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  1. The Carnach either hasn't shown much resistance. He only gave a couple staff attack at melee, one new spell I think, (fire cloud?), but other than that he did nothing for all the combat, not even summoning a minion
  2. Xanthiar stopped fighting for me too when he reached 50% of his hp. I think it has been reported but not sure if redid/fixed. Dryad level 25 Light Path Silver
  3. I hate the idea that I did a thread called 'Cheating?' lol Happy new year dear Sacred fans, may the God of Loot be with you!
  4. I knew you would have good explanations anyway lol But where does all that start? Education? "Innate awareness"? Experience? I'm judging unfair to play with different rules even for singleplayers games (it's frustrating for someone who follows the rules to see them flouted by "naughties". That reminds me that it didn't happen when there was no internet and that you were playing "alone" on your side without knowing what the rest of the world was doing with the game) but again you're right with the custom camera, it's cheating indeed... I can imagine that this is the logical development! Anyway, let's enjoy Sacred! Have a good time playing Jacek
  5. Cheers, have fun (I had to say what I was thinking about that, sorry)
  6. Yes, I can hear the time-gaining argument (a little bit); on the other hand, the excuse 'your game your fun' is not receivable for me (I've heard it many time don't worry). There are rules and they, for me, have to be respected. Cheating is just killing the game. But I know, I'm very pernickety on this (one may surely say 'killjoy'). I don't want to re-debate, play like you wish; my wish was not to re-open a debate. BTW, it's normal that you don't find much loot on Silver; expect them on harder difficulties.
  7. I have to interfere! Hooyaah! You who are so respectful and vertuous, why the hell do you encourage Jacek (or his evil brother) to cheat? I don't get it. Ok it can be time-saving, maybe funnier for some folks also but it's cheating!! Hopefuly I saw this : and it's my way to see things too. But I don't doubt that you'll have a reasonated reason for this and I will surely accept it lol
  8. Niob High Elf vs. The Fury Brood-Mother

    That was fast! Insane damages. It had no chances.
  9. Niob High Elf vs. The Grinch

    Merry Christmas! Your videos are nice Hooyaah; you are doing some nice damages even when your enemy is ice resistant, good job. Have a nice time with your new friends now that you have saved Christmas! Cheers
  10. Hello Jacek, you should install the Community Patch, here is the thread to latest version: A hotfix is on releasing though: You can read the thread while waiting for other more complete answers. Cheers
  11. ahahah yes maybe, I don't remember.
  12. Yes indeed, but personnaly I can't play without the leaves and all, they are so beautiful
  13. And if you still want the PhysX effects, before installing cm 0160, back-up the file physxext.zip in ...\Sacred 2 Gold\pak, then install 0160 and then reput the file where it was, replacing the new one (make a back-up of the 0160 file which is 10ko if you want first). And check "Execute as admin" too in the Sacred 2 shortcut properties.
  14. Community Patch Team for ever in the Pantheon of Sacred Heroes Thank you very much guys.