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  1. Greetz. After making my win11 updates, Sacred crashes all of a sudden directly after getting fired up, usually in less than a second. Checked the internet a bit, the problem does not seem to be new, but the affected gamers did not find a solution yet. Any ideas, guys? I tried the possible solutions found in the gog and steam forums, but no. Fresh installation does not help either. I am grateful for any help.
  2. No, there is nothing new on higher levels. You repeat the same thing over and over again. There are no new areas, no new enemies and no new quests. In theory, there is not even a difference between Silver and Niobium difficulty. The only thing you do, after maxing your hero out, is to look for highly specific gear, to make him even more deadly. Or, as soon as you have farmed enough stuff together, you can try an entirely new build with seperate gear and switch from axes to ranged/pole arms and so on. But after all, it remains the same. I suggest to check out Reborn Mod and Sacred NL.
  3. It was quite common back then to boost your product with some goodies. In the early days, some game studios added real neat stuff to the game box. :Kas:Ultima:Kas: Btw. If I understand things correctly, the user @Kashenkon is not only removing typos from the global.res, but is also rewriting some things for Sacred 2. Like thestoryline for example. It might be a nice opportunity to support him a bit and to add some of your own ideas to his to do list. But it means as well, that users here have to raise their voice, since Kashenkon is neither a fortune-teller, nor can he read your thoughts.
  4. You play the game the way you like it. Period. As for myself, starting it all over with new hero is not an option. Not enough time. I give it a run up to level 50 max, but thats it. So it is still enjoyable but I am not forced into farming and grinding to keep up with the game at all costs, since the hero gets dropped at level 50 anyway. Right now, I just roam the game world in search of an incredibly specialized item, nearly impossible to come by. If it does not work out (as always) I boost my survival bonus (97% yay!), do all quests, or visit the region bosses to discuss their future. I do not want to lure you away from vanilla, but all the problems you have mentioned, are getting removed by the Reborn mod. One day, you might take a look into it if you want and got some time left.
  5. I understand you. I did some extensive farming as well, do not know anymore how many hours I have put into the game until I had what I wanted. Also I can say that the game gets incredibly boring, after you got your elite gear together. You are bored to death. Believe me. Back in the day when I played vanilla I was in the same situation like you. The game puts you under constant pressure to find new gear, or to level up your combat arts/spells, which is a nasty trick since, as you mentioned it already, combat arts/spells become nearly unuseable, as soon as you cant control their cooldown anymore. I am not saying it is trash, it is, imo, clever customer binding to the product. Since you have to start it all over again, after you m!ssed up your build. It helped me to regard it in a different way. Level to the max as fast as possible, then start the game again, look relaxed for better gear, see the game world with other eyes, read the books. (Ok. They are not so great right now.) Make the quests, let you time. Put your top gear into the hero chest, buy some white items, give it a run... But to get there as fast as possible, you have to circumvent the game mechanics. Get yourself the set weapons, smash everything and break out of this frustrating circle. The icon set has been uploaded on Darkmatters several times already, grab it and lets go! Vanilla is abandoned, the makers are scattered across the world and never looked back. Otherwise they would have patch-fixed the whole shebang long ago. But they did not and instead moved on quickly to Sacred 2, which was, if I get it right, in the same desolate condition on release. Only a bit more complex with better sound and improved world building. So, with the makers gone, there is no need anymore to play after the rules. Instead, work yourself in front of them and lead the circus.
  6. Well yeah, S1 Vanilla is not so well balanced, set weapons (plus the icon set) easily knock the whole balance out. Set weapons are easy to come by, hammer-smashing everything in your path. So becoming a damage-god in S1 is not that difficult. If you also choose the right class, things are becoming that easy that it is rather rediculous. There are several videos of Underworld white-gear-only-runs on youtube. The extreme misbalance in Vanilla might be an aspect of Sacreds popularity. Yes, melee only characters have to consider more aspects than ranged heros, spellcasters, or summoners. In my wildest dreams monsters can block attacks, have spell resistance, regenerate hit points, are immune vs life leech, summon help, have an increased attack rate, use curses, deseases, drain life, infest our hero, slow him down, set him afire, turn him into an ice block, backstab him, steal his rings/necklace, render his potions useless and many other things...
  7. Vanilla is incredibly misbalanced imo, you will turn into a rampaging death machine with every class. However, the laziest and most devastating, but also coolest hero is the Demon I´d say. Since monsters do not have spell resistance (yet), you can easily eliminate anything moving using your spells and the dive-bomb attack. Speaking of invested time, I understand you. It took me years to get my stuff together and having a maxed out character makes the game incredibly boring. I do not have the time however to start it all over again. So the remaining heros get a smaller run now and then, usually up to level 50. Sorry guys.
  8. Ah, Reborn mod, I see. Yes, it looks for the first moment, that it is harder, but the truth is that the makers made it incredibly player friendly. The leveling in Reborn has been warped, so it is far easier to get many, many levels together. Hanging around and smashing gobs is rather useless. I´d recommend: - New start. Reborn is active so far, I assume. - Wolf Call: 1 ...and it stays 1 since your wolf will get re-animated and has to smash some ultra-monsters for you. Keeping it a level 1 means quick cooldown. - Reanimation: See how your Undead Wolf performs versus Dragons, then level up and step by step to 18-19 points max. If you go over 20 runes in Reanimation, the XP-output will be reduced to 1 single XP, since the creature level is to high for the current difficulty bronze/silver, which means you just shot yourself in the foot. So save now and then to avoid a complete, frustrating restart. - Blood Bite: 1 Leave it alone for quite a while. The only thing you want is the stun-effect in the hero-caves. Let your undead wolfes attack first, then use Blood Bite to stun the Dragon. Take them one by one. The undead wolfes wont last forever, so make sure you can dust off to a save place. - Vampire Form Boost it to 20-40 for the beginning. As soon as the money starts rolling in, stay on it. - Combos There is, for me, only one useful combo for the Vampire: Summon Wolf: 1 Summon Wolf: 1 Vampire Form (as high as possible, to avoid unwanted shapeshift back to human form in battle) Summon Wolf: 1 It has following effect: In Knight Form, two Wolfes are getting summoned, one dies immediately. Then, we shapeshift into Vampire Form and summon a Vampire Wolf. The body of the deceased Wolf should still lie on the ground, let´s reanimate him on the spot! We have now physical and magical damage covered in a badass way. Now, lets summon a second Vampire Wolf, which immediately kills the first one. Lets reanimate it as well. Result: fire and poison damage is covered. Combined with "Blood Bite" and some patience, the hero cave, described below, is not that hard anymore. Starting it: You can level a bit around the starting area and around Silver Creek, then jump from Bellevue Teleporter north. (Strg+Click) Be carefully, the monsters around Hedgenton are quite dangerous. After you have arrived in Hedgenton, activate the Teleporter and buy yourself a nice load of potions. Save. In Hedgenton you can also buy a quite speedy horse, with movement rate of 200, which gets you quickly to the hero cave. Save, lauch the combo to have some protection from the dangerous monsters around you, mount and lets go. Stay direct south of the river, which divides the village into two, head east until you run into the cave entry. Save again. Trouble lies ahead. You will make it quickly to level 100 in Silver, which means the most foes will not attack you anymore, since your level is simply too high. I have then started exploring the game world without getting bothered by monsters. As for a new build, I recommend to go for Axe Lore and Pole Arms simultaneously (10 points each, not more), so that you can use both set mega-weapons to your advantage. After you got your own gear together after a while, you might discard the set weapons entirely, or put them aside and equip them only now and then, when you want to dish out some nasty extra damage.
  9. You should fight fire with even more fire. Solution one would be to complete the Faldamar-Set (Min Axe Lore: 10) first and rush with ease through the rest of the game. The set is prettymuch overpowered. Just fire up the campaing and smash some dragons, until you got everything together. Axe plus three rings. If the set is now from gold, bronze, or silver difficulty, does not matter. Solution two would be to use various compagnions you can summon, or reanimate. Crabs are nice to have, also the living trees from the DryadForest. Make sure you got many friends on your side, before visiting the more dangerous regions of the game. Speaking of bugs, simply quicksave/quickload after reanimating monsters and they will stay with you nearly forever. While mounted, you can "send" your monsters to attack a certain foe by hitting "Shift" and klicking the target. Also, make better use of your spells. "Claw Jump" has a huge stun radius on higher levels, "Blood Bite" stuns every monster for a short time. I´d say, go back to the main campaign and smash the desert dragon (weakness: fire damage) until you got some neat stuff together.
  10. Dimitrius, I dont know what your plans for Sacred 2 are exactly, but what do you think of a caravan system, just like you know it from Fallout 2 for example? The player could explore the gameworld by joining a caravan as a hired gun, running into various encounters and monsters from across entire Ancaria. A neat little trick to implement role playing without enforcing it.
  11. It is a text based overhaul for S1 which gives +1 to all attributes. Since I believe, that the door always swings to both sides, aka modders help each other, I give it free for Sacred 2. Yes, S1 will take a minor hit because of that and will loose some hitpoints, but after giving it some belly rubs and putting a plaster on it, it is all good again. So I will send it to you via pm. You might take what you want.
  12. Ich erlaube dir, meine Global.res vom DE Forum für dich zu nutzen. Nimm was du brauchst, oder lass dich inspirieren.
  13. Well, just contact the maker and offer some help, but I remember that he said that the project is halted or maybe even discontinued right now. A remake would be supersexycool but I do not believe it. Thorium with his Life Leech project was miles and miles ahead of this one. I think LL is dead, which is a shame. AI or not. The amount of work is tremendous.
  14. Are you using Xrystals multiplayer solution? If yes, know that he said a while ago, that he is sick of it all a bit. Maybe he has abandoned the project finally.
  15. It is possible and not difficult. I think the whole thing takes 4-6 hours until finished. Step 1: Better save than sorry - Make a savety copy of Sacred's sound.pak (You find it in the PAK-folder) - Get yourself some chocolate/coffee to mini-boost concentration (+20) during the renaming/import job. There are lots of sound files waiting for you. Step 2: Get the tools - MultiEx Commander: https://multiex.xentax.com/ - The script for MultiEx Commander + Sound List + Video Tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LklSgJDcMfA Step 3: Do the paperwork - Launch MultiEx Commander, open the sound.pak and export the sound files you need. Double check them with the sound list. (Also: Always play the sounds to be sure) - Rename the exported sound files with help of the sound list. Please note that the sound list and the sounds from the sound.pak are numbered slightly different. (Sound.pak is always right!) Step 4: Import job - Fire up MultiEx Commander again, start importing the renamed sounds. - save - done
  16. Well done indeed Flix, but I hope you do not move away from the franchise, because it would have a severe impact on the forum, turning it most likely into a Deadite. Imo the only reason that Sacred 2 is still alive, is your and Dimitrius relentless work and communicative forum presence. Lindor and Vishanka give a good and strong bonus too, but only together you keep it going and fuel each others fire a bit. If one man alone has to keep it up, it might quickly lead to internal contradictions, followed by a slow quitting.
  17. Of course you can buy armors in shops, Reborn or not. Are you perhaps looking for blue and yellow stuff and do not have the trading skill? Is it that what you mean? However. If you got trouble with poison resistance, get yourself a speedy horse to dodge attacks. In the western desert close to the teleporter stands a 220 mp/h horse. All you need now is a good bridle. Since you got the bravemart unlocked already, simply trade, until you got something useful.
  18. Some nice work here. Do you plan to give the Dryad an overhaul too? If so, check here: The green painted nobles look promising.
  19. Just klicked at the link. Bad idea. Errm, usually the gog and steam versions are fitted for modern systems. For me, gog works best. Just wait until you get it for one, two bucks. Happens every two, three months.
  20. Check here: https://www.protondb.com/app/12320 Maybe someone can help.
  21. You can ask William Tokarev for help at any given time. Dont be shy. He is here frequently. Also, I digged out some posts which might be interesting: https://www.nexusmods.com/sacred/mods/13?tab=posts
  22. Well, welcome back then. And back in action immediately. After you did not show up anymore all of a sudden I thought that something might has happened to you. Lets go back to our mods then.
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