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    With no real aim in mind other than just wanting to record my playing, I decided to try making and uploading some videos of me on guitar. This is the test run, and it didn't turn out too bad for having a totally amateur setup. I hope to improve my recording and publishing skills. If anyone has any recommendations for the best software for editing and publishing audio/video (free or not) I'd be happy to hear them. Sí Bheag, Sí Mhór is Irish Gaelic for "Big Fairy Mound, Little Fairy Mound," this is one of the oldest and best known Celtic tunes by the blind bard Turlough O'Carolan.
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    Your impressive talent really shines throughout; I particularly like the reverb. Thanks for the treat!
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    This was a great end of weekend vibe. We just came back from a long weekend with the family, sitting here, doing laundry, cooking and just chilling... this tune is great accompaninment and got me to thinking about the week coming up. Thanks for the weekend soundtrack. You make me wish I'd stuck to the piano lessons as a kid gogo
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    Cherry pie and cherries... When kids are young and you tell them to check the cherry tree on other side of the hill for ripe fruits they come back and tell you without lying there are no ripe ones. But in evening they strangely suffer from no appetite and stomach pain. When they are 11-14 they tell you they have no time because of homeworks and sport clubs. Then they are 15+ they go for the tree with their friend and come back clothes covered with stains from gras, herbs and cherries and tell you they needed 2 hours for a handfull... So our Rote Grütze will be without black cherries I fear ;) Much like this, no cinnemon and vanille icecream instead sauce. 34 Celcius outside...
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    Lol I think the coolest thing here is your work in the beards .. a small detail but it’s on all those enemies and will have a subtle but deep impact. Very appreciated! 😀 gogo
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    Been a while since I recorded anything. This is the outro of a song called "Floods" by Pantera. I always thought it was very beautiful and feel compelled to play it whenever it rains.
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    Today in Turin it has hailed so much that the road has turned into a hail stream: https://video.repubblica.it/edizione/torino/temporale-a-torino-fiume-di-acqua-e-grandine-per-le-strade-di-san-mauro/337798/338401
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    Here is an early Christmas present to get you into the holiday spirit. This has always been one of my favorite songs to play on guitar.
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    Bravo, it's magnificent! This is proof that sometimes it's most important to forget "trying to be technically flawless" and just play the music. Be the inspired conduit and let the piece be the source that speaks through you.
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    This song is called Lucidity. This one is improvisation. Instead of recording one of my dozens of old compositions (I've been too hard on myself for mistakes and tone issues), I decided to just record a fresh jam today. And this song just poured out. I hope you enjoy. Sometimes songs just seem to fall into your lap, and if you're lucky you record them while they're fresh on your mind. This tune just came flowing out this lazy Sunday afternoon as I was playing on the couch. This piece doesn't have any of the polish or precision of a rehearsed composition, it is raw and in a way more genuine. Maybe someday I will develop it into a more fleshed out song.
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    Trying another Irish ballad. Still working on trying to get that pristine audio quality - definitely a work in progress.