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  1. Hey all, long time ;) This is amazing. Thank you. Going to even bring out the old-timers like me for this ha. I initially connected to the eu.sacred2.net lobby, as my old install was still looking there. So I've switched it back to the us.sacred2.net with port 6900. My old characters, all seem to be able to connect fine, I was able to make a game just fine, everything, the works, using the CM patch 1.60. I would add those servers/ports to the main post, they were somewhere around page 4-5. It made me laugh, nostalgia from back then, had to switch between the two lobbies, and Ascaron's test servers. Does it matter all the servers say EU/DE? Are we all on one lobby however we connect? Whichever domain used? I didn't see any 'US' server names, just unsure. It was pretty wild reading this thread, I gotta say. Unbelievable. You folks truly are the best, and have my sincerest gratitude. Of course, you know what this means Gogo; Going to have to round everyone up. I'm sure we've all some catching up to do. Thank you very much.
  2. Hey all, Haven't posted here in a long time, but if anyone is looking for a true, proper hack n' slash these days, the answer is simply; Path of Exile. I just saw Sacred 3 on steam, for pre-order, and was extremely excited, then extremely disappointed after watching a few of the preview videos. I've been playing Path of Exile for a while now, and it is very much a true ARPG of old. Hope everyone is doing well, Hi gogo, long time no speak If you're into PoE, send me a PM, maybe we could hook up there. It's a real ARPG that you all would want, but it's not for the light-hearted. It's very, very hardcore, and no where near as forgiving as our beloved Sacred. If you make a weak build etc there, it's destined for failure and there's just no sugar coating it. All the best, Cheers,
  3. So I just wanted to share my experience thus far, replaying Sacred 2 for the billionth time; I started with the CM patch, this time leaving my closed HC chars in place. I swore to not twink, mule, or have bargaining (as in imo its the horse that broke the camels back. Most OP skill bar none). Anyway, I think I finally found where the true fun in Sacred 2 is. Having no bargaining, as it is the main culprit, I found the game refreshingly challenging. I've been doing story mode, and am in the human lands thus far, having done around 300 or so quests, and am having probably some of the most fun I've ever had in sacred 1 or 2. The cause I think was doing away with bargaining. Having nothing, and just going for quest after quest, not shying from any bosses in the path, etc has been a blast. I had like a good half-hour fight with the griffon, and one heck of a battle with the werewolf. The game is seeming so much more full-filling than when I was on closed net, tweaking the ever lovin' bejesus out of my chars, having the best stuff in everything etc. The main loss I've noticed again is bargaining. I never truly understood how ridiculously powerful it actually was until I have done like now, and played totally without. The char is at level 40 thus far, and on closed net I'm sure I've had stronger level 20's. Anyway, just wanted to share that I am once again lost in Ancaria, and so far it's proving to be the most enjoyable time yet. If any would like to try, it's I guess like an 'iron man' challenge; no twink, no bargaining, go. Cheers,
  4. Truth be told, the leech in sacred 1 was far, far more overpowered than that of sacred 2. It was literally the only defense you needed for the entire game. However, the main difference was that it did not deal damage, and therefore is not as noticeable as it is in Sacred 2. I had Seraphs with over 300% leech in s1, could get a mob of hundreds and just sit in CL/RB watching the leech, or daemons with discs... or or... yeah I'll stop. @gogo, I didn't know new skins would be possible, but if they are I could easily draft up some artwork. Cheers,
  5. Hello, I have installed the patch, and all is working fine thus far. Seeing as some have made requests, I would like to add my own if possible; The inclusion of (one or more) one-handed sword unique/legendary weapons that have the %LL mod. I realize this would perhaps be open for debate if overpowered etc, however I feel that having only the kaldurs/tom felde/fist weapons with these options keeps the builds limited. A one handed / shield style character is forever at a disadvantage unless they use one of the few items that have it, or give up completely and use something like shurikens. I think it would be great to see. Thanks,
  6. Hey guys, Thinking that MP is essentially dead (to my great sadness, I have so much time invested in those characters), I was looking at this CM-patch. Does it work over an install that is; US vanilla sacred 2 modified to install the UK expansion of Ice and Blood? I can get on closed net etc with this install just fine, hopefully it works with this patch. That aside, two points on this patch; 1. Temple Guardian - seems odd a technological character has been given 'ancient magic'. Doesn't fit his concept. Minor Grievance. 2. There seems a lot of SW love. He has about 3-4 more sets than all others? Or are the others' sets just not on the wiki? Thanks,
  7. Hey guys, thanks for the offer. To update, I work till 5pm EST everyday, so early morning transfers won't really work for me. However, I have a real-life-friend who is going to give me his login details so that I can send gold my other characters accumulate to my main shoppers, so it should all work out. Thanks for the offers,
  8. Hey guys, I am playing on the EU closed HC side again, and have a slight issue I cannot solve myself; Gold, and the transfer of it. I realize its a big request, and if no one wants to I totally understand. I ask simply because I don't seem to have any other option. Sending over every yellow or better to the shopper doesn't seem to keep up. Thanks,
  9. I am going to keep this short n' sweet; I'll be playing Sacred 2 again when time permits, evenings and weekends on the HC side. have been pretty caught up with DC Universe Online, but want to get into this again, and most definitely Dungeon Siege 3 when it hits (the second is one of my favorites aside Sacred 2). So main question; Anyone still around on the HC servers? what times etc. Cheers,
  10. No, they are the same creature. However, I believe if you do the quest in the main arc, his suffix actually changes, and this is where the swap comes in. One is called like 'of death' the other 'of not so much death' Cheers,
  11. Looking in the creature defines, and spell defines, there are actually TWO abishais. One, is just the normal abishai, however one is marked 'easy' and cross referencing the two, it lacks two of the spells the normal one has. The blood storm, and another which I forget the name, but its the energy leech trap. I actually checked this out a while ago, for Etherian on whether the weakening quest did anything. So I assume it sets the abishai 'normal' to the 'weak' one, which loses his blood cloud like spell, and energy leech trap. The major killers are still there though I think, his debuff trap, etc.
  12. Well, technically its still mashing 1 button, it just autos 4 moves instead, stacking effects. So why not? And level 20 is not proper for PvP at least like, level 100 where you can have proper defense to things. I.e. root of dryads nature aspect, unblockable until higher levels where you can actually have block root +%. percentage things are not possible at such low lvls. I will edit my initial post just for you gogo Cheers,
  13. The thing about ones like Demonic/soul hammer; They are massive debuffers if modded correctly. They make mince meat of bosses like this. They are extremely useful in combos. Mashing 1 CA ad-nauseam is a primitive way to play sacred. Why not mash the same 1 button, but execute 4 moves at once? NOTE* this will also remove the threat of enemies like the 'mages bane' eye enemies with energy leech, as your animation will always out last their leech attacks. One of the true highlights of this game from other action RPG's is the combo system, refined to an almost perfection in this second game. Each characters aspects were built on this, their mods, etc and skill combat discipline was made for all characters because of it. Stacking CA mods is the most powerful thing you can do for all of the characters. You may not think so, but it is by leaps and bounds. Personally I don't think there is best and worst. I think there is however, definitely best and worst applications and uses. Cheers,
  14. Am on everyday, but not till after 5 PM EST. Work comes first
  15. Apparently so. But ye, I notice no lags regardless lol, aside pots but they work just fine
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