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  1. Sacred 2 Bloom Problem

    Hi Vaeltharius, I've thought about something: maybe you could install a SweetFX Preset for Sacred 2 and customize it to your liking. I don't know if it will do the trick but I thought I could post it anyway.
  2. Hello Jostabeere, I'm curious, how do you find the game for now? And maybe you have some screens to show to us of your character? Good evening.
  3. now I see them indeed, just before there was only a portion of the links... Oo lol it's ok
  4. I don't know what happened with my images links sorry, they were entire and working the other day Oo
  5. CM Patch 1.60 Hotfix

    I didn't really have the occasion to play with cm0160hf but I have to say it's a great improvement! This Dragon mount is awesome, epic battle. Great job again guys and many thanks!
  6. I find some nice loot, the armor too is good, Velaria Armor.
  7. Just found a nice shield with my new HE Pyro ("Shield of the Funest Guard"?) which deserved a pic I thought. Happy gaming.
  8. Of course you're right lol. What I meant is that, in early beginning of the game, the healing potions will be much more effective than buying expensive equipement. In self-drop, I assimilate sometimes Sacred 2 to a "health bar gestion game" by spamming the space bar.
  9. +2 endurance will not save you while a lot of healing potions yes. That was the sentence of the day
  10. I've only played melee TG but I will try to answer to some questions as the forum is quite calm atm and maybe some others will come to complete. 1. I think you can play only with Lost Fusion; you can find some videos on youtube showing it. 2. You have to take at least one buff; the benefits are rewarding. You can't play a char without at least one buff I think. 3. You can choose a second skill tree of course, maybe to take a second buff at least. For the mount I think you will have to privilege the one in which you are the more skilled. 4. I don't know for the Flamethrowers. 5. Check the Wiki, it's the best http://www.sacredwiki.org/index.php/Sacred_2:Temple_Guardian 6. Staves for TG, rarely seen that, I don't know if it's even possible (2 handed staves surely not; maybe it has changed with latest cm patch) To be completed...
  11. Yes that's it. It's the full version, you just have to execute cm-enable.exe after you have downloaded it for the cm patch to install. When starting the game you should see the new logo and it will show "cm patch 0160" on the title screen. For you Mr Spock, I have no clue sorry, maybe someone else will help.
  12. And French!! edit: just joking of course but knowing how Marcus (the German CM patch developer and translator (I think) was passionated and serious, I don't doubt any second that the translation must be very good) Plus, the CM patch is not a mod, it's (like it says) a patch that fixes many things and complete and "finish" the game. No reason at all not to instal it nowadays as it increases stability too (thanks to Dimitrius)
  13. Niobium Tier High Elf vs. The Grinch

    Thanks for all the children. Am I wrong or something changed in the texture of the Dragon? Its wings look more "glacial" or "icy".
  14. CM Patch 1.60 Addendum

    "Due to excessive illegal activities..." I've never had this message with any of my chars personnaly while always starting in Silver. I don't know for cm0160hf as I did not enough played with it (only one char in desert actually).
  15. LOL I love the sound saturation when all the shards are hitting It's too easy for Tarellethiel!