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  1. ~Mod request~ Stat potions

    You don't need coding knowledge for that. All you have to do is open scripts\server\quest.txt with a text editor, then using the program's find and replace function(which even notepad has), find all instances of reward_attr=0, and replace them with reward_attr=1,
  2. Enhanced Spells Mod (Sacred 2)

    Flix, wouldn't atrox look in en_UK(it might be in_UK instead) rather than en_US?
  3. If you reread the first post, you'll see that only the player characters are nude with this mod, while npcs aren't.
  4. Quick question on spells.txt

    I haven't done a lot of spell/combat art modding but I have noticed that the class CAs have a 2 letter code in their first line. For example: mgr.defineSpell( "se_co_schlaghagel", { is the first Seraphim CA and it has "se" in it. As you posted regarding levin array, there's a "in" instead. Seraphim has se Inquisitor has in High elf has he Shadow warrior has sk Dryad has dr Temple guardian has tw Dargon mage has dm Alternatively, searching for the aspect name might be quicker/easier. So for levin array you could search for IN_POWER, and then go from there. Oh, one other thing; if you're changing a CAs mods, ensure that you include the correct value in the third position. Using levin arraqy as an example, if you were swapping: entry5 = {"et_maxangle_cone", 45, 0, 1, 8 }, with: entry5 = {"et_spelldamage_physical",600, 300, 0, 133 }, you would need to change it to: entry5 = {"et_spelldamage_physical", 600, 300, 1, 133 }, I hope this helps.
  5. Possible to mod Sacred 2 inventory?

    What tools are you talking about?
  6. Ysne58, go click on the 'More Reply Options' button next to the 'Post' button. You should then be able to see 'Attach Files' underneath where you type the text. I hope this helps.
  7. Possible to mod Sacred 2 inventory?

    I think it is possible. From my research, there are two areas to be changed: 1) the inventory ui, which is pretty easy. This is in skin-xml.zip 2) the actual code defining the inventory. In either a .dll file, or a .exe file. This is the part where I got stuck. What I tried was increasing the size of the stash, so it was the same height as the other ui components. Then I used IDA to disassemble s2logic.dll, and sacred2.exe and looked through them for anything relating to the inventory, noting the height and width(from ingame). The problem I got to was, now that I had, or thought I had the correct spot, how do I relate that to the .dll file(IDA creates a .idb file when it disassembles a file). And since my knowledge of this wasn't very good, and my google fu wasn't either, I basically gave up on it, hoping someone else would look into it.
  8. Sacred 2 Balance.txt

    I think that SpellFactorDiff is more for spells, rather than amounts of gold. Though, I'm not sure what it does. Also, there is DefenseFactorDiff, it's the line directly below QuestGoldMax. At least in my version of balance.txt.
  9. This is a very basic question, but noone has asked it, so I will. Have you tried the UI scale option in Options -> Graphics?
  10. Sacred 2 Balance.txt

    What version of the game do you have? I have the international retail version.
  11. Sacred 2 Balance.txt

    Where is this Cab folder? The scripts are in Sacred 2\Scripts, and are plain text files.
  12. Boss Arena Mod

    I just tried downloading it and got this error: Try this link: http://darkmatters.org/forums/index.php?/files/file/301-mod-age-of-heroes-beta-all-in-one-pack/
  13. Changing txt spells

    Look in icons.zip for the item inventory graphics.
  14. Increasing base mount speed

    Well, I don't know of any other method of increasing the movement speed.
  15. Increasing base mount speed

    5000? Have you thought that you might have increased it by too much? I currently have the classes run speed set to 400.