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Some Christmas wishes from Germany

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Christmas wishes to you my friend! Dinna worry, the year will better out... play lots of Sacred 2 and your worries will ease.


Great seeing you here again Pyx.


Best wishes for the Christmas holidays...hope you're getting to eat your bbq ribs often!






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Awh Powerpyx. Thank you so much for the Christmas wishes. So cool to see you and you bring a gift for the holiday too. :D A very Merry Christmas to you PowerPyx. I wish you and your family the best. :(

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A merry Christmas to you too Powerpyx.

Lets hope 2009 will be better, it should be, we won't have to be waiting for Sacred 2 anymore like we had to in 2008 :)

We'll be playing it all year instead ^^



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Thanks all a lot for your responses :)


Knuckles, Babelfish doin once a year the right translation, it's absolutly perfect :D


Gogo, no ribs at chrismas time but some great tasting lamb filet with green beens (gently roasted with some garlic and breadcrumbs) and boiled potatoes :sob: de - li - ci - ous :)


Shot, keep on doin that great job as an admin for this site here, the wiki and your map.



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