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  1. lol, I was totally giving gogo a hard time on that. Is it slow? Reeeaaally? Maybe it's something you ate? It looks like our hoster has been shuffling us around servers and cheaped out on the CPU cores... Grr. We've been in "wait and see" mode since we moved about a month ago. Not sure if we're sticking with this company much longer... That said, if you guys are seeing consistently slow loads over periods of days then we definitely want to know about it.
  2. Just discovered that our Hoster posted an announcement on their forum regarding our server... "We will be doing a short reboot to add more CPU cores to the S5 server tomorrow evening. It should not take more then 10." So I guess something has been up for a while. We shall see once they have added the CPUs late tonight. I'm guessing they are probably running tests and preparations today.
  3. Thanks Flix. Looks like Microsoft changed it's share link scheme. Updated!
  4. Best quest ever! I think the Christmas quest will always be my fave quest of any game. A fitting background. Thanks for the last minute help Flix.
  5. *...a sound can be heard from under foot. You notice a rusty old metal grate in the floor far off in the corner of the room...* Welcome aboard Hooyaah! "pssssst... send... help..."
  6. I am sadly disappointed in DarkMatters !

    Sorry for the missing theme this year. Our forum software, IPB, went through major code changes and the theme designers out on the net are having a hard time keeping up. The designer we always buy the halloween theme from is going through life troubles which means she's practically awol. Normally we would have bought the Halloween theme months in advance but sadly it just wasn't possible. We love it as much as you do podgie! One of her co-designers did make their own Halloween theme. Me and gogo were juuuust about to buy it. And then I discovered all kinds of unfinished areas of the theme in their sample shop. So we had to pass on it. As for anywhere else. No one is making seasonal theme's for ipb 4.2 yet. Hopefully next Halloween they'll have our fave theme ready. Until then, at least we know the xmas theme is ready.
  7. Omg I want the Switch! Uuuuuh... Sorry. Carry on.
  8. Planning my next pc purchase - Again!

    @Knuckles Oh yes. I remember my first case that went big and came home. Huge side window with enough blinking lights to give any passersby my window a seizure! But I'm really loving this minify everything trend. Plus I'm hoping I'll find a nice way to be able to cart my next system between my room and the tv room for couch gaming. Been all over sites like newegg you mentioned lately. Cheers Knuckles! I'll never forget that amazing insight you gave to me about PSU's in my last topic. Very important info @gogoblender Haha, yes gogo. It's all about the XPS. I must refrain! @Dragon Brother I thought about nuc's for a long time. I really love being able to get in under the hood though. Can't shake off ALL of my old ways just yet. Good point about choosing the right size GPU. The mini itx cases that I'm liking are particularly challenging in that respect. As well as the PSU. The two cases I chose in my first post both require SFX PSU's. Guess I can't keep my ATX PSU... Another size challenge in mini ITX cases is what fan sizes it allows. A lot only accommodate 80mm fans. I'd really prefer 120mm since they are more quiet. It's what I use now and I never hear a fan. @Timotheus Nice MSI! Funny you mention weird CPU prices. I noticed that too... Thought for sure I could improve on my 4th Gen Intel i7 CPU but nope. Nothing out there right now to tempt me which is why I'm keeping the parts mentioned. Still running very strong. Ooops, you said GPU, haha. GPU is even worse for me. Yes. GPU prices are really weird... I was expecting to be able to find some great stuff at under $300 Canadian but there really isn't. What's worse is that my Radeon HD 7850 is holding out very well. I can't run top line new games at highest quality but I did run at highest on the game Ori and The Blind Forest. Beautiful game though not a demanding one like say Battlefield... The only card that seemed reasonable in price is the one you have, the 1050 ti. But it's not a substantial enough performance boost over my 7850 to make me want to buy it. Maybe after the holidays things will be better? Or the coming Black Friday sales? For cases I think my Bitfenix Prodigy is more or less the same as the Nano S you mention. It's a very practical shape and size but I really want that ultra compact design I'm seeing around lately. Tiny footprint and great portability. I even saw recently a case like what I posted in my first post that has a handle built into the top. Sooooo drool worthy. Silverstone Milo ML08B. Barebones like the one you mentioned, Zotac Zbox Magnus, are initially an attractive option but... No. I just can't. Haha. Something like that absolutely has a great deal of longevity in terms of graphics power. It could easily last 8 years. But the rest of the components are a question mark with regards to how technology will change over a long period of time. Plus... How do I tinker with that?! Thanks for the thoughts guys! Lot's to think about. I'm still not even sure which case I want. Leaning towards the Node 202. I'll no doubt be picking up some parts when the super sales arrive. Mwahaha.
  9. Sorry guys! I've been doing a bit of reading on the support forum and it kinda looks like they've altogether gotten rid of bbcode... All the bbcode in posts has been converted to html and the bbcodes that I wrote were wiped. Ugh! Why couldn't they have converted my bbcodes to the new html buttons code. Ok, so I think I need to make new buttons to achieve at least one of your dreams Flix, haha. It's not too bad. Just need a bit of free time to figure out the new system. P.s. As for the switch I made the other day it was just the pasting functionality that I changed. I changed it from rich text pasting to plain text pasting for everyone.
  10. Planning my next pc purchase - Again!

    @gogoblender Weeeell... Yeah, that would be really cool! But I'm not looking to go quite that broke all at once. Yet. I've already got the mITX board so all I really need to get is the case, an SFX PSU which the cases only accommodate and. A shiny new GPU! But maybe not too $hiny. ^^ @Spock Yes! Backup is definitely a priority. Most of my work goes to and stays in my backups. I sometimes pull the plug on my backup drives too for similar reasons. I just don't want my system even having to think about other drives when it's starting up. I guess I'm a little superstitious that way.
  11. It's that time again! About 4 years ago I began the process of picking, purchasing and then building the awesome pc I have now: It is now time to return to the great adventure of... Going broke spending loads of money buying pc treats! ... Thankfully I'm not in a hurry. My system is still great but it left me just a bit wanting in one area. The case size could have been more compact. At the time there weren't many options in mini itx cases but now... Oh have I found some goodies. So! I'm really looking to shrink-ray my system though I'm sure I'm just gonna end up buying all new parts along the way. For now it's all about the case and I'm wondering what others have found or are looking at. The cases, 2 in particular, that I've been eyeing for a week or so now are appropriately referred to as; Console Killers. Love that! The cases are comparative in size to a typical console. Very portable. But the potential power, as we know, goes well beyond It would be pretty cool to have a power pc that was very easy to travel with. So that's pretty much the mission right now. Pick up the best designed and best priced ultra compact mini itx case. I'm curious to see what others have seen. As for what I've been eyeing? Here they are: The Fractal Design Node 202 (My first Choice) $109 Canadian The SilverStone RAVEN RVZ02B $99 Canadian If you've got other ideas for a super compact system I'm all ears!
  12. Rune Stacking - Yes or No?

    Cool! I didn't even have to vote. Awesome work guys.
  13. Oh sorry guys. Seems only the admins are getting this option though I haven't found the switch yet to give everyone the same. For reference, here's an image: @Timotheus Hey! How did you sneak in unnoticed.
  14. Would this help? It's all version of Daemon Tools. You could choose the version based release date. http://www.oldversion.com/windows/daemon-tools/ Wiki page about the linked site: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OldVersion.com