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Is it even possible to kill the Forest Guardian?

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HE is, but require extremly high damage output. That was my first impresions on him too, when I met him with my first character .... spend hell a lot to kill him. But every next one trashes him in 30 sec and than going to dungeon before corpse disapear so he respawn and I farm him for sets.

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Is the Forest Guardian meant to be unbeatable? Because literally every time I get it down to half health it AUTOMATICALLY heals itself fully. :/


Unbeatable? No. But he is a mini-boss. That means he's supposed to be a tough fight. Be sure to socket a chunk o' Lava in your weapon (or go at him with a Sword of the Blood Dryads (or other normally flaming weapon) and use any fire based CAs since the guy is weak against Fire... After all, he's nothing more than a powerful walking tree.

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Leech Life %, Death Blow, and a good chance to hit him, and he should go down easy.


Add in some 'chance to stun' too, and you should be able to bring him down without any healing from his side.

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I do not think I have ever seen my HP bar move when fighting him. I have had to give up because he just would not die.


After seeing your post, I took him on with my level 146 DW Seraphim. I was not sure she was going to be able to take him down. She did, thanks to items with Deathblow% and Soul Hamer's Coup De Grace mod (more Deathblow%). He was harder to kill than one of the Guardians.

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Something is strange here. Thanks to respawn, all of my characters took this miniboss several times each. Never encountered any trouble. But maybe that's because I always make high-damage builds and usually make them carry a fire weapon. On the other hand, the Ice High Elf took him down without any troubles too. Yes, he heals himself, but if your damage is high it's not a big problem. He can't cast his heal oftenly, so you should be able to inflict more damage during his regeneration time than he can heal. To tell you the truth, the minibosses that are resistant to some damage type (like elemental lords) seemed to be harder to kill than the Forest Guardian.

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I think a lot depends on your build. I have had a lot of trouble with this dude, infact more than almost everything in the game. It's not like he's doing all that much damage, just soaking up all you can hit him with. I did have one build ( one of my SW's ) that took him down nicely, with high fire and LL, but most of my builds sucked with this badboy, lol !


Steve. :)

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I remember TSF, this boss being a huge pain for some of my builds when they were off and starting. My DPS just couldn't (at that time) seem to match the almost absurd amount of healing this nasty trunk can put out.





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I had heard how tough the guardian was and always tried to stay away. Accidentally stumbled into him once, though. Very high damage fire bow with ravaged impact and sinister predator and a very fast regen. Took him down in about 2 minutes, but I had to heal a few times myself, too.

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