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Sacred 3 Character Classes

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#21 Silver_fox


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Posted 21 March 2014 - 10:11 AM

I just saw it announced that the Malakhim class is not going to be a part of the main game, but instead come with the paid day one DLC called "Underworld", that also includes a quest about the Black Seraphim (they seem abusing familiar names). This DLC is conveniently included with the pre-order package... Deep Silver seems to be going high and low trying to convince us to buy the game before the release, before any reviews or unofficial gameplay videos are published. It does not sound very promising to me.

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#22 Dragon Brother

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Posted 21 March 2014 - 05:51 PM

I'll definitely buy it, at the very least I want to make my own decision about these things. Whether or not its something that keeps me interested as long as the previous titles remains to be seen though.

#23 Yoshio


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Posted 22 March 2014 - 10:55 AM

If this is true, it is for me another point why not to buy the game!

Either they make a game which can be bought by everyone in a full package or they should keep it for an expansion pack. But I really don't like and will not support this kind of money policey to offer additional content or day one addons etc.

If they are not able to make a proper calculation, maybe first they should do their homework before trying to make money this way. For me this is a very bad mannour and does show what a game disgner or maybe better said a publisher those pay on respect to a community.

But in the end, it is up to everyone himself what s/he will do or not do. For sure I will not be a day one buyer! The rest is up to the future and what I can see and hear about the game in the end.

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Posted 06 April 2014 - 11:30 PM



The bow character is called 'Khukuri" if my short term memory serves me correct, (which it may or may not do.)  A Khuk, Khukuri, Kukri, and other names are all about the traditional blade of Nepal, the curved forward short sword or machette looking thing many of you may know only from the movies.  The British Gurkhas, a special forces unit recruited from India and area,( Nepal, Himalayas, etc,)  uses their own version of the khukuri.  The Gurkhas, and I'm wondering if I've spelled them correctly, from the Gorkhali, a region of I think Nepal recruited heavily for soldiers, (Gorkhas) it has been years since I thought of these things, were once feared across the globe.  There are historical war picts of Gurkhas charging the enemy with nothing but these khukuris, having discarded their rifles.  A man with a knife can reach you across a short distance quicker than you can level and aim a handgun.   The people who guide the climbers to Everest, the Sherpas, use the khukuri as their do- everything blade.  A household will typically own one, being passed down, as the expense is too great for these poor people to do other wise. Kitchen, field, defense, home and construction, they depend upon this tool.  The blade can be very small, or very large, say from 5" to sword length.  Average 12" to 30"  Their chopping ability relative to size is extraordinary.  I used to fell pine using khuks for much of my firewood during a time I lived in the mountains.  The handle is made from wood or buffalo horn, and the inset of the blade near the bend a short distance from the handle has religious significance- the cho.  A proper khuk comes in a sheath made of wood and the leather from buffalo.  They can't use cattle for religious reasons.  The persons trained since childhood to smith these blades are the Kamis.  The class system of the East.... The khukris typically come with two smaller tools, (the swiss army knife kit of the primitive world) one has flat sides for sharpening, the way you might use a steel, and the other with a edge, called a Karda, the accompanying short knife to the larger blade. I'm having trouble remembering what the sharpening tool is called.  It does not remove metal, so much as re-aligns the micro metal on the edge.  You can get more work out of the blade with this system before actually sharpening, which of course removes metal and shortens the length of service of the tool.  These are people who must make their tools last.  The edge is convex, bowed, the most basic and strongest of edges.  You can sharpen this edge using a flat river rock- again, thrift and function.  There is a sweet spot on the blade, hardened, like the best part of a baseball bat, hitting the khuk on any other section of the blade risks the vibration, and is not nearly as effective as a cutting or chopping action.  The tip and other sections are much softer, they don't need to be hard, and a hardened tip would be dangerous should it break off and fly into a kid standing nearby. In this way, what is called differentially hardened today, the khukuri can withstand terrible strains and yet hold shape and still deliver use. It flexes.  Takes a licking and keeps on ticking.   My apologies to the professorial or historian who will see the clumsiness of my descriptions. 


Well, enough about the khuk- thought you might like some background. I'm hoping or assuming the bow character also has a khukuri, but who knows?  I don't know why they'd call a bowman a kukri/khukuri for a character name..... he should be swinging a 30" two pound khuk.  So, why name a arrow person after a blade from Nepal?


ps, the small sharpening tool with a khuk is called a chakma, wish I still had a memory like a human being....

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Posted 13 April 2016 - 07:14 PM

I downloaded sacred 1 and played it for hours. I thought it's like diablo 2 with autosave feature when I played again I lost my save so I immediately uninstalled I later found out that it has autosave but turned off by default. im too piffed off with myself for not noticing it so im not going to reinstall it. I liked the wood elf in sacred  but it's missing in sacred 2 and they turned the archer into a guy in sacred 3.. I liked female wood elf archer.

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