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How to Keep Dragon Mage's Potion Bar When Shapeshifted

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A Guide to Keeping Your Potion Bar When Shapeshifted

or, "How to regain your concentration through great effort of will"


The Dragon Mage loses his potion bar when using Dragon Form or Dragon Berserk. This is especially irritating because the Dragon Berserk can use Alchemy Trophies if the Community Patch is installed. Yet, who has the patience or reflexes to go into the inventory constantly and sift around for those tiny Trophies during combat?


This amazing in-depth guide will teach your Dragon Mage that, through incredible focus and will, he can remember how to handle his potion belt.




Step One:

Spam the space bar (or any potion hotkey) during the transformation. If you time it right (at the lightning strike), you may only have to hit the key once.


End of guide.


It's that simple. By hitting the space bar you can trigger what is basically a glitch. The potion bar will remain after transforming. Your Alchemy Trophies may be transparent, but they are perfectly usable. Enjoy your newfound ease of shredding enemies.




This strategy will work for the Werewolf and Werebear forms of the Druid in Diablo 2 Fallen as well.


Thanks to Dmitriy for figuring out this one. After making an effort to hard-code this into the game he discovered any player could simply do this trick to keep the potion bar.



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And I have found another "useful"(or rather cheating:lol:) feature(comm. patch 1.6) - while in dragon/berserk form just apply familiar buff(runes will work the same way, I suspect) - your HP will increase, but after returning to normal form this increase will remain until reload, so you can indefinitely change forms, reapply the buff, thus raising your HP up to enormous values!:lol:

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Oh, do bear in mind that that's an implementation bug and can be considered an exploit. We ran through a similar thing during development with the SW Killing Spree bonus as it would stack in the same way. I'd say it's best to avoid it as it can become a game changing exploit.

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