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  1. Cheers Ash! Lookin good. I see you in the Radmin network list as well as a reference to you in my gameserver log. It's coming along! Just need to devise a quick user friendly guide on the process. Can you post a bit about what you needed to do to get it all going? Unfortunately my experience is flawed since I did everything under the sun in terms of settings. Much of which I probably didn't need to do but is now ingrained in multiple stations so that even if I uninstall and reinstall the software my system will remember it's settings. Hard to recreate a pre-Radmin state.
  2. It's unfortunate that you are having a hard time drake but don't give up too quickly. Everything is possible with a little bit of hard work. Keep in mind also that all of us are here at our leisure so sometimes a wee bit of patience is needed before getting a reply. *I sound like an Ent from LOTR...* This is a new software for many of us and so it will take a little bit of time to create a very nice and easy guide. Hamachi and Radmin are the same thing so if you have both installed but don't need to then I would recommend you uninstall both of them, restart your pc and then install Radmin. Then follow the other topic about Radmin. Your Windows Firewall might be blocking Radmin and your anti-virus may also be blocking.
  3. I've finished up experimenting with Hamachi and have decided to continue experimenting with Radmin VPN since there are less restrictions in Radmin. Feel free to discuss Hamachi further if you like. Or follow me in the new topic about Radmin:
  4. No Problem! No rush. It's a process. My pc is on 24/7 so I'll keep the network and server going 24/7 too. And thanks for testing Azazin. I checked my gameserver and saw that you had been on earlier. Cheers for that!
  5. Thanks for jumping in Azazin. You can open the Radmin window by double clicking the little icon on the bottom right of the screen. If you don't find it then you could run a search for it by clicking the search button --> on the bottom left of windows and typing radmin into the search box: P.s. Just dropped in quick to lend a hand. I'm off to work and will check back later on.
  6. Thanks Dragon Brother! I'm hoping to create a very simplistic instruction on what needs to be done to join the server so that others don't have to fiddle around too much. I'll leave my pc on overnight in case you want to try entering the gameserver. Azazin introduced the idea of using Radmin which seems to me a great idea. He wrote quite a few details on how to get things going that helped me get a game going with gogo. You can read it from the below post. For starters, entering my Radmin network is fairly easy and works quite well. There are pitfalls after that point that may impede getting into my LAN gameserver that he talks about. If you're successful I'll see you in my server log.
  7. The first thing that should happen though is that you will need to join my Radmin network from the Radmin VPN window. I haven't seen you in my list yet. Network Name:darkmatters.org Password:sacred
  8. Oh, might be a good idea to uninstall or at least disable Hamachi. Then restart pc.
  9. I'm pretty short for time but do you have your connection in game set to MODEM? It's within the game menu options.
  10. Heya Drake! I've decided to go with Radmin VPN =>https://www.radmin.com/download/ I haven't had a lot of time recently but I do intend to set up a topic about it. I'll set up a dedicated gameserver so you can test it out for yourself. I don't think you need the IP info with Radmin so we'll try without it for starters. The Radmin IP is set for my gameserver so joining the Radmin network should manage the rest for others to join. After installing Radmin, Join Network: Network:darkmatters.org password:sacred Then load up the game and in Multiplayer Local it's the same name and password as above. Hopefully all will go smoothly!
  11. Oh boy, this is gonna take a couple days I think. I'm selling/building a pc for someone using my existing: CPU(i7-4770K)/Motherboard(Asus Maximus VI Impact)/Memory(DDR3 2x8GB 1600) and my previous video card (Radeon HD 7850) in a DEEPCOOL MATREXX 55 ADD-RGB case At the same time I'm upgrading to: CPU(i7-8700)/Motherboard(ASUS ROG Strix Z390-I)/Memory(Corsair LPX DDR4 32GB[2x16GB] 2666MHz C16) and keeping my present GTX 1080 in a Node 202 case. The challenging part is I need to consolidate nearly 2 decades of data in order to make everything Drive wise more manageable. Spring cleaning has come early this year, yeesh!
  12. I finally had some time to try out Radmin and it looks like I got it in working order. Thanks again for your recommendation Azazin! I like the fact that Radmin doesn't limit the number of allowed players so if all goes well I'll be sticking with Radmin. I've also been looking into lobby servers. It never occurred to me until now that we probably have all the needed resources to run an efficient lobby server. So far I've only come across a few lobby servers out there but the coding lingo associated is quite a lot more advanced than my experience allows me to understand. Maybe I'll catch on quick. Alternatively, I could rent a 32 player Hamachi if all else fails. Might be fun to try and it could be used for Sacred 1 and Sacred 2 simultaneously. That would be fun! Should anyone have ideas for lobby servers, I'm all ears.
  13. Heya Frank. Always nice to see the Old Guard stop by. I'm curious, why is Hamachi no longer an option? Did Hamachi change their policy in some unappealing way? A custom lobby server, that would be awesome! Fantastic testing Azazin. I'll be sure to try out what you've discovered. It might be a good fit for our needs.
  14. Hey! lol, Sorry I missed your message via Hamachi Azazin. The Hamachi Chat doesn't have a very good notification function. Very cool that you were so quickly able to jump in. I can see you in the Sacred Gold server tool as well. Thank you very much for trying it out!
  15. Heyas! Thought I'd give this a try and see what happens. I created an unattended game server through Hamachi with a maximum allowed number of players set to 5 for now. I tested myself by initiating the game server on my desktop and then I walked down to a local McDonald's had a coffee and connected to the server with my laptop on McD's wifi. Works flawlessly. For anyone else that wants to try there's just a couple of steps. Install Hamachi - Download Start Hamachi Push power button in the little Hamachi box Wait a while and then press Join button Network ID:darkmatters.org Password:sacredwiki Start Sacred Gold - should be version 2.28 which is written in the bottom right corner of the game menu screen Multiplayer Local Network Choose Character At this point you should see my server - darkmatters.org Click Join Password:sacredwiki click Start Game At this point you should see a loading screen that should not take too long, less than 30 seconds If all goes well you'll be good to go! Let me know how it goes. -------------------------------------------------------------- EDIT: I've finished up experimenting with Hamachi and have decided to continue experimenting with Radmin VPN since there are less restrictions in Radmin. Feel free to discuss Hamachi further if you like. Or follow me in the new topic about Radmin: