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Making the best of Booster Slots and Key Bindings in Sacred 2

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Well I just couldn't be satisfied with the way things are as far as the way we select spells and weapons using the number keys 1 2 3 4 and F1 F2 F3 F4 so I investigated the options.txt files. Low and behold there is infact a relatively easy way to bind 1 key to a CA and weapon slot. Yes!


The point in this is to take advantage of a Sacred 1 technique coined as "Booster Slots". Booster slots, or boosters, take place in the weapon slots. The basic idea is to use a weapon and shield to boost the level of the CA you want to use. The benefits? Higher CA effect and much lower regeneration. For example:


Normal level of of my Cobalt Strike is level 1 and is in CA slot 2. I have a sword and shield that combined give +4 Cobalt Strike and are in my weapon slot 2. I also use a level 1 Frost Flare in my CA slot 3 and sword/shield that gives +4 Frost Flare in weapon slot 3. In my first weapon slot I use a protective/regenerative setup of weapon and shied. You've probably already got the idea but basically I begin my attack with CA/weapon 2, then switch to CA/weapon 3. Both CA will regenerate at a level 1 regeneration and both will be cast at level 4. Which is really effective.


The problem I was having is that it was difficult to switch using all four or even 5 keys. Keys 2 and F2, 3 and F3 and sometimes having to switch to F1. optionsCustom.txt to the rescue! I searched through the optionsDefault.txt for some examples of bindings and was able to use it to apply changes to my optionsCustom.txt file. For my own play style I want to bind CA slot 1 and weapon slot 1 to a single key and so on for the rest of the slots. To do this I added the below to my optionsCustom file:


optionsCustom.txt is located on your computer at:

(Vista)C:\Users\<Username>\AppData\Local\Ascaron Entertainment\Sacred 2


(XP)C:\Documents and Settings\<Username>\Local Settings\Application Data\Ascaron Entertainment\Sacred 2



key_bindings.binding_spell_1 = Key.D1
key_bindings.binding_weapon_1 = Key.D1

key_bindings.binding_spell_2 = Key.D2
key_bindings.binding_weapon_2 = Key.D2

key_bindings.binding_spell_3 = Key.D3
key_bindings.binding_weapon_3 = Key.D3

key_bindings.binding_spell_4 = Key.D4
key_bindings.binding_weapon_4 = Key.D4


D1 = Key 1 on your keyboard and same idea for the rest. D2 = Keyboard key 2, D3 = Keyboard key 3, D4 = Keyboard key 4. If you prefer to use F keys then you would replace D1 with F1 and so forth.


That's pretty much it! This is going to help immensely with my build. Keep in mind that boosting isn't quite like Sacred 1. In Sacre 1 for example we used boosters to improve buffs which worked perfectly. In Sacred 2 however it isn't the same at all. If you try to boost a buff the buff will only be bossted while the booster slot is active. Once you switch to a different weapon slot the buff will return to it's previous lower level state. With that in mind the booster slot will work for some Combat Arts but not all. It's a matter of trial and error.


Happy Boosting. :D

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Are you sure about that with regards to buffs?


The sigma values don't change when you change back to lower level gear... Nor do the armor/chance to hit values change (when I've looked at it on my dryad)

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Oh good that you mentioned this Zinsho. It may be that one of the two types of buffs will work with the booster slots. From my experience though, which was a build or two ago, whenever I would change from my booster slot to a regular slot my stats would go down with respect to the active buff. Two kinds of buffs though. The ones that go in the little gui at the bottom right of screen, (Permanent/perma buffs) and the ones that go in a CA slot(Temporary/temp buffs). It could be that temp buffs will work with booster slots. Oooor I could be totally wrong, haha. I really haven't had a close look at boosting buffs recently. I will now! Would be awesome if buffs could be boosted.



Need a couple terms to differentiate GUI buffs and CA slot buffs... Oh wait. Nvm. Perma buffs and temp buffs... Editing post.

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I'm talking about Ancient Bark and Sinister Predator though, and I often end up having like 4-5 items that I put on off as a buff suit as opposed to a trade suit. And they do seem to benefit, that or sigma is wrong.

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I noticed that too with Ancient Bark. I have a +4 Ancient Bark staff and when I activate the buff with the staff and swap back, I still get the higher values from the buff, but also a slightly higher reg time on other Combat Arts than with the +Ancient Bark staff equipped (no item modifiers of the staff/bow change it).


So there is a negative side effect for increasing buff levels before activating them and swapping back.

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My regen times go down, particularly with regards to SP since I have the -aspect regen gold mod.


They should go down with a lower level because the regen time would be less, I"m not sure why they wouldn't.

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Okay, you were right, the regen time actually goes down when switching to another weapon. Must have gotten something wrong :woot:

The values stay on the CA level on which you activated the buff, but the regeneration time penalty is taken from the current CA level.

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This is working marvelously. In fact, too marvelously. The Officer's Saber is an incredible weapon.... four sockets and three of them are gold. It actually gives a bonus CA level to every plus five to all combat arts ring I socket in...make then 18 extra Ancient Barks, 18 extra ca Sinister Predator...all from me just switching to this weapon slot when I cast my buffs. Course I'm now looking for a shield with gold sockets... and Unyielding Wall comes to mind... anyone got an extra one hanging around? ;)


I can see the extra def and modifications from the extra levels with my sigma even after I have switched back to a my normal weapon slot.


This is working out so well in fact, I'm now thinking of making a complete Plus 5 too all Combat Arts Suit and then store it and put it on just before I go hunting...


Has anyone done this yet? I'm expecting diminishing returns... is this worth all the extra work and shopping?


I'm also considering scrapping the level 86 HC dryad and rerolling her with less buff runes eaten and the max Combat Arts possible always socketed into her armor to reduce the regens.


Level 32 Darting Assault with .1 regen possible with this kind of help?







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