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The Diablo 2 Fallen Items Thread


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I made lots a changes to the design of unique weapons in D2F. Appearances are more varied and unique so no two weapons share the same look. Here's a first look at some of the changes. You'll see so

Item Update   This update sees a lot of new bow designs added to the game Until now, Shortbows and Recurve Bows were under-represented, both in uniques and random items. I briefly mentioned some i

Item Update   The overhaul to random and unique items continues. This update will cover some changes to magic staves, wands, and daggers. Pesmontis helped me convert a whole boat-load of new model

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Item Update: Throwing Stars




Most of the weapon types got some attention and additions in the mod, but so far Throwing Stars have not. Now there are six new models that are part of this weapon class.




These models have been added to the pool of possible random Throwing Stars. I also revised the blueprints so that plain-looking stars are normal, nicer stars are magic, and the really fancy ones are rares.


I also gave Poison Star and Afirdnasy's Shuriken the green textured version of their models since it looks more unique and they are poison-oriented weapons.

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Hi Flix!

Could you add these orc weapons? These look quite brutal for 2-handed models.




This unique wand (Shaman's Totem) looks a bit big for a wand, could it be changed as a staff?



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Hello Flix!

A minor thing, these models look a bit low res compared to other weapons, could you scale them down a bit? I think they may look better that way.

I've always wondered, Is it possible to add bowstrings to all bows?

About the shield update posted on 03 July 2015 - 09:23 PM

Are those shields that went to npcs also available for players? If not, could you add them? It is a little bit weird to leave some "npc only" items considering all the npc items that have been unlocked and added for players.

Thanks as always!
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Now that the Assassin (Temple Guardian) doesn't have an energy shield, is it possible to remove all the energy shield related modifiers from his equipment? I'm seeing batteries with modifiers like "Max shield energy", etc. It's a minor annoyance.

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