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  1. Sorry for the inconvenience steinerrr! Although I don't think the map has been down since June as the past posts might imply, I did notice a problem about 2 weeks ago. I just couldn't find the time to fix it while having a lot of clients waiting for me. Actually... I didn't even have time today but gogo locked me in the DarkMatters dungeon until I fixed it. Now can I come out? Wow, what timing! Heh. I juuuuust fixed it about an hour ago.
  2. Happy socially distanced with sanitized hands and face mask on... "We The North" Day! Whew! That was a mouthful.
  3. Heya Zettt! I'm having trouble zeroing in on the area you're talking about. Can you tell us where abouts on the map it is? http://www.sacredwiki.org/index.php/Sacred:Underworld_Map_of_Ancaria The only thing I can see in Dryad Forest is a cave near the combo master and merchant. Is there a portal in that cave? I can't remember...
  4. Oh crap... I did! I just found them collecting dust in storage. Wow. Don't even remember making them. Ummm... See, I just needed you to tell me I made them so that I would actually go and look for them. Or something like that. Yes, that's a completely logical conclusion.
  5. Hehe, I promise not to talk about your layers. Ah! I see now. But... How were the 2DF wallpapers made? Are these from a different project? Do you have these project files? *fingers crossed*
  6. Oh for sure, that silver pen conveys lofty ambitions but it's a delightful example of something fun and educational for young tinkerers everywhere. Quite a job your dad had. I'm continually impressed by the wealth of experiences you've shared. Makes me wonder if you've had a chance to take part in Repair Cafe trend. Seems to me you'd be well rewarded simply by the experience. Yeeeees.... YEEES! Riiiise minion! I will it! Ah ah ah!
  7. Glad you approve @Flix! It's a much deserved placement. At first I was going to ask you to provide something but thought maybe you've worked enough with all that you're doing. So I managed as best I could. I really would have liked to have done a better job though. I noticed that the wallpaper you have for D2Fallen has a a nice pro cutout of the D2Fallen logo on top of the cartoonish S2 map... I think I've asked you before but can't remeber for sure... Does a version of the D2Fallen logo exist with an already cutout/transparent background? Would love to work with an original if it exists. Thanks guys!
  8. Tinkering is so much fun eh. Those stores are like wonderlands. These days it seems STEM kits are all the rage but I agree, it's not the same as walking into an electronics store and seeing all the possibilities in front of you. Excellent lesson you provided to your #3! Saves the child from taking apart all her belongings. Reminds me of the time I thought it would be a great idea to try to recharge old alkaline batteries by connecting wires from a wall socket to a 9volt. I was a child. I swear it! Would love to try this with the nephew!
  9. Hey there ameaath. I think the first line about debuff might be more accurate: Opponent's Movement Speed -29.0%. Instantly slows target's run speed. A second blast will slow target even more. The second blast would have a visibly less effect than the first since the effect would be diminished on the second casting because of the 29% modifier. Is it possible the second debuff works but is just not as noticeable as the first?
  10. Thanks Hooyaah! I'll see if there's anything that can be improved in sideways view.
  11. Soooo... I built a mobile menu. Haha. It's a bit rough but I think it a good start. Have a look on your phone and let me know!
  12. Ah! Very nice chattius. Those danged springs huh. Second mouse is now fixed! I really wanted to replace my micro switch too. I looked around a bit and it looked as though the switch would cost minimum $30 CAD so I opted for the old "bend tha spring" method. But your mention of the D2FC-F-7N had me looking at prices again and seeing much lower prices. There's an electronics store near me that I think I'll pop by. It appears they have loads of micro switches for cheap! addison-electronique I bought a capacitor from them a long time ago to repair a monitor and it's still going strong. Looks like it's time to activate my own trusty soldering station. My kitchen! lol. Lucky daughters to have so many tools at their disposal.
  13. I guess it's that time again. Ugh! When I got my Logitech M570 many many years ago I fell into a love/hate relationship with it. Comfort wise I can think of no other. But! All M570 models are plagued with a particularly crappy Micro Switch. The clicky bit! About a year or two after buying it, the left click began to fail. Double clicking like crazy. I managed to get warranty replacements but eventually that ran out so for the past several years I've been repairing the copper tension spring inside the Micro Switch whenever needed. About a once a year tune up. I hate doing it but the satisfaction of feeling that distinctive click of success as well as saving about $80 each time always feels great. I just repaired one of my M570's. About to start on the second backup M570. Oh and for the record. The Micro Switch is pretty much the same in every mouse. Here's my go to guide that I follow from instructables. If you've got a fave mouse that you'd like to resurrect I highly recommend this guide: Repair Mouse With Double Click Problem
  14. Cheers @Androdion! And a Scotch for you too for getting this whole thing rolling. I think I need to build in a mobile menu after this.
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