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  1. Heeeey Flix. Thanks for bumping this. I Just checked out the InvisionPower support forum and it seems condensed view is working over there now. https://invisioncommunity.com/discover/?&view=condensed We're going to go ahead and purchase the forum license renewal and buy the latest version of our Titan theme to get us all shiny and new again! I've got some contracts on the go but hoping to get this done around the end of the month.
  2. Very curious! No idea why it's happening but after some digging around I found that it's been posted as a bug on the dev support site. We haven't done any upgrades to the forum software in quite a while so maybe browser devs have made some changes that has broke the function. Maybe removed some obsolete html/css. A patch is on the way! So they say. ^^ https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/455238-bug-activity-filter-condensedexpanded-not-working/
  3. Schot

    Diablo 2 Fallen on SacredWiki

    Sorry about that Flix! I thought I caught everything but seems not. The database and even the site is backed up and duplicated on the server so I could probably re-initialize the backed up site so you could see and copy whatever you saw was missing. I'll see how fast I can do that tomorrow.
  4. Woohoo! Festive mode, active! Everything is all different, omg, can't find buttons! lol Flix. Perfectly captured sentiment in that there gif!
  5. Schot

    Late Introduction

    Looks like there was a whole other section of settings that we missed on the last go around. The screenshot option should now be visible!
  6. Schot

    Hybrid Dryad Build

    Boooooo! For the sake of at least revealing the cause of this mystery, it turns out it is in fact a bit of css wizardry that is causing this problem though not entirely a flaw of Chrome's. The theme we have is using some literal experimental css called backdrop filter which isn't fully implemented by most browsers. It can work but as I've found out it doesn't quite place nice with other css. Interest factoid. The problem isn't in Firefox because Firefox simply isn't executing this bit of css at all. It's a wee bit of a tangled mess but I'm pretty sure a couple lines of code tweaking will get things back in order. We'll see! On a more relevant note. Phenomenal guide. Crazy how much detail was put into this Dryad guide. Kudos to @ThirstOfBlood!
  7. Schot

    Late Introduction

    Hey guys! Thanks for the deep investigation all. Just went over the download sections with gogo. Looks like it's sorted but by all means tell us otherwise if it isn't please. We moved the Sacred Mod section into the Underworld category so as to adopt it's permission sets. We'll do a few more tweaks to the section over the weekend. Oh and of course... Welcome to DarkMatters Ysendra! I'm a little late to the party.
  8. Cheers Ash! Lookin good. I see you in the Radmin network list as well as a reference to you in my gameserver log. It's coming along! Just need to devise a quick user friendly guide on the process. Can you post a bit about what you needed to do to get it all going? Unfortunately my experience is flawed since I did everything under the sun in terms of settings. Much of which I probably didn't need to do but is now ingrained in multiple stations so that even if I uninstall and reinstall the software my system will remember it's settings. Hard to recreate a pre-Radmin state.
  9. It's unfortunate that you are having a hard time drake but don't give up too quickly. Everything is possible with a little bit of hard work. Keep in mind also that all of us are here at our leisure so sometimes a wee bit of patience is needed before getting a reply. *I sound like an Ent from LOTR...* This is a new software for many of us and so it will take a little bit of time to create a very nice and easy guide. Hamachi and Radmin are the same thing so if you have both installed but don't need to then I would recommend you uninstall both of them, restart your pc and then install Radmin. Then follow the other topic about Radmin. Your Windows Firewall might be blocking Radmin and your anti-virus may also be blocking.
  10. I've finished up experimenting with Hamachi and have decided to continue experimenting with Radmin VPN since there are less restrictions in Radmin. Feel free to discuss Hamachi further if you like. Or follow me in the new topic about Radmin:
  11. No Problem! No rush. It's a process. My pc is on 24/7 so I'll keep the network and server going 24/7 too. And thanks for testing Azazin. I checked my gameserver and saw that you had been on earlier. Cheers for that!
  12. Thanks for jumping in Azazin. You can open the Radmin window by double clicking the little icon on the bottom right of the screen. If you don't find it then you could run a search for it by clicking the search button --> on the bottom left of windows and typing radmin into the search box: P.s. Just dropped in quick to lend a hand. I'm off to work and will check back later on.
  13. Thanks Dragon Brother! I'm hoping to create a very simplistic instruction on what needs to be done to join the server so that others don't have to fiddle around too much. I'll leave my pc on overnight in case you want to try entering the gameserver. Azazin introduced the idea of using Radmin which seems to me a great idea. He wrote quite a few details on how to get things going that helped me get a game going with gogo. You can read it from the below post. For starters, entering my Radmin network is fairly easy and works quite well. There are pitfalls after that point that may impede getting into my LAN gameserver that he talks about. If you're successful I'll see you in my server log.