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Grim Dawn is now content complete

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be aware of that your SC stash is not available in HC!

I am not sure how about the formula's, if there is also a difference between HC and SC...


self-found is no problem in GD, especially if you play in MP with 3-4 people. we are playing with instant loot and often if a blue item falls, everybody got one. so it is no problem to get accurate gear. also formulas are not the problem. at the moment our soldier (gardist) and arcanist (don't remember the name) have got a full set (we are still in normal difficulty level 35, only playing on veteran mode).


and still a lot of fun

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Yeah I died at the same place last night! I actually made it to the 3rd and final level, thinking I had beaten it after the 2nd. Got swarmed and killed right after the entrance portal. That place is the ultimate challenge dungeon.


I'm loving the drop rate for uniques. It's so much more generous than Titan Quest. I love how there's a good reason to push on and keep developing your character after beating Normal/Veteran difficulty, with high level skills, faction reputation tiers to unlock, and more devotion shrines to find.

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I just found a full set of Perdition gear, been thinking of making a thorns build but more active version :)

Probably on the occultist side using more acid, soul stealing theme

set bonus
1/5 -
2/5 225 Acid Retaliation
3/5 +50% Acid Retaliation
4/5 +50% Acid Damage
5/5 +100% Total Retaliation Damage

And I have some nice poison nova proc items in my stash

This also dropped for me! Venom Lash one of the 2 legendaries I have found



27-53 Acid Damage (40 Average)

Speed: Very Fast (-0.02)

15% Physical Damage converted to Acid Damage

60 Poison Damage Over 5 Seconds (12 Per Second)

+100% Poison Damage With +100% Improved Duration

+100% Acid Damage

+12 Offensive Ability

+15% Attack Speed

+3 to Merciless Repertoire

+2 to Blood of Dreeg

Grants Skill: Venomlash (Level 1)

You lash out with blinding speed, like a viper striking its prey. Your target will seldom realize that deadly poison flows through their veins.

+150% Weapon Damage

33% Chance of 332 Poison Damage Over 2 Seconds (166 Per Second)

54 Acid Damage

+500% Acid Damage

10% Chance to be Used

2 Targets in a 90° Angle

1 Projectile

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Breezed through Steps of Torment with my Mortar build. Final boss was no problem.

Granted this is at level 51 and Normal/veteran

Build feels pretty tanky, and yet dishes out a lot of damage. Dryad Blessing on attack helps my regen + shield with 14% life leech

Feels a bit like a pet build, but without the crowd control and aggro issues :)


Did a bit of Act 1 Elite for a feel, and it's OK, still smashing things

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Currently testing a Pyromancer - which might be my strongest build yet for ultimate!

These are the 2 items I'm testing it with

SpiritCrusher seems to put a curse on every enemy in a large area around me as soon as I cast Sigil, BWC, Flash Bang etc, but this curse stays on them until they die. Which in turn constantly procs Voidfire Nova from the Heretic Tome, even when I don't attack/cast.
I noticed this on the attack dummies as well

In any case damage on Sigil is quite big going through Ultimate, and so it heals me a lot, I can tank quite a bit! Even with just 1 point in Blast Shield...
The combo of maxed Witchfire, Flame Touched, Sigil, BWC with the high potency transmuter, and greater FireBlast spam has been good clear speed wise.
Plus the occassional Doom Bolt from proc and 1 point skill
With an OA of 2000, I can crit big time and often due to the above skills debuffing, slowing and confusing the enemies
Plus the massive resistance debuff, and Sigil also procs Eldritch Fire from devotion tree

I have +450% for Vitality, +430% Fire, and +500% Chaos Damage. So Sigil is healing me quite a bit
I can face tank multiple heroes and mobs... while standing in aether/poison pools..the more the merrier! :o
Plus extra heal from the Bat and Gallows devotion skills

Still thinking about the Hellfire Thermite mines, because the Heretic Tome does add +2 to it...
Just need to find an Empowered SpiritCrusher

I'm also torn between a few components for the Weapon and off hand - but I guess resistance comes first
Trying Kil's Flame on chest armour for extra healing and sustain, still not sure about it.


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we've lost your next char in our group. if you are heading to Homestead, there is a way in the east, with a lot of aether on the ground. he runs into it and didn't find his way back...little bit stupid death! ;)


we decided to change "dfficulty" to veteran mode. with a four man group no problem, but more bosses and more loot! :drool:

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I hate this patch. So much good things but massive nerfs to all the Devotions that were keeping my character alive. Lost 1000's of hitpoints and -20% on average to most resists. Not to mention Physique requirements for some items were changed making them unusable now.

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A few of my characters relied on Devotion healing to survive...looks like they might have to be totally re-made :(


Vendors no longer sell Dynamite...what?!? why?!? Kind of liked dismantling Epics and Legendaries...made it tougher now

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A few of my characters relied on Devotion healing to survive...looks like they might have to be totally re-made :(


Vendors no longer sell Dynamite...what?!? why?!? Kind of liked dismantling Epics and Legendaries...made it tougher now

you can craft dynamite now :bomb::)

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Yeah it did feel kind of like a cheat being able to buy dynamite from Isaiah Reddan. Especially since some players might have killed him.


But this patch... broken shadows, audio channels reversed, Nemesis bosses stopped spawning, bugged stat requirements for items, this patch is just a giant buggy mess, even putting aside all my nerfed Devotions.


I'm going to have to stop playing until they undo this mess and do something else with my spare time. Read a book or something I guess.

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I haven't played it since new patch but I think I'll hold off for a bit....pretty mixed reviews on forum about it...I'm all for balance but sometimes things get a little too nerfed...


I don't want every single little thing balanced...so maybe there are a few OP builds/items...it's not like we have any type of economy or ladders that it would affect....


Actually been playing Factorio for last few days...maybe I should make a topic about it.

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Playing POE for a bit, now that I see you can make 4 totem builds - 2xSRS and 2x Skele totems + minion Instability :)


edit - looks like a new patch for both Grim Dawn and POE just now

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Just in case you guys missed this....easy to do since it's buried in the 'GrimDawn Version' thread at post 390 (lot of feedback I guess)

(It is added to the bottom of first post in thread too...just noticed that)


With all the changes, looks like I am going to have to re-learn what all the Devotions do again


I do have to say Crate is very responsive to complaints/suggestions/bugs. Might be the best dev interaction with fan base I've seen. And considering at max Crate is only 10 guys. Plus they're dealing with release, getting game on GoG and early backer rewards out (got my email yesterday for it, so hopefully I get my George Washington wig soon)


Now if MP becomes less buggy I'll be a very very happy player (just a very very happy solo player now)

Part 2

  • Elite and Ultimate difficulties: reduced enemy damage, reduced enemy attribute bonuses, moderately reduced damage resist bonuses, more significantly reduced resists to CCs, slight reduction to OA bonus, moderate reduction to enemy armor and absorb, small increase to enemy life.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause Nemesis bosses not to spawn
  • Fixed an issue with Achievements for achieving Revered status not unlocking

  • Fixed an issue with Item requirements on Epic/Legendary weapons having increased or become missing in v1.0.0.2
  • Treasure Troves with static spawn locations have been removed, or made to spawn more randomly
  • Treasure Troves now have a very high chance of dropping a rare crafting material, scaling with difficulty

[Class & Skills]
  • Increased % Damage values on all Constellations, ranging from a 50-100% increase, with the largest increase on Tier 3 Constellations.
  • Slightly increased damage scaling with rank on Tier 2 and Tier 3 Celestial Powers, with the Tier 3 powers receiving a larger boost.
  • Abomination: increased Health to 300
  • Affliction: added 10% Poison Resist
  • Amatok, Spirit of Winter: replaced flat Health with 3% Health
  • Assassin: added 8% Bleed Resist, 8% Poison Resist and 6 Pierce damage
  • Berserker: added 3% Damage Converted to Health
  • Candle: added 1.5 Energy Regen
  • Dire Bear: increased % Health to 5%
  • Dying God: increased Offensive Ability to 40
  • Eel: added 10 Defensive Ability
  • Fox: added 8% Bleed Resist
  • Gallows: increased % Vitality Resist to 10%
  • Ghoul: increased % Damage Converted to Health to 4%
  • Harpy: added 10% Bleed Resist
  • Hound: added 4% Armor
  • Huntress: added 8% Pierce Resist
  • Jackal: increased Offensive Ability to 12
  • Kraken: increased % Attack Speed to 20%
  • Leviathan: increased % Pierce Resist to 20%
  • Lizard: added 50 Health
  • Magi: added 8% Elemental Resist
  • Manticore: added 4% health and 8 Poison damage / 5s
  • Oleron: added 10% Bleed Resist
  • Owl: added 8% Elemental Resist
  • Raven: added 1 Energy Regen
  • Revenant: replaced flat Health with 3% Health
  • Rhowan's Crown: added 8% Chaos Resist
  • Shepherd's Crook: increased Health to 80
  • Spear of the Heavens: increased Offensive Ability to 40
  • Solael's Witchblade: added 15% Fire Resist
  • Ulzuin's Torch: increased Offensive Ability to 20
  • Wendigo: increased % Health to 5%
  • Widow: added 8% Vitality Resist, reduced Offensive Ability by 10
  • Mark of the Wendigo: reverted addition of cooldown

  • Doombolt: Cooldown reduced to 8s, Radius increased to 2.5

  • Mogdrogen's Pact: Energy Reserved rebalanced across the base skill and its modifiers
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Time for me to look into one of the Stash mods (why are there so many?). Filled up the shared stash easily, since unique and legendary drops in this game are so much more generous than Titan Quest, and I feel compelled to save them all. If I ever make a Vitality build I think he'll be set for life, it seems like every unique in this game drops with Vitality bonuses.


After testing the latest patch these last few days it seems the bugs were ironed out and I guess I can forgive the defensive Devotion nerfs. It looks like they reduced enemy damage so you don't NEED the defensive devotions so desperately to survive. So despite losing health and resistances, I don't feel any more squishy in Ultimate.

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Found my first Nemesis boss! I hit Nemesis status with Cronley's gang while clearing the Four Hills in Ultimate. Then I enter Haneffy Mine just for fun and this insane assassin blinks in and gets me! Wow, he is super powerful. My Battlemage is a supreme tank, and even I had to run away a couple times. Unfortunately "Fabius the Unseen" heals so fast I couldn't damage him quickly enough to defeat him, so I had to retreat.


Looking forward to finding more Nemesis bosses. Thanks to the latest patch which reduced the reputation requirements, I'm now at Nemesis status with almost all enemy factions now.

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Just got my George Washington wig and Will o Wisp, not to mention the Burrwitch Brew (heady stuff).


Got to say I'm rocking that wig lol (it transmorgs the helmet you have...but no worries can always get more if you swap out helms)




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