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  1. To read the skill order just go to the second page of the excel and you will see the skill points form level 1 to 200. It's very easy and straightforward
  2. In my case I never found any armour with damage socket (at least not with my multiple sw) if there is any who has it I maybe sold it cause the stats or the level of the item are not relevant for me on that moment (specially when I have the full armantin set on my hands with the 10 delicious gold sockets)
  3. Overwatch > Teamplay Yup I mained tanks in OW and a few other characters. Diablo 1 and 2. Instead of playing diablo 3 I played PoE with a zombiemancer
  4. In my case I cannot remember any armour with a damage type socket. Every armour that I have during this 13 years (god dang the time passes very fast) had the B/S/G sockets.
  5. That's right..... and it's time to play with my sw online as I did it in the old good days XD
  6. I love you so much XD. The day that my SW comes again to online life has come. U have winned a freaking big beer
  7. Name 3 words that other people use to describe you? - Friendly, loyal and funny What is something that gets on your nerves? - Unpunctuallity What makes you cry? - A bunch of things What is your first memory? - The first time I went camping with my grandparents What level of education have you completed? - I have finished a master in mechanical engineering Do you have any siblings? - Nope Favourite milkshake flavour? - Strawberry When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? - I wanted to be a musician,
  8. Yup it was on a Hard Techno fest in Barcelona in 2018. Those were another 2 DJ's, the one in the right is the one who teach me all I know about mixing and producing songs, and the one on the left is a very good friend of mine.
  9. 1. What color pants are you wearing? - Blue 2. What are you listening to right now? - Metallica - Fuel 3. What was the last thing you ate? - Steak with black pepper sauce and a salad (yes, I cook decently XD) 4. Do you wish on stars? - That I can live in peace with everyone 5. If you were a crayon, what color would you be? - Maybe red 6. What is the weather right now? - Rainy day 7. Favorite drink? - Jack Daniel's 8. Favorite sport? - Handball 9. Hair color? - Same haircut as the dragon mage XD 10. Do you wear contacts? - yup 11. Siblings? - n
  10. radiation > T energy the same effect but with different name XD
  11. I have a little question, I have Sacred 2 Gold Edition. There is any way to only play in Fallen Angel to fully enjoy this mod?. I have installed all the things needed following the instructions, but it seems that my skills are the same as in normal sacred.
  12. Triathlon > run forrest, ruuuun! (I don't know how, but this is the first thing in my head after playing my BFG Seraphim)
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