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Torchlight 2 - New ingame Video June 30th

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Steam vs normal version ?


I think normal would be more convenient for modding etc?

I have the steam version, and the Steam Workshop is very convenient for downloading all the different mods out there :)

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I'm constantly suprised how complex you can get with TL2, and how much depth can be had with the builds, skills, socketing and leveling.


Right now I'm going through my 10th or so character - but one of the most kick ass in Veteran, up to act 2 so far.

Female Engineer - but not the usual build....


I've been investing in 2 points in Dexterity and Vitality, 1 in Strength and none in Focus.

She uses a super fast 0.48 sec Claw weapon and a Shield. Block and dodge rates are getting decent now, and pile on as much armour across the board as I can. I didn't take Forcefield like most Engie builds - I don't like casting active buffs!

Sword and Board skill uses shield to boost melee attack, and I use Shield Bash to knockback and stun mobs - a god send on that Spider Nest Phase beast map! :)


That claw weapon is nearly OP - really fast, which helps PROC Supercharge skill as well as the -15 armour reduction per hit (which stacks over 5 seconds), 35 ice damage over 5 secs (also stacks) from a socket item, along with 20% of hit damage HP leech. Claws also ignore 50% of enemy armour as well, so you get full damage pretty quickly

With a 0.48 second auto attack time - do the sums on the stacking of DOT and life leech :P

Plus any flat damage add modifiers on my gear really gets multiplied up by the fast attack speed and some of the skill buffs


I use the Onslaught leap to start each attack, a bit like my Sacred 2 Shadow Warrior build ;)

Been steamrolling through bosses so far....

My pet also has "leech life to me" tag item




I also don't like that Synergies mod, I dunno it just doesn't feel as finally honed as the vanilla game. Way too many monsters and what not!

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Is there kind of a HC Mp version for this game? Have you guys played MP with this?





Yup there is online HC, and I believe servers are still running and no need for LAN quite yet. I really enjoyed Torchlight 2, and it has a decent amount of depth to it :)

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Hey folks!


I was puttering around over on gamersgate earlier today seeing if they had any decent sales going on, and I out found they have copies of this on sale right now for just $5.00 (USD)!

Not really sure how long this sale is going on for, or what that would translate into your local currencies, but it's basically 75% percent off the regular listed price.

One odd part about it though; Purchasing the game from them just gives you an activation code for the Steam version of the game, so a Steam account is required.


Just figured that I'd toss it out there in case any of you haven't tried it yet but wanted to.




Also, a quick question for those of you who do already own Torchlight 2:

Have you found a way to actually rotate the camera around at all?

Only thing I've been able to figure out on my own is panning in and out. :/

Most of the games I've played let you do that with just the middle mouse button or by moving the mouse around at the edges of the screen, but no dice here. Just can't figure it out.


Anywho, minor nitpick aside, I'm having a total blast with this thing right now.

Not really quite on par with Sacred 2 from what I'm seeing, but an awesome little distraction none-the-less.

Messing around with an Electric based Embermage :wizard: with a poison shooting wand in one hand and a machete in the other for when things get a little too close. lol

Lots of "pew-pew"-ing with the wand while I snipe stuff from all the way across the screen and spamming of the Area of Effect lightning bolts when I get surrounded. lol

Fun times! :woot:

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Ahh, fixed angle then huh?

Will have to look around and see if there is a mod then.

I don't mind isometric views most of the time, but already in just the first few quests I've run across several situations where I was getting attacked by things I couldn't see only to find out that were hidden behind walls.

Good thing the pet is smart enough to go kick their cans, because I was just standing there going, "Why is my HP dropping?!?!" lol.

Judging from what I've seen thus far, I'm guessing that being able to pan the camera around left and right would be a real life saver at later when levels when (hopefully) things get less forgiving.

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I've been having tons of fun with this game these past few days. So much so I just bought it (I played through the demo over and over....)

This is SO much better than D3 - which I started with this weekend, actually.

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I've been having tons of fun with this game these past few days. So much so I just bought it (I played through the demo over and over....)

This is SO much better than D3 - which I started with this weekend, actually.


Many people consider Torchlight series the true successor to the Diablo franchise. I know the devs were some of the core team of Blizzard North, who made Diablo 1 & 2, not to mention composer Matt Uelman does the music, which no one can imitate.


I enjoyed TL1 immensely, but soon after starting it I found an amazing texture mod that made things more real and less cartoon. The second game has no such mod, so it was a bit jarring to start it, felt like I was playing a children's game. Just my personal taste though.

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I played only the second game because I found the werewolf mod. It was fun... but too short and simple. After a while it became repetitive, and I beat it in a couple of days.

There were epic moments, there were flukes, there were too OP enemies and stuff, but overall I found the game too short and simple.

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