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Farmer Schot's Guide to Growing Lvl 20 Sets

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Once again I entered the game intending on uncover one thing and end up discovering something else completely unrelated. Such is my life! Ah well let's see what we can make of it eh. :tongue:


Today I bring to you sets. Lots and lots of sets. A kind of farming method with a very specific goal in mind. To collect ONLY level 20 set items. Quickly! The technique is an unlikely one yet this morning as I tried it for the first time I managed to acquire 6 within 30 minutes. Had I not been chatting and whatnot it could have been much faster but that will be up to you to see. Ok! So what's the deal eh.


A level 60 High Elf with no particular focus on Chance to find valuables. She's an average girl with a big dream. She wants level 20 sets. Exactly level 20 and she wants them NOW. And babeh... This girl always gets what she wants. :blush: She heads off into a Bronze server. Yes, I meant Bronze. ^^ The Griffon and Boar in a Bronze server are capped at level 17 which means any set that they drop will always be level 20. Perfect right? Right! To the video then!



Now if I could just remember what it was I had meant to test when I entered that Bronze server...


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To store away for future characters for the clan and stuffs. Naturally the concept can be applied to any of the capped levels as well. This is more or less a demo to the concept. :tongue:

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Great video schot :tongue:


Looks like I will have to succumb and make myself a farming HE. :)


ummm...........you wouldn't happen to have a build for above mentioned farming HE would you by any chance? :blush:

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Hehe stubbs. You don't need one actually. The character I used was a level 60 character. At that level it doesn't matter a whole lot what kind of build you have because the mini bosses will be level 17. What I'll say next I think is going to answer both yours and Coruskane's question.


I believe the key is in the "one hit". The boar took 3 but even 3 a 3 hit kill for a mini boss is considered quite good. There is one last defining factor to the whole Chance to find valuables and it's something to do with kill speed. There are 3 possibilities in my mind as to what this final element might be and that is:


Number of hits it takes to kill opponent

Total average damage per hit you were able to inflict

Time taken to kill opponent


All three possibilities of which my HE passed with flying colours because of her high level. Naturally there is a penalty to do with killing enemies that are too low in level but in the case of mini bosses the penalty might act unexpectedly when in extreme cases. Using a high level character to farm in Bronze just so happens to be one of those extreme cases.


The Bronze sets do have less stats. Actually I don't know if there is any difference between Bronze and Silver... But what's important is that they have plenty of sockets, they give set bonuses aaaand we can wear them at level 15. :tongue:

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Hmm, Glacial Thorns in this case would probably be alright if you're planning to farm him with a High Elf that is much higher than level 17. In general Glacial Thorns is fairly powerful. The White Griffin does have a resist to ice although it has an equal resist to magic and my Cobalt Strike did fine. Though to improve your odds I would advise fire damage even if you don't have the Arrant aspect. With a high enough level character it shouldn't matter too much if you have an Arrant skill. If you're planning to use a high level Ice HE that you've already made then give Glacial Thorns a try.

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Just a little theory...


So we believe this works because we are able to kill the mini-bosses so quickly and the purpose of all this is to get sets for our lower level characters...


What if...we get an even higher character...say level 100 and we find out the caps for the mini-bosses in silver? We could then farm sets for our mid-range characters ideally (60s or so) and maybe then when we get to 140 we could farm for our level 100s?




Great find Schot,



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omg! wow schot, awsome! and the video was also funeh! and level 60 set items can be farmed at the exact same places in silver.. or well boar anway.. capped at 54 me thinks :tongue:

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"Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii...bring it on hoser, I am a High Elf!"




That one line just made my morning. Better than any newspaper. Thanks for the laugh. A great video and an even greater strategy.


Nice work Schot





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I tried doing the runes but no drops for me even with 50% chance to finde valus and high amount of ep so I guess not for me ehehe

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Good luck Dusty! I do believe this still works. I was watching gogo farm this way and seemed to be working for him. :drunkards:

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