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SacredWiki - Updated Uniques Listing - November 17th

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Hi everyone, another update to the database, thought we'd spin out the listing this way so that everyone can get a look at what's been compiled. As mentioned earlier, we're not collecting Random Uniques, just Non-Random Uniques. If you have an item that you think is non-random (They usually have a lot of suffixes) Please add it to this thread, and we'll keep adding from here.







All Uniques Items by alphabetical order


There are 165 articles in this category.










G cont.











R cont.









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Do you think that screenshoting stats makes sense? Items level up with your character! - not the ones you already have, but the ones that drop or are available in shops.

Higher level your character has - set items or uniques (not random ones) have better modifiers.


But still, having all the names and screenshoted look of non random uniques listed in wiki is great job!



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yes it has sense. The values on those stats might change, but the actual stats dont.


If I am looking for a weapon to boost my demonic blow skill, and I find a level 25 weapon with demonic blow +2 on that list, I know it'll be worth looking after in the higher levels.


The actual modifiers are static, just the values that change.


Besides, IIRC the highest level pic we have of each unique is used, so in term we'll have a full level 200uniques list... Just takes a huge while :D

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I've had so unique luck at the trader today

pics will be up by tomorrow I think


btw, what happened to the items, did some of them got kickd out?

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I've had so unique luck at the trader today

pics will be up by tomorrow I think


btw, what happened to the items, did some of them got kickd out?


yep, some got kicked out, the random generated uniques were kicked out.

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Arperum, I saw your post in the SIF about this topic...thanks for editing the wiki :) And Timo, you can check out this thread here:


Sacred 2 Uniques for Sacredwiki to see the discussion that had us come to only looking for non-random uniques for the Wiki. Cobra, thanks for the extra items, and btw, welcome to Darkmatters!


And C4hir, just as Prom mentionned, non-random uniques spawn at higher levels with at least the same minimum kind of mods...though at higher levels the same item may gain more different mods. It makes collecting worthwhile, as with items like there is a predictability that players can use when creating builds.


There's supposed to be about two hundred of these hand made uniques...hopefully we can get them all.


Keep posting pics if you got 'em!





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Well in that case I think King's items should be kicked as well, since they seem a random unique as well. FYI :woot:



ahh, yeah those have to go as well... Timo, I searched quickly and couldn't find them..if you do, could you post a link here and I'll delete them?






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Here's a few that I have that I didn't see in the lists..

























I added Artamarks Star, then noticed after that it was already in the list. But I left it in, since mine is a higher level version, not sure if that matters. The second ring is an orange, (and maybe kind of an easter egg?) I wasn't sure if it counted because it's orange, but I posted it up anyways.


I have mountains more that I don't see in the list, but I just posted most of the jewelry up for now to make sure I'm doing this right.

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What a great way to make an entry here at DarkMatters...welcome!

The jewelry is great, if you've got mountains more, keep adding them here if you if you can! Or, if you're able to, you can add them directly to SacredWiki itself. Since you're a member here now, you have access to edit options on the wiki. You can sign into the wiki using your login and password that you use here at DarkMatters, and just go to a page that you think an item belongs to and press edit at the to of the page. Once you've done that, you can see from the other code before, and just copy paste it and use it to switch in your picture and add in your new title/item.


Covaks, would you think it possible to get pictures that show the item along the left of the square images so far? I know it makes the pics a bit messy, but this way, later on, we can go in and cut out the images and stick them directly onto the rectangular content images you have already. Exampje:






You were right in putting up your higher level item. We're looking to keep updating the levels of all the uniques we keep finding so that eventually we end up with the highest level uniques we can find as a reference.


Again, thanks for the post/content here, this is a lot more goodies added, and makes the utility of the listing that much better.






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heh I got many around level 20. found a way to ''farm'' them... kinda,


...anyway, is it possible to turn of the thingy that all info go away when pring screen screen shoting?

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I just wanted to know I am finally getting to download Sacred 2 via Steam and look forward to playing with everyone. I also want to thank everyone for their awesome work and contributions to our community on the wiki...just awesome :blink: Maybe I'll make a few fictional Seraphim roleplaying stories to share :D

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Cygnus, that's great...Sacred 2 just wouldn't be the same without you...I'll always remember reading your primo Seraphim build on the SIF so many years ago...you made me believe that getting a Seraphim up to a high level was possible and it could be as individually built as me. Thanks for that.


And...woo hoo I'm back with internet! I have so many uniques to add to the listing now...as soon as I'm done, I'll updated this thread.





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21 new additions to the uniques listing, now bringing us up to ... dom dom dom dom... 127!


Thanks to everyone who's been adding pics here and directly to the wiki. There's only supposed to be about 200 real uniques in the game, and 70 more to go.








p.s. First post in this topic updated :D

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I'm totally bugging out. I've been playing for a few hours now, and I just finished taking pics of 150+ items, cropping, and naming.. There's no way I can sit here and upload all the images somewhere and figure out how to add everything to the wiki right now. Tonights my last night to play for awhile too, as I'll be too busy for the next few days.


If anyone wants to take a look, or wants to sort and post the new ones up to the wiki for me (lol, yeah I know, I'm lame. Seriously though, I need to get off the comp for awhile, and won't have time to do this for a few days..) -> http://rapidshare.com/files/163570425/uniques.rar.html


I'll have some free time again after Monday, and can do it then if no-one has.

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Covaks, you rock..this is awesome! I just downloaded the file... how are you getting all this stuff?

Course this means less game play for me this weekend :P


Thanks for all the work here, I'll get to it right away.






p.s. I know what you mean by bugging out from so much gameplay... went to bed at 12.00 last night and woke up at 4.45 am.


a d d I c t I o n

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Well, there went the evening. :drool: But, from 127, we now have 167 items... 40 more uniques added...christmas is here.


Again, Covaks thanks for the awesome work here. It took me a few hours to get them all placed into SacredWiki, and I don't even want to think how much harder it would have been if not for your amazing job of file naming and putting them all in alphabetically.


So far, I've just added the new ones, and tomorrow night I'll go about pulling out the lower leveled ones and replace them with highest we have.


Again, thanks!




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Hope this is the right place to put these items. All of them are currently on the wiki, but these are higher level than those that are up.


I wasn't sure if I could just link to the photobucket account I was using, or if you wanted them all on your account so I didn't edit the pages myself. So here are the pics - I've had a bit of a lucky run in the last couple of levels :angry:








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