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Sacred Mods

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  1. Butterfly Goddess

    Hi living beings XD
    I was thinking about a skin in Mobile Legend "Butterfly Goddess" so I decided to make a cheap copy of it lol. So here it is. Dropped a "Read me" text in the folder in case someone does not know how to isntall this "mod". Not gona lie I'm running out of inspiration I have many ideas but in-game models make them VERY limited. I know not when I will make a new skin yet but you will know for sure once I upload it lol. Have fun



  2. Sacred Underworld v2.28 | Shaddar horse | (Reborn Mod) (Overlookers clan credit for this work)

    This is a character with shadar horse,the actual horse with 220 speed,not a texture mode or something,I will leave a screen shot and a video how to trade the horse beetwen char's(Overlookers clan credit for this work)



  3. Angel of Christmas

    I know it's a bit early but I wanted to release this so badly. Seraphim gona give the gifts to every Sacred player this year when the time has come. Move the files from the folder in PAK folder and you will be fine. Enjoy frezzing your enemies with beeeffgee. So I think the guys will get a X-mas skin instead of an Autumn skin pack since I completely ran out of ideas... But if I get some ideas I will make autumn themes skins instead for the guys.
    See ya next time, Vilya



  4. Blessed Vines

    Hello everyone
    With this Autumn skin the playable female characters now all have their Autumn style skin. Soon the guys will get their own as well.
    So this is the Blessed Vines skin for the seraphim.  Making this was quite interesting as I could never truly color the hair of the seraphim... just add some color to certain parts of her hair.  Not to mention I remade her mask although it isnt ivisible it would be a leaf  on her face which would've been pretty cool I think.
    Thats's all for now, Vilya



  5. Tainted Leaves

    Hi people
    here is the next skin of the Autumn Skin Pack, the Tainted Leaves for the Daemon.
    Have fun seducing and assassinating your opponents
    Til next time, Vilya



  6. Bloody Leaves

    Hi everyone
    This is the 2nd skin of the Autumn Skin Pack. this skin applies for the knight form of the vampiress I may make one for her vampire form later. I left the read me text should you need it...
    I'll see you soon, Vilya
    PS: making these skins and coming up with a design is really hard especially for male characters.... so thanks for your patience



  7. Encircling Leaves

    Hi I got creative although Autumn sucks nowdays I made this. This is the first skin of the "Autumn Collection" meaning other characters will get a few leaves lol. So that is all for now I threw the read me text as I always do in the rar.
    Love you all, Vilya



  8. Summer Days (wood elf)

    Hi folks
    I've returned after a long rest XD although it's not summer anymore why not wear a summer times outfit? I'll be sure to make some for the other characters if I can.
    Yes again wood elf cuz why not she is amazing lol. You can also get a little gift and use it (on level 10) if you need it u will find everything in the "read me" text.
    Bye for now, Vilya



  9. Submitted

  10. Sacred Character Model Renders (Read Description!)

    Do not download the file, it's just a dummy used to create a page here in the Downloads section!
    The actual renders are here.
    If you want to use them for anything (art/modding references, website/wiki, video thumbnails, whatever), go ahead. No restrictions on the use and no credits necessary.
    There's also a sortable index of all the currently uploaded renders.



  11. Spider Mount



  12. Amazon Seraphim

    Hi people
    I finished the Amazon models for the Seraphem as promised. About the evil mage stuff I still have no clue where their animations might be or whatever names they have... Well have fun warriors,
    See u next time



  13. Random GUI

    So hi everyone,
    this "mod" changes textures randomly. Take as many guesses as u can. I was feeling pretty lazy so I toyed a little with some textures hope u'll like 'em.
    See u next time



  14. Wonder Woman

    Hi legends,
    Wonder Woman has arrived to kick some butt. For now only the Battle Mage can have this skin but the Seraphim in the future will receive this as well with the other Amazon based textures.
    About the evil mage skins I STILL did not find any trace of their animations so it will take time. Have fun



  15. Soul Reaver

    Changes the model of the two-handed sword to the soul Stealer from Legacy of Kain



  16. Combo Master

    Combo masters decided to fight after wasting their time in villages waiting for heroes who never came...
    You will find every information in the text file I left for you. 
    Have fun



  17. Updated

  18. Shalinor the Dark Elf

    Hi people,
    I FINALLY found this texture for some reason it always slipped from my sight but I got it now. I think this is the most beautiful Dark Elf texture in the game, anyways have fun with it
    Soon the battle mage gets the "Evil mage" textures.
    See you next time,  Vilya



  19. Unicorn

    Hello Warriors
    I just finished making a new "mod" which makes ALL horse in the game look like the Unicorn that the Wood Elf summons. I will make some recolors in the future. 
    To install: Move all the files from the rar in the PAK folder (in the main folder of Sacred).  
    See you soon, Vilya



  20. Seraphim Novice

    Hello warriors!
    I got my hands on some modder stuff FINALLY...
    So this is a skin for the seraphim that maker her a novice some animations are the same since the Novice is an NPC and they don't really have much animations. I got the idea from the game where the Novices called the seraphim "sword sister". Well dunno what else. Have fun that is... So have a nice day or whatever the time is there.
    See you next time, Vilya



  21. Textures for my battle skins

    It's getting pretty annoying that the file is playing dumb but I check EVERYTHING this time. So this isn't a skin but it removes the mage's hood and armor textures so the skin you use will be more visible. You will find a read me txt at the end.
    Thank you for your patience wish I noticed these flaws sooner but I never really understood this page... So have fun 



  22. Mage texture fixes

    Someone just told me that the mage textures were messy a bit but here is the file u need to download that fixes the problem
    sorry I didn't notice it sooner. Just know these files will remove the armor textures of the battle mage and some other textures related to him. 
    Have fun my heroes



  23. Updated

  24. Mount Bike

    Rename storm_mount_bike_starbreaker_diff1,2,3 to change textures.
    Default Texture:storm_mount_bike_starbreaker_diff



  25. HORSE



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