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Revelation of the Seraphim 3d Model (Poser)

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I've been working on a 3d model of the Seraphim outfit set "The Revelation of the Seraphim". It is rigged in Poser format and Ascaron has granted permission to distribute the model. Some samples:












For a link to download the model, as well as many more sample pics, see the thread on the Ascaron official forums and please note the copyright restrictions:




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Kaballah, this is beautiful! Any idea how long before we can actually play a game that has models like this? And...bring more pix here...more more moooooooooooooooore




Also... would you be allowed to bring your art into the wiki?


There's a section for Sacred 2 Art here:


Sacred 2 Fan Art






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WOW ! Really really really good work !

What software are u using ?


Edit : Errr - after just a small click and some very little reading - I managed to open yer post on SIF and found all the info....

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Fantastic work Kaballah. My favorite is the third image. The textures are awesome! :)

..... I intended to say something to you about that ''texture'' of yours but I better not as you got super admin powers.


and this is very nice, good job!

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Really nice work.


I downloaded the model and the free program you recommended on the SIF.


Just could not figure out how to load your models into the program. Though I did have some fun twisting the default model into a knot.

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My goodness... very good job Kaballah. I had no idea you had such talent.


It would be awesome if someone as fond of the Inquisitor were willing to make a 3D model of him wearing the black version of Ilgard's Judgement / Red Scorpion.


But alas, someone could do a cruder model with one of the presumably numerous pictures of Darth Vader that are floating around on the internet.... lol.


But seriously, well done. :tongue:


Edit: Any desire to add the blue lights that decorate the in-game model's wings?

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