a district math competition at school. Still have it. Montblanc -> Halifax Explosion There was a docu atTV this week.
  20. Freezing cold, opened flood dams of ponds two days ago and now the field is ice covered. Ice skating possible.
  21. Montreal -> Montreux We spend our honeymoon in the Swiss alpes. Montreux had some nice music events then. Best known probably Frank Zappa, not his concert, but the events around it. Deep Purple watched from the other side of the lake the burning casino.
  22. https://freshgrassfoundation.org/steve-martin-banjo-prize/ Steve Martin is real good and well known with the Banjo. Banjo -> chocolate bar The oldest ate it, was stopped in 2008 or so. Two bars in a package, part of Mars company. Hazelnut and not peanuts, remember it because our oldest had a sandpit friend allergic to peanuts.
  23. If Holy Shield drops and Holy Freeze buff was active Holy Freeze will drop too. At least none of my builds uses all 3 buffs in Blessed Defense tree. So the dropping effect could be moved to one of the other two buffs. I wonder what except 3 different spells.txt has to be changed.
  24. Had storm rain with floodings in the valley. Today it is cloudy with some sun here and then. Control walk checking the apple trees showed no new damage from the storms. Even this old apple tree which was hit by lightning 11 years back survived. Last photo on the 36 analogue film so I could develope and scan. Waited till nice shadows when clouds opened and usin a red filter on my Leica M5 with 2.0 50mm Summicron.
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