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  1. omg, could the Octagolamus be related to the Kutulu myth?
  2. Dimitrius's CM Patch Addendum

    it's like that in vanilla game too, it's not related to Addendum.
  3. If they run out of the screen (never really saw that I think) that's maybe because they're fleeing the combats to stay safe (I say that for some quests), there doesn't really have some "henchmen" but generally they answer well to the orders (a quest at Sloeford where you can pick a guy who will fight with a bow or a sword doesn't behave vey well though). The summons responds well.
  4. Hello ZeroX, happy for you you got it working. Can we know what was the problem finally?
  5. Well, at least it's in fullscreen, you don't have these large black "bands" (don't know the english word sorry) on the sides of the screen. I know it has already been discussed a lot but I found too the part on AutoHotkey interesting and how for Steam users how to run the game on Windows 10 that's why I posted it, but you're surely right. Happy gaming nevertheless.
  6. Hello, I've just came across a tutorial made by a french forumer (Jerius) to let you run Sacred Gold on Windows 10 and in higher resolutions and I thought it might be of interest. Here is the link to the video (it's in french of course but there are links in descriptions) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BVjKTZwtLtE To make the steam version works on Windows 10, you only need the seetings.cfg and steam_settings.cfg. Now the part for higher resolutions and configuration of dgvoodoo2 https://youtu.be/BVjKTZwtLtE?t=318 I know it has already been talk before but it seems to work. The other part of the tuto is about AutoHotkey and you can see at the end of the video the game running. Let me know if this has been helpful or if you already knew it. Thanks!
  7. You have the Sacred Wiki wich will be surely useful http://www.sacredwiki.org/index.php/Sacred:Underworld
  8. Another thing you may want to try, if you're using the GOG Galaxy client, is to disable its overlay in the parameters or try running Sacred 2 directly by double-clicking sacred2.exe that you will find in C:\GOG Games\Sacred 2 Gold\system (by default). Good luck.
  9. Hello Hazer, your graphic card maybe is a bit low, but the first thing that comes to my mind is to check that it's your GPU that is handling PhysX and not your CPU; to check, go to the Nvidia Control Panel, Configure Surround and PhysX and check that PhysX is on Autoselection (recommanded). Else I don't know.
  10. Sacred 2 Bloom Problem

    Hi Vaeltharius, I've thought about something: maybe you could install a SweetFX Preset for Sacred 2 and customize it to your liking. I don't know if it will do the trick but I thought I could post it anyway.
  11. Hello Jostabeere, I'm curious, how do you find the game for now? And maybe you have some screens to show to us of your character? Good evening.
  12. now I see them indeed, just before there was only a portion of the links... Oo lol it's ok
  13. I don't know what happened with my images links sorry, they were entire and working the other day Oo
  14. CM Patch 1.60 Hotfix

    I didn't really have the occasion to play with cm0160hf but I have to say it's a great improvement! This Dragon mount is awesome, epic battle. Great job again guys and many thanks!