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  1. Yes, it was just that indeed, sorry, I had never noticed it before. I went to Gold and they attack, no problem.
  2. Yes, it's fixed indeed, thanks.
  3. Unfortunetly I can't revert back to a previous savegame I think. Enemy walking backward is everywhere it seems in fact: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-InJNktTIs8&feature=youtu.be
  4. Immediate (or after my first teleport maybe). Also I loaded Gold at first but seen I hadn't started it in fact so loaded Silver and now I have 2 mounts in Silver but I can only use one. Dunno what happens.
  5. Hello dear community; Download is fine; I encounter a strange ennemy behaviour in Grunwald Forest: they are slowly moving backward instead of attacking me when seeing me. Loading times are increased for sure; I tried the options you mentionned Dimitrius and it was not playable for me (big fps drops, stop responding), else it seems to play well (with sturttering/fps drops sometimes but as usual).
  6. Rune Stacking - Yes or No?

    I voted 'No'. Saving inventory space by stacking runes would have been great but it then brings something new and breaks some other things. Maybe you can keep that 'feature' for the 'Enhanced Edition'? Like said 'Fixing something that isn't broken'; it shouldn't come with the CM Patch.
  7. Gar Colossus invincible

    Never had any issue/bug with this boss. Something is going wrong, maybe the fact you cheated your char, dunno. The Cm patch has nothing to do with it, you can be sure.
  8. Ooooh, I didn't know that at all!! Thought you actually had to put them in combos indeed! I can't believe it. The Wiki general Skills page is indeed ambiguous, hadn't checked the detailed page! I have to check the french description too in game because I had never imagine that! Thanks Hooyaah for the post and thanks Flix for the explanation! Well, at least it will give me good reasons to re-do some chars and I can assure you I have beaten Niob with several chars without it.
  9. Personnally I have never used Combat Discipline, on any character Oo Because I don't use combos mostly (one or two but with two spells max so), I don't find them really interesting (especially compared to Sacred 1 combos). Have I missed something? lol Like Alchemy wich Chattius likes; never used it! I have to re-see my strategies!! Sorry Gogo, I don't understand the question. You are talking about a BattleMage spell? (I have rarely played him mostly because of hard gameplay...)
  10. High Elves are awesome (just like all Sacred 2 chars...). I would just have picked up Magic Staff instead of Tactic Lore only to add more Mystic and 'coherent' feeling to the build. Mystic Stormite is one of my fav gameplay; casting Glacial Thorns just behind a Boss and hearing the awesome sound of all the glacial thorns hiting him with critical hits, I love it; + the fx, so good
  11. You make quests like I go buy the bread! lol Impressive. If Ascaron was still there, they would have hire you! I remember even Marcus on MantisBT had some hard time modifying existing quests. You're mastering Sacred 2 modding. It's great news for us! Awesome.
  12. Clearly the new combos icons would fit more the Diablo 2 ambience you want D2F to have and compared to other imported stuff from D2 too. Great job for the new quests! @DarmenDuin: you should have made a separate post for your problem or found an existing one. Did you try without compatibility or another one?
  13. Edit descriptions and one more question

    Sounds cool, try to make it compatible with JSGME if possible please, like any other mod for Sacred 2 so we can easilly switch between mods http://www.softpedia.com/get/Others/Miscellaneous/Generic-Mod-Enabler.shtml