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A guide to the Orc Cave - your easy way to a ton of XP and drops!

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In this topic: http://darkmatters.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=10019   Gogo gave us some info from GagleKas who posted some interesting stuff on the SIF concerning a cave in the Orc Region which

42 dryad on bronze should survive the cave if it well-built without any problems

A well setup level 42 dryad should be able to run the orc cave in Silver.   You will definitely see better rewards for your effort.

42 dryad on bronze should survive the cave if it well-built without any problems :)

Well it did survive, but...the orcs are level 23, and give me 49 xp, and the spiders 20xp...and almost nothing useful..some potions and one star stuff...I reentered almost 20 times..all the same-:(..3 seconds and they're all dead..I don't know why..maybe my toon should be higher level, or I should play silver..

I don't know what is the reason I always get so little xp from enemies..my SB is 76% ..

So unfair :cry:



P.s. I add a proof of my disappointment. Sorry for the shaky hand but I tried playing with one hand and making the video with the other..You can see my loot also..-:(

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lelopexs, you are too high of level for the area you are in. When I first heard of the orc cave, I was excited to try it, because people were talking about getting 10-20k XP per orc. I only got 150. I finished the difficulty I was on and immediately tried the orc cave again in free world. Then I got 8k per orc.

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A well setup level 42 dryad should be able to run the orc cave in Silver.


You will definitely see better rewards for your effort.


Good call. In fact, a level 42 toon should be nearly ready to finish silver and go into gold. I think my first time into gold was around level 48.


Back on topic :-


In my experience, the orc cave has been a total waste of time !


I have tried three classes at several difficulty lvls. Most of the time nothing respawns and no matter how many times I clear out the cave, I've never had a even one good drop.


As for experience, give me the swamps any day.


Just speaking as I find, but I know that we all experience different things with Sacred. That's the beauty of the game.



Steve. :)

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I have spent a good amount of time in the orc cave (until the shear monotony of it got too great). After one session, I walked away with 5 set pieces, although I think they were all duplicates. That was by far the exception. Normally I ended up with an enormous amount of junk to sell. The xp seems about equal with other spots that are less painfully boring.

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Hi there.


I have literally just cleared the orc cave, and come back to report.


In silver difficulty, my level 19 shadow warrior cleared the cave in about 30 seconds, seriously.


I got very little xp, but I did get my first decent item from that cave, yay ! I got a sw set piece, which I am very happy about. :thumbsup:


So, it is not exactly tough in there ( I've never had a problem before, and just emphasized that )


I did finally get a good item in there, but I believe that if you hunt anywhere in the game long enough, you will get something decent to drop.


Finally, as for xp, there is little point going in and out of a small cave to kill a few orcs, especially when there is a good chance that they won't respawn. You are better off hunting the orcs above ground as there are a lot of them around. Or, even better, make your way to the swamps.




Steve. :)

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Nice guide really loved it. I checked out the cave and I was a bit worried before entering, but looks like my build is hard enough. No serious damage sweeped them down in a bouquet around 30 sec (Lv59 Gold) :viking:

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I did the orc cave last night, managed about 9 runs, 20sec each, Temple gaurdian with jolting touch, modded to leach life and heal on each pulse. Only saw the spiders there the first time, and got 2 set pieces, one for my Dryad and one for my temple gaurdian. The orc champions were 3levels below me though, so if I did it sooner I would have found the XP pionts more worthwile.

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