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  1. I finally had some time to try out Radmin and it looks like I got it in working order. Thanks again for your recommendation Azazin! I like the fact that Radmin doesn't limit the number of allowed players so if all goes well I'll be sticking with Radmin. I've also been looking into lobby servers. It never occurred to me until now that we probably have all the needed resources to run an efficient lobby server. So far I've only come across a few lobby servers out there but the coding lingo associated is quite a lot more advanced than my experience allows me to understand. Maybe I'll catch on quick. Alternatively, I could rent a 32 player Hamachi if all else fails. Might be fun to try and it could be used for Sacred 1 and Sacred 2 simultaneously. That would be fun! Should anyone have ideas for lobby servers, I'm all ears.
  2. Heya Frank. Always nice to see the Old Guard stop by. I'm curious, why is Hamachi no longer an option? Did Hamachi change their policy in some unappealing way? A custom lobby server, that would be awesome! Fantastic testing Azazin. I'll be sure to try out what you've discovered. It might be a good fit for our needs.
  3. Hey! lol, Sorry I missed your message via Hamachi Azazin. The Hamachi Chat doesn't have a very good notification function. Very cool that you were so quickly able to jump in. I can see you in the Sacred Gold server tool as well. Thank you very much for trying it out!
  4. Heyas! Thought I'd give this a try and see what happens. I created an unattended game server through Hamachi with a maximum allowed number of players set to 5 for now. I tested myself by initiating the game server on my desktop and then I walked down to a local McDonald's had a coffee and connected to the server with my laptop on McD's wifi. Works flawlessly. For anyone else that wants to try there's just a couple of steps. Install Hamachi - Download Start Hamachi Push power button in the little Hamachi box Wait a while and then press Join button Network ID:darkmatters.org Password:sacredwiki Start Sacred Gold - should be version 2.28 which is written in the bottom right corner of the game menu screen Multiplayer Local Network Choose Character At this point you should see my server - darkmatters.org Click Join Password:sacredwiki click Start Game At this point you should see a loading screen that should not take too long, less than 30 seconds If all goes well you'll be good to go! Let me know how it goes.
  5. Most definitely a long time coming Delta! You're a perfect fit. Welcome aboard and hope you had an awesome Birthday!
  6. Favorite holiday theme ever! Cheers to all and Merry Foruming! p.s. Thanks Hooyaah. Fixed!
  7. I think maybe rather than immersed I was a wee bit submerged in the game. That was a pretty creative grave on the Devs part. They tried really hard to find interesting things about every player grave to make them extra personal. Mine was based on a quest I wrote. Which, now that it's brought up, I think I'll update it to include a video.
  8. Looks like something wicked is back! Although our fave theme designer has been away for some time our love of halloween has been around for a looooong long time. Check out the start of this topic to see the wild and crazy things we did some 5 and 8 years ago. And of course... Show us some avatar spookiness!
  9. No problem darklord! Thanks for letting us know.
  10. Can you check your version number in game?
  11. Thanks for the heads up guys! darklord, is it possible you don't need to patch? I had a quick look at Steam and noticed that they are selling Sacred Gold included. Can you link to the page on steam where you bought it?
  12. Thank you very much guys! I feel like we're back in steady waters but I'm afraid to look overboard for fear there may be a sea creature lurking below. For the record though. We want to be insecure and not secure. As strange as that sounds, insecure is a good thing. For now. Our software isn't set up for the secure SSL feature to be on which was a big part of our troubles recently. We will eventually, begrudgingly, only because Google is forcing the world to do so. That said, always be aware that Phishing and Malware sites are also capable of having SSL and appearing as though they are "secure".
  13. Ok, so there's a bit of craziness going on with Namecheap support. Bear with me while I get us securely situated. It seems Namecheap support is a little over-eager to push buttons and flip switches... Twice, in different conversations, they turned on a feature that broke the sites. During which I kinda freaked out on them for doing since the conversations in no way prompted them to do the things they did. Ugh. First time they turned on SSL to "joyfully" make our home more secure. SSL is great but the site has to be prepped before turning stuff like that on. So I insisted they turn it off, which they did, and then things were ok. That was a few days ago. Now SSL is back on and I have no idea why, lol(delirious laughter at this point). Yesterday, after inquiring about some random errors in a support ticket, a rep flipped on hotlink protection. During the wee hours while I was asleep. So.... Yay! I get to wake up on a Sunday to a fun new puzzle. *hours pass since I began typing this post* Ok! So learned about even more great things Namecheap support has done to make my life more fun. To be continued! Oh and thanks guys for pointing out various issues you've noticed. It helps a lot.
  14. Thanks guys! Should be fixed now.
  15. Sacred Underworld / Gold Patch 2.28 (English) View File This patch updates all previous Sacred Gold and Sacred Underworld versions for any English version. Submitter Schot Submitted 04/08/2011 Category Underworld Patches