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Path of Exile - 1.0 with Guild support


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1.0.0 LEAKED infos and PVP ranking system



Shared stashes are arriving at last for guilds, including permission settings to make sure that the leader’s most trusted officers can hand out the goods when he or she is out of action. In addition various challenge leagues will offer guild points so participants can prove their faction is the best overall while still earning points and rewards for their personal records and stash in the process. No downside? Sign me up! And yes Guild Versus Guild CTF battles are coming as well. I look forward to that perhaps most of all.



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By Darren Henderson (DizzyPW), General Manager


When Path of Exile first launched into open beta earlier this year, my long time Diablo fanatic of a friend and I were all over it. Little did we know this true successor of the ARPG realm from a small garage style indie group out of New Zealand was going to blow up into the mega success it is now. From a rough estimate of 600,000 registered accounts back then to over 3,000,000 and counting, Path of Exile has found success in an industry of hard knocks and constant closures. Unfortunately time moved on and I fell out from the game. So when Grinding Gear Games hit me up saying that were in my neighborhood offering early demos of Patch 1.0, aka the official launch, I was there. And with over 25 patches and countless hotfixed bugs gone since my earlier play session, there was a lot of new to take in.


The Scion

For starters let’s focus on the biggest addition to the game of value. Grinding Gear Games is introducing a Prestige Class offering some of the greatest build customization of any class in-game. With so much freedom in Path of Exile’s massive skill tree though, it would be rather unavoidable for newbies to gimp themselves with this class. As such the Scion will only be unlockable by players who have reached the end of the game and unlocked her from a cage.

The Scion starts smack in the center of the skill tree and gains advantages from dexterity, strength, and intellect in a crazy hybrid magic sword throwing super combo class. This differs from the classes in-game now as most have to crawl through a winding track of skills and forced circles before they can reach the freeway system that can expedite building towards the skills on the outer rim or towards other stats not inherent to their class. Instead you can head down two separate freeway lines and find yourself combining outer rim talents from the furthest reaches of both strength and magic that you may have never been viably possible before.


In terms of unique attacks, the Scion specializes in throwing a spectral copy of her weapon at range. This can get you the power of a melee weapon that you can unleash on your foes at a safe distance. And when combined with the new Trigger Gem system, this is a big deal.


Trigger Gems

Trigger Gems are new support link gems similar to past support gems, but allowing you to attach multiple on-hit (offensive) or on-damage (defensive) abilities tied to a single weapon or armor piece. What does that mean in English? It means if you’re a gambling man, you can throw a gem into place with a percentage chance that not only multiple strings of lightning will come out, but maybe an explosion of flame will compliment it. The defensive trigger gems work the same way when you take damage, meaning if you stick various ones in different segments of your gear, you can turn yourselfinto a walking firework display. Be sure to check out James’ MMOHuts’ News Recap next week for a preview of the awesomeness because words just don’t do it justice.


Ranged Balance

One element Chris Wilson made sure to emphasis was a push to take away the advantage ranged characters have in PvE. Currently ranged characters can typically stand back in most cases and not risk their HP bar in the slightest except in some truly dicey situations or boss battles. New monster types are being added to counter this by offering impenetrable shields to mobs that players will be forced to walk inside of to deal damage to these foes. Ranged attacks can even bounce off them in some cases, sending your own ranged attacks back in your face if you're spamming skills without care.



Three new tileset dungeons are being implemented with update 1.0 that should add some variety into the world of long time Path of Exile players. And heck if you’re a new player you’ll eventually appreciate that they exist as well. For those not in the known, maps generate from one of multiple possibilities each time you enter them, meaning the addition of a few more maps is quite a project for Grinding Gear to push out.


Beyond this there are plenty of new monsters, reskinned monsters, and combinations of the two waiting around every corner to ambush you, including a skeleton bear in the new library maps that looks like it’s part of the scenery until it pounces. If you’re tired it might make you jump so watch out for that library. It’s creepy even by Path of Exile standards.


The End is only the Beginning

And of course a game wouldn’t be able to claim it’s in launch state without a proper “ending.” Path of Exile won’t disappoint here as I was thrown on my Scion into a one on one match (more like massacre!) against this demonic entity. It might be cliché to say they throw everything but the kitchen sink at you in this match, but it’s the truth! This boss summons an endless barrage of minions, shoots lightning bolts that break into further lightning bolts until the entire map is bouncing with DoT tiles, shoots a concentrated long duration ray of ice can track you as fast as he can turn, meaning distance or map obstacles offer the only counter-play, and even make soft ice walls with a hefty slowing effect around him to punish melee players for getting in range to deal some damage. And if you’re ranged and think you’re safe, he’ll place a curse on you that will make his minions self-destruct as soon as they’re in range of you. And that’s only his first form!


Brace for his transformation into a giant Cerberus type being that can pull you across the map to him if you flee, deal massive damage, and even make it rain polluted blood that forces you into a tiny safe zone on the map. And because he’s a nice guy, he’ll often be standing in the middle of the safe zone taking up 90% of its space waiting for you to pick your poison. I wish I could share more but I’m not the most veteran Exile and barely lived long enough to experience a few rounds of his attack style in this form. Thank you defensive Scion tank build! Is this his final form? Is it really the end?! You’ll have to face this end-game monster yourself and let me know.



New types of PvP offerings are on the way starting with a tried and true classic. Those familiar with the bandit raid event in the Second Act will have a general idea of how the new Capture The Flag PvP mode is going to play out. Players will have to force their way into the enemy’s base as teams of five or six (final testing pending). Speed will come into play in tactics though, especially with the addition of new PvP Tournaments.

Hour long PvP tournaments will be on in which players will have to rack up wins through a set system or mode. The more wins you get in the hour, the better your chance of coming out on top with prizes. Therefore just winning isn’t enough as winning decisively will ensure overall victory in these time trials.

Finally we’ll have match-making on tap to get you paired up against players of your skill/power level to see how you truly stack up in the game. Rewards will be available only through these PvP modes so those looking for rare loot will need to sign up and prove their worth against actual thinking foes.


Shared stashes are arriving at last for guilds, including permission settings to make sure that the leader’s most trusted officers can hand out the goods when he or she is out of action. In addition various challenge leagues will offer guild points so participants can prove their faction is the best overall while still earning points and rewards for their personal records and stash in the process. No downside? Sign me up! And yes Guild Versus Guild CTF battles are coming as well. I look forward to that perhaps most of all.



Leagues offer awesome microcosms that excel at both introducing and testing new elements to the game as well as granting universes where new players can get on their feet without seeing overpowering advantages in the hands of more veteran players. And they aren’t going anywhere as a series of brand new leagues are on the way soon. In addition the Rogue Exiles have been added to the primary game, proof that truly popular league concepts can become general gameplay at the community’s request.


Looking into the Future

But if you’re worried that eventually Grinding Gear is just going to eventually give up and continue throwing the same recycled Leagues at you, the good news is the initial success has allowed them to expand, hire new staff, new artists, and even plan for a decade of updates with massive expansions rolling out on a four month schedule and balance changes and minor patches as fast as every two weeks. In addition the skill tree is not static as 1.0 is bringing 3 new active and 6 passives into the quagmire of branching possibilities. And on October 23rd, Path of Exile hits Steam complete with a new set of rewards and Steam badges to keep you completionists busy for hours.

There’s never been a better time to be exiled by your king and left to die than next week so don’t miss the action. And keep an eye out for ApocaRUFF as we’re throwing him into this mess to bring a fresh report from the front lines in our upcoming updated review next month!



Gamespot interview with Chris Wilson (video 36min)


I hope to see you all ingame soon :viking::viking::viking:

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Nice, but I find the monsters really boring in POE, they are mostly based around real world things, animals and humanoids.


Games like Dark Souls and it's predessor show much more creative monsters and bosses

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Chrona, yer a persistant good seller^^

Okay, downloading this huge thing

Let's see what this is about





Thank god we finally got you over :P Game is incredible, and I am super excited for release!

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Probably should wait till it's out, still beta right now


There will be no more wipe :)

Try now the game, learn the mechanics, explore the passive tree...enjoy HC!


@gogo->sent you an invite :)


release 10/23 -> you can start in HC or play Nemesis (the new 4month HC-league)

don't worry about character slots-> you've 24 ;)

Special leagues in PoE works like D2-Ladder.



  • Nemesis: Nemesis is a Hardcore league (characters who die are coverted to Standard characters). Rare monsters have one guaranteed mod from theNemesis Pool, which makes the fight susbtantially harder. One of the challenges is to kill a rare with each of the Nemesis mods.


Like the Anarchy and Onslaught leagues, these new leagues have a set of extremely difficult challenges to complete. We haven't yet announced details of what the prizes are for these challenges. The new challenge leagues run until February 23, 2014.

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1.0.0 Balance Changes

Path of Exile's release next week brings some substantial content and feature additions that we've covered previously. In addition, we have lined up a set of extensive game balance improvements. This news post discusses what problems we're solving and how we're approaching it.

It's our design philosophy that if we're making significant balance changes, the best time to make them is at the start of new four-month leagues, such as the Domination and Nemesis ones that launch with Release. There are several reasons for this:

  • The new four-month leagues encourage players to play new characters.
  • Everyone is given a one-off passive skill respec which allows them to alter old characters to the new balance.
  • Having a major metagame shift at a time when players are creating new characters is least disruptive.
  • New players who start playing in a four-month league provide great data that is unbiased by previous balance decisions.

We're not afraid of changing balance during the four-month leagues (and we will be continuing to improve it). The following changes are being deployed at the start of the new four month leagues (which is Path of Exile's release day - October 23).

End Game Parity: Maps, Farming and Boss Runs
In the 0.11.6 version of Path of Exile, end-game Maps are the best place to play. They have a very high economic and attention cost associated with playing them, which some players are less interested in engaging with.

We've rebalanced some of the various end-game options as follows:

  • Boss Runs: We're roughly doubling the rate of item drops from important bosses in Merciless difficulty. We want Vaal, Piety and Dominus runs to be a great way to stock up on rares and Unique items. While you won't find the absolute best top-tier gear from these bosses, they're probably the most time-efficient way to get a lot of wealth that can be traded with mappers.
  • Farming: Many players want to kick off their shoes when they get home from work and farm The Docks (or similar areas) for hours without having to think about the difficulty of running Maps or Bosses. While this strategy obviously can't yield the best items in the game, we've decided that players should be able to get to level 100 eventually by playing these areas. We're changing the experience equation so that you don't encounter as much experience dropoff farming late Merciless difficulty. This won't make it any faster than it currently is for players to get to level 100, but it will open up area farming as a way to get there (so that you don't have to be part of a 74+ mapping group to have a shot at the upper ladder).
  • Maps: Maps are the best place to find end-game base types and high Unique items. This is appropriate because they're gated behind high currency requirements (to reroll the mods you want). In addition, the highest ones are great for experience gain. They also offer the highest challenge levels for extreme players who want to test themselves against brutal combinations of mods.

After these changes, there should be far more options that are equally appealing for end-game players to spend their time on.

We had two problems with Auras:

  • Using various tricks like Blood Magic, end-game builds would run six or more auras at once. This resulted in very little aura diversity or interesting party synergies.
  • Their effects were not impactful enough. If you had six active ones, it was a big difference, but each individual aura wasn't incredibly meaningful.

To solve this, we're making auras more powerful but are increasing their mana reservation costs. There are new aura cost reduction passives that allow you to specialise in having many auras if you still want to be a full-on aura character. Now each aura that affects you can really be felt and there's a lot more diversity in aura loadout. When we're testing high level characters it's amazing how different they feel when different combinations of auras are selected.

Item Quantity and Rarity
Far too many items drop towards the end of the game. You've all seen the screenshots from maps where the ground is literally plastered in items.

The party bonus to item drops is being changed so that it is more in the direction of Item Rarity and doesn't have as much affect on Item Quantity (you still find the same rate of Magic/Rare/Unique items as before). We're making sure that it has its full quantity effect on the drop rate of Skill Gems and Currency Items. The Item Quantity Support Gem and Item Quantity mods on magic/rare items do not spawn in the new Domination and Nemesis leagues (they still appear on Unique items). The results of this experiment will help us determine how much Increased Item Quantity should stay in the game.

We have globally altered the diminishing returns values for Increased Item Quantity and Increased Item Rarity so that they are a little less effective. It's not a major change - MF characters will still be quite useful, but will feel less mandatory.

Note that while this may seem like a strict nerf to item acquisition, we've made these changes in conjunction with other changes like doubling the drop rate of act bosses in Merciless and the addition of Rogue Exiles to the core game (which drop a lot of items). There's slightly less emphasis on personal MF values and more on environmental ones. We believe that's a good thing.

Damage over Time
We've added the ability to scale Damage over Time effects. This means that you'll have more tools available to specialise in this class of skills, but has also resulted in rebalancing of all DoT effects. Some may be weaker until augmented, which is appropriate considering skills like Poison Arrow and Viper Strike were powerful without support gems.

Socket Fusing and Level 40-55 Quest Rewards
These two topics may not appear related, but we're improving both as the result of a specific observation: some players have a very tough time after around level 40 and often fail to get to the end-game.

While it's completely intentional that poor character builds should struggle (to encourage people to plan a better character), we found that many players were giving up because their item progression was stalling their progress. We're making the following changes to address this:

  • It's approximately 233% easier to obtain four linked sockets.
  • It's approximately 25% easier to obtain five linked sockets.
  • Quest rewards for Cruel difficulty onwards have been improved so that you receive more rare items as rewards.

We're specifically targeting these two areas because we believe that giving people easier access to (the relatively mandatory) four linked sockets and supplementing their progression with more random rares will help them keep up with the harsh character progression demands that these difficulties impose. We've purposefully picked changes that don't interfere with the end-game. Note that even after these increases, you may still get junk from quests rewards and take quite a few Orbs of Fusing to roll the sockets you want!

Improved Two-Handed Weapons and Mods
We feel that there should be more incentive to use two-handed weapons and to be exposed to additional combat risk by not having a shield.

We've increased the damage of all Two Handed Weapons and have introduced a new set of two-handed physical and elemental damage mods that they can receive.

The two-handed damage increases also affects bows. They now receive the new two-handed physical damage mods and the old one-handed elemental damage mods. In addition, the slowest high level bows have been given implicit mods to provide a more interesting tradeoff against fast bows.

Staves can now receive new two-handed spell damage mods.

There are plenty of other balance changes coming - we'll be posting full patch notes early next week. Also please remember the above changes are still in testing and may be different in the final version.

Many people have asked if they can get access to the new Passive Skill Tree earlier than the patch deployment time. This is both difficult from a technical point of view (our site version is based on the current patch that is on the realm) but also because the tree is currently changing on a daily basis. We're very aware that it'd be awesome to have it up early and will do what we can to achieve this, but no promises!


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More 1.0.0 Information

We've previously posted an overview of what's coming at Release and some specificbalance changes in 1.0.0. There are still plenty of other changes in the upcoming patch to discuss, so we've highlighted a few of them for today's news update.

In no particular order, the following changes are likely to be in the 1.0.0 version:

  • Scavengers have been replaced by Cannibals. In addition to adding new content, we're updating older parts of the game. There are new Buzzard monsters in the Coves, for example.
  • Waypoints, quest locations and talking objects have been updated to have nicer graphical markers on the map.
  • Several world areas have been renamed to finally get rid of our old internal names and to be more consistent with other names. For example, River Crossings is now The Riverways, Terraces is now The Coast and Church Dungeon is now The Crypt.
  • Players now receive two more life points per level.
  • Some monster types now have the Far Shot implicit mod. This is like a reverse Point Blank passive in that they do more damage to characters that are far away.
  • Added a new Rogue Exile, Xandro Blooddrinker - the winner of the Well Dressed Exile competition! He's a pretty tough fight.
  • Player and monster Shock has been reduced from 40% to 30% per stack.
  • 1.0.0 contains three new supporter Uniques, six new Uniques that can only occur in Domination and Nemesis, one Unique only found in Domination and one only found in Nemesis.
  • There are eight new end-game Maps that use the new tilsets. They're in tiers: 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13 and 13. Tier 13 is a new tier of (level 78!) Maps.
  • We're expecting to have Steam Trading Cards available.

These are (obviously) not full patch notes, just a small set of things we haven't yet talked about. We'll post the full patch notes early next week.


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region locking on steam



[–]chris_wilsonLead Developer
The region lock on certain countries won't be lifted by release, sorry. I don't have a timeframe for when it'll change. In the meantime I'd recommend playing using the official client in those countries until we have more information.


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Will we have a HC group going into the new Nemesis League? I know I will be there with a dagger and shield Shadow Reaver, looking to get our group up in levels/leaderboard for the new league. What are everyone's general playtimes? I'm super flexible, so I can atleast try to play with one or two of you guys regularly :)

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Will we have a HC group going into the new Nemesis League? I know I will be there with a dagger and shield Shadow Reaver, looking to get our group up in levels/leaderboard for the new league. What are everyone's general playtimes? I'm super flexible, so I can atleast try to play with one or two of you guys regularly :)



I'll play Nemesis.

Groupcharacter: Marauder 1h/shield or 2h (have to check the new 2h passives first)

Solo: Summoner (witch or scion)


Playtime: ~8am - 8pm gmt+1

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Version 1.0.0

  • Due to substantial balance changes, every existing character has been granted an optional full passive reset. To use this, click the "Reset all Passives" button on the passive skill screen. Note that you must use this before allocating or refunding any other points otherwise the option will go away.
  • The new Scion character class requires that you've rescued her in the Sceptre of God once before she can be used. This is an account-wide setting. We've enabled the Scion on any existing accounts that have finished Normal difficulty before.
  • Path of Exile's Terms of Use have been updated for release. When you log into the website or game client you will be able to read and accept them.

New Four-Month Challenge Leagues:

  • Four month challenge leagues are a great opportunity for a fresh start. All your old characters and items are still present in the Standard and Hardcore leagues, but you're encouraged to join the new economies, complete challenges and climb the ladder!
  • The new challenge leagues include a set of eight new challenges! If you complete all of them, you'll receive an exclusive Domination/Nemesis challenge shirt. 61 players completed all the challenges in the last pair of four-month leagues.
  • Domination: A variety of powerful Shrines now spawn throughout Wraeclast, surrounded by large groups of monsters that are influenced by their power. These monsters receive substantial bonuses or are protected by their shrine's effects in some way. If you are able to tag the shrine, you receive these powers for a short time. It's often very risky to run in and try to claim the shrine, but it is a gamble that can pay off. One of the new challenges is to tag each of the shrine types.
  • Nemesis: Nemesis is a Hardcore league (characters who die are coverted to Standard characters). Rare monsters have one guaranteed mod from the Nemesis Pool, which makes the fight substantially harder. One of the challenges is to kill a rare with each of the Nemesis mods.
  • The new challenge leagues have introduced five new base types of items - four new Flasks and a Ring.
  • The Prismatic Ring cannot drop as a base type in Domination and Nemesis league but it can be created with a new vendor recipe. Unique Prismatic Rings can still drop in these leagues.
  • There are six new Unique items that can drop in either challenge league, plus one that can only drop in Domination and one that can only drop in Nemesis.
  • The Item Quantity Support Gem can not be obtained in these Challenge leagues.
  • Increased Item Quantity mods cannot spawn on Magic and Rare items in these leagues.

Content - Major:

  • Added the Scion, Path of Exile's prestige character class. She is aligned with all three core attributes (Strength, Dexterity and Intelligence) and starts in the center of the passive tree. She's only available once you've unlocked her by playing through Normal difficulty and rescuing her. Existing accounts that have finished Normal difficulty before start with her unlocked.
  • Added six new world areas (in all three difficulty levels) across three new tilesets. There are three new quests.
  • Added a grand finale boss fight.
  • Added eight new end-game Maps including a new tier of level 78 maps.
  • Added 11 new Unique Items, three of which are designed by our community and eight which can only drop in the Domination and Nemesis leagues. Six of those eight appear in either challenge league, but there's also one that is exclusive to each league.
  • Added two new Halloween Microtransactions - Demon Hand Pet and Decapitation Helmet Skin. They're for exclusively for sale until the end of November 1.
  • Added six new monster types, three of which are exclusive to the new areas. The other three appear in previous areas also, such as the Cannibals who have replaced the Scavengers in early Act One.
  • Many existing monsters have received new abilities when added to the new world areas.
  • Added a new Rogue Exile - Xandro Blooddrinker, based on member of our community who won the "Well Dressed Exile Competition".
  • The Eternal Laboratory has been visually revamped and is now present in the Solaris Temple. In Normal and Cruel difficulties, it contains lore.
  • Added a new curse, Silence, that monsters can use on you.

Content - New Skills:

  • Added a new Strength/Dexterity Skill Gem - Spectral Throw: Throws a spectral copy of your melee weapon. It flies out and then returns to you, in a spinning attack that strikes enemies in its path.
  • Added a new Strength/Intelligence Skill Gem - Animate Guardian: Animates a melee weapon or armour, attaching it to an invisible Guardian that fights by your side. Animating multiple items attaches them to the same Guardian. Guardians killed in PvP areas will not lose their items.
  • Added a new Dexterity/Intelligence Skill Gem - Animate Weapon: Animates a melee weapon to fight by your side. There's no limit on the number of weapons you can animate.
  • Added a new Dexterity Support Gem - Slower Projectiles.
  • Added a new Strength Support Gem - Reduced Duration.
  • We've added Trigger Gems, a new type of Support Gem that causes linked skills to be cast automatically on certain conditions. This patch includes six of these, with more coming in subsequent updates.
  • Added a new Intelligence Trigger Support Gem - Curse on Hit.
  • Added a new Dexterity/Intelligence Trigger Support Gem - Cast on Crit.
  • Added a new Strength/Intelligence Trigger Support Gem - Cast on Melee Kill.
  • Added a new Dexterity/Intelligence Trigger Support Gem - Cast on Death.
  • Added a new Strength/Intelligence Trigger Support Gem - Cast when Damage Taken.
  • Added a new Intelligence/Dexterity Trigger Support Gem - Cast when Stunned.
  • Added a new Keystone Passive Skill - Mind over Matter: When hit, 30% of damage is taken from mana before life.
  • Added a rebalanced Keystone Passive Skill - Avatar of Fire: 50% of your physical/lightning/cold damage is converted to fire damage. You can't deal non-fire damage.

Features - Major:

  • Added an achievement system. Achievements are somewhat easier than Challenges and can be completed in any league. We expect to add at least one new achievement per two-weekly ongoing content patch.
  • Added new Player Profile pages on the website. These list your current/historic accomplishments in many categories (races, PvP, challenges, achievements) and allow you to pin the results you're proudest of.
  • The development team and Gold/Diamond/Exalted/Eternal/Ruler supporters are now listed in the game's credits. These are displayed upon completion of the game.
  • Waypoints, quest locations and story glyphs have been updated to have nicer graphical markers on the minimap.

Features - Guilds:

  • We've added Guilds! To create one, use the Social screen. Guilds can initially hold 30 members, but more slots can be purchased.
  • There are three membership tiers - Leader, Office and Member. Leaders can change permissions. Officers can invite people to the guild.
  • There's a guild chat channel (bound to the & symbol). It spans across leagues.
  • Powerful guilds can obtain tags that appear next to their members' names in chat. This requires sacrificing a set of end-game Maps, each of which corresponds to a letter or symbol in the tag. Tags are unique and some symbols are much rarer than others.
  • You can purchase Premium Guild Stash Tabs which allow you to store your guild's wealth. You can set permissions for different tiers of members to view, add items and remove items.
  • Guild purchases are handled by the guild leader. Players can visit their guild page on pathofexile.com to donate points to their guild.
  • Guild Challenges are coming very soon!

Features - Player vs. Player:

  • We've added a Capture the Flag PvP mode. It's available at Greust (and now Maramoa in Merciless) like normal PvP. Supported team sizes are 3v3 and 6v6.
  • Rapid-fire PvP tournaments will start with PvP Season One (which is approximately three weeks after Release). There may be some experimental ones before that. More PvP balance and usability changes are on the way.
  • Dueling will be enabled very soon!

Features - Minor:

  • Magic and rare monsters now have new effects to indicate their presence. Lights have been removed from many rare and unique monsters.
  • The Path of Exile logo on the title screen is now 3D.
  • Improved the visual appearance of metal in the graphics engine.
  • Changed the colour of the Twitch chat text to turquoise because Guild chat is grey.
  • The audio from story glyphs (environmental lore) now doesn't stop if you click away from them without explicitly pressing continue.
  • The graphics engine has had several performance optimisations.
  • Players now cannot spend or reserve their last point of life with Blood Magic.
  • Chaos damage now has its own section on item display popups.
  • Improved markup of terrain to prevent players catching on some objects as they run past.

Content - Minor:

  • Merciless PvP is now handled by Maramoa rather than Greust.
  • Some of the previously drop-only Skill and Support Gems are available from a new side quest. The new Trigger Gems are also available in this quest. The other new side quest offers utility flasks and rare items.
  • The "Sharp and Cruel" and "Sever the Hand" quests in Merciless now offer rare items as rewards, rather than Skill or Support Gems.
  • Some monsters now have "Far Shot" causing them to do less damage to closer targets and more damage to farther away targets.
  • The Crematorium has been reduced to one level in size.
  • The Slums waypoint has been moved to the Crematorium. If you previously had the Slums waypoint, you will be awarded the Crematorium waypoint.
  • The Solaris Temple has been reduced to two levels. If you previously had the Solaris Temple Level 3 waypoint, you will be awarded the Solaris Temple Level 2 waypoint.
  • The Shock and Horror boss in the Torture Chamber map has been revamped.
  • The Starkonja's Head and Hyrri's Ire Unique items now have their own 3D art.
  • The effect for Infernal Blow has been improved.
  • Added new portal effects including special Map portals.
  • Some world areas have been renamed.
  • The Coast (formally The Terraces) now has new types of chests.
  • The new Ground Ice looks awesome.
  • Removed some carts from the Arsenal Map.
  • Adjusted the size of the Jungle Valley Map.
  • Adjusted the size of the Spider Forest Map.
  • Adjusted the density of monsters in the Promenade Map.
  • Continued to incrementally improve the sound, art, effects and environments.

Balance Changes - General:

  • The experience equation has been changed so that the minimum experience you receive when too high or too low level is 2% (before it is split among the players). This means that farming non-Map areas until level 100 is actually plausible now.
  • Characters now receive 8 life per level rather than 6.
  • Increased the monster life bonus per additional player by 25% in Cruel and 50% in Merciless.
  • Shock has been reduced to 30% increased damage taken per stack rather than 40%.
  • Blinded players now have minimum light radius.
  • The damage reflection auras have been reduced to 15%.
  • Starting attributes for each character class now add to 60 rather than 58.

Balance Changes - Items:

  • 40% of the item quantity bonus for additional party members is now shifted towards item rarity. Gems and currency items still receive the old item quantity bonus.
  • Diminishing returns for player item quantity and item rarity have been changed so that they are slightly less effective.
  • Item drops from Merveil, Brutus, Vaal Oversoul, Piety and Dominus have been substantially increased in Cruel and Merciless difficulties.
  • When using Orbs of Fusing, you're now 233% more likely to roll four linked sockets and 25% more likely to roll five linked sockets.
  • The implicit resistances possible on the Prismatic Ring have been reduced slightly.
  • The damage of two-handed weapons has been increased.
  • New higher physical and elemental damage mods have been created for two-handed weapons.
  • Bows also receive the increased damage and the new two-handed physical damage mods, but only have access to one-handed elemental damage mods.
  • Staves have received new higher two-handed spell damage mods.
  • Some of the rarest Unique items can now only drop from end-game Maps.
  • The drop rate of the Glassblower's Bauble has been substantially reduced.
  • When traded to a vendor, three Bazaar maps now become an Academy Map, instead of a Precinct Map.
  • New implicit mods have been added to the Maraketh Bow (Weapon Elemental Damage) and the Harbinger Bow (Local Crit Chance).
  • The Resplendent mod can no longer spawn on shields.
  • All shield defences have been reduced by 17%.

Balance Changes - Unique Items:

  • The following Unique items have been directly buffed. Using a Divine Orb on an existing version will roll new mods in the new ranges.
  • Kaom's Primacy: Increased Physical Damage has been increased.
  • Malachai's Simula: Increased Mana Cost of Skills has been reduced.
  • Hrimnor's Hymn: Increased Physical Damage has been increased.
  • Rigvald's Charge: Attack Speed has been increased.
  • Hyrri's Ire: Increased Evasion has been increased. Acrobatics now also grants a better dodge chance than before.
  • Ondar's Clasp: Attack Speed on Full Life and Movement Speed on Low Life have both been increased.
  • Kaltenhalt: Reflected Cold Damage has been increased.
  • Ambu's Charge: Increased Armour and Energy Shield has been increased.
  • Devoto's Devotion: Attack Speed has been increased.
  • Ungil's Gauche: Block While Dual Wielding has been increased.
  • The Covenant: Increased Energy Shield has been increased.
  • Pillar of the Caged God: Increased Physical Damage per 10 Strength has been increased.
  • Lightbane Raiment: Increased Armour and Energy Shield, Chaos Damage reflected to melee attackers and the Chance to Create Desecrated Ground have all been increased.
  • Zahndethus' Cassock: Added Lightning Damage, Chaos Resistance and Chance to Create Consecrated Ground have all been increased.
  • The following Unique items have been nerfed. Using a Divine Orb on an existing version will roll new mods in the new ranges.
  • Facebreaker: More Unarmed Physical Damage has been reduced.
  • Soul Taker: Increased Physical Damage has been reduced.
  • Wondertrap: Increased Movement Speed has been reduced.
  • Rainbowstride: All Elemental Resistances has been reduced.
  • Shavronne's Wrappings: Increased Energy Shield has been reduced.
  • Thunderfist: Lightning Damage has been reduced.
  • Auxium: Weapon Elemental Damage has been reduced.
  • The following Unique items have had more complex changes:
  • Kaom's Heart: Increased Life has been reduced to 500. Increased Fire Damage has been added. A Divine Orb used on an existing version would only update the life.
  • Bramblejack: Melee Damage Reflect has been increased. It also now has additional life. A Divine Orb used on an existing copy will only reroll the Melee Damage Reflect.
  • Sadima's Touch: Now requires character level 11 to equip.
  • Rat's Nest: The flat Evasion bonus has been changed to Increased Evasion percentage. Existing ones will have the new property, but the old value. Using a Divine will reroll the value to the new one. Additionally, its Increased Global Critical Strike Chance and Attack Speed have been improved.

Balance Changes - Monsters:

  • Piety the Empyrean in the Shrine Map and the Shadow of the Vaal in the Maze Map now have significantly higher item quantity and rarity.
  • Monster skill costs and mana pools now increase proportional to their level in a more natural way.
  • The descriptions of properties on magic and rare monsters have been made more concise so that they're easier to read in combat.
  • The Unwavering monster accuracy prefix has been renamed to Precise.
  • Map Bosses now have 60% reduced curse effect (up from 50%).
  • Act bosses now have 70% reduced curse effect (up from 40%).
  • Rogue Exiles now have 50% reduced curse effect (up from 0%).
  • Grapplers will now discharge when they have any kind of Charge, not just Power Charges.

Balance Changes - Active Skills:

  • The following skills have had their mana costs reduced: Ethereal Knives, Flame Totem, Searing Bond, Fire Trap, Detonate Dead, Shock Nova, Firestorm, Arc, Split Arrow and Whirling Blades.
  • The following skills have had their mana costs increased: Discharge, Elemental Hit and Dual Strike.
  • Elemental Hit: Damage progression past level 1 has been reduced.
  • Spark: Damage is increased at lower levels. Spark duration has been heavily reduced.
  • Bear Trap: Damage at high levels has been reduced by around 40% at level 15.
  • Fire Trap: Damage at high levels has been reduced by around 30% at level 15.
  • Arc: Damage has been increased by around 23%.
  • Flame Totem: Damage at high levels has been reduced (around 10% less damage at level 15).
  • Lightning Trap: Damage at high levels has been reduced (around 10% less damage at level 15).
  • Devouring Totem: The life leech from has been rescaled and adjusted. It now also leeches mana when a corpse is consumed. It will now consume corpses when you're missing either life or mana.
  • Righteous Fire: The damage bonus now starts at 40% instead of 30%, but only increases by 1% per level, instead of 3%.
  • Cleave: The dual wielding penalty for Cleave is now multiplicative and includes elemental damage.
  • Critical Weakness: The bonus to Critical Multiplier has been reduced by a flat 20% at all levels.

Balance Changes - Auras:

  • For all Auras: Base area of effect has been increased. The area of effect bonus from quality has been doubled.
  • The mana cost for all auras except Clarity has been changed to 60% reservation.
  • Anger: Damage has been increased.
  • Wrath: Damage has been increased.
  • Hatred: Damage increase has been increased.
  • Purity: Maximum resistances provided have been reduced.
  • Haste: Attack Speed, Cast Speed and Movement speed increases have been increased. Haste now follows the same progression of area of effect changes as other auras.
  • Vitality: Life Regeneration has been increased.
  • Discipline: Energy Shield granted has been increased.
  • Grace: Evasion granted has been increased.
  • Clarity: The mana regeneration has been increased by around 15% at all levels.

Balance Changes - Support Gems:

  • Weapon Elemental Damage: Mana cost reduced. Damage reduced by 21%.
  • Spell Totem: Damage reduction increased from 40% to 50%.
  • Ranged Attack Totem: Damage reduction increased from 40% to 50%.
  • Remote Mine: The quality bonus has been changed to Mine Laying Speed.
  • Trap: Damage increase has been reduced at all levels by a flat 5%.

Balance Changes - Passive Skill Tree:

  • Two new Keystone Passives described under "Content" above have been added.
  • The centre of the tree has been significantly reworked to facilitate the Scion.
  • Several clusters and Keystones have had their locations moved.
  • Acrobatics and Phase Acrobatics have been increased to providing 30% dodge chance.
  • Most percentage based life passives have been increased by 2%. Several life passives have been removed from the tree or integrated into nearby nodes.
  • Small chaos resistance nodes have been removed or integrated into nearby passives.
  • Several damage clusters have had defensive bonuses added to them.
  • The early Shadow tree has been given more access to mana. Flat mana has been added to one of the life nodes and Mental Acuity now offers 20% mana regeneration.
  • The early Marauder tree has had the Strength bonuses from early melee notables increased. The versatility cluster also offers mana cost reduction.
  • The early Witch tree has had life flask bonuses changes for nodes that provide general flask effect improvements. General Spell damage nodes have been improved.
  • Several Notable Passives have been renamed.
  • A new notable called Arcane Vision has been added which adds accuracy and "Light Radius is based on Energy Shield instead of Life".

Bug Fixes:

  • You now can't use an Orb of Fusing on a fully linked item or a Jeweller's Orb on a fully socketed item.
  • The client can now patch when its Content.ggpk file is marked as read-only. This used to be a problem if you downloaded it from a torrent.
  • You can't drop items in PvP areas any more.
  • Fixed a bug where you could apply cosmetic skins to an item if it had already been skinned with a Skin Transfer.
  • Eternal Orbs can no longer destroy items stored with Skin Transfer.
  • Transferred skins now display correctly when the item is linked in chat.
  • Firestorm will no longer drop fireballs out of line-of-sight of the target location.
  • Fixed problems related to when Tempest Shield's sound plays.
  • Fixed a bug where linking microtransaction items on the forums wouldn't work correctly.
  • Fixed a bug in the Way Forward quest where the spikes in the Prisoner's Gate would not be raised if you had the Seal key but hadn't seen Piety raise them.
  • Fixed a bug in Arc where the first arc in the chain would attempt to re-target to things outside its maximum range.
  • Fixed a bug where the Client can permanently stop rendering anything when a Windows "move" command is issued.
  • Rare degeneration bears that generate with an aura from a mod now cast their degeneration aura properly as well.
  • Fixed a bug where the life gain per hit from spells when using Cybil's Paw displayed incorrectly.


Item drops from Merveil, Brutus, Vaal Oversoul, Piety and Dominus have been substantially increased in Cruel and Merciless difficulties


YEAH!!! D2 BAALruns are back!!! :viking::viking::viking:

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GGG via Twitter (3:05 PM - 22 Okt 13)



We're discussing having the patch live but with game login disabled (for preloading and passive tree examination) 3 hours before Release.




Everything you need to know about Release (and Guilds)



We will shut down the game servers and deploy the 1.0.0 patch approximately 3 hours before the countdown hits zero. Once that's deployed, you'll be able to download the patch. We'll try to have a torrent and Steam preloading up also. Game access will be disabled during that three hour period. Our Open Beta Supporter Packs will be removed from the site at the end of Release day (that's midnight on October 23, Pacific Time). Your ongoing support is not only greatly appreciated but also helps fund future features, content and server costs.

I went on the IncGamers podcast today and talked briefly about the launch! It includes awesome answers such as "*pause* I lost my train of thought there." If you're interested in checking it out, I'm on at around the 30 minute mark.

Many people have asked for more information on how guilds work. On the social panel you can create a guild. Names are not unique, so call it what you want. Powerful guilds can obtain tags that appear next to their members' names in chat. This requires sacrificing a set of end-game Maps, each of which corresponds to a letter or symbol in the tag. Tags are unique and some symbols are much rarer than others. Tags can be 3-6 symbols in length. While you're in a guild, you can chat to other members (even across leagues!) with the & symbol. The guild leader can set membership permissions (Leader, Officer, Member). Officers can also invite new Members.

Guilds start with 30 member slots and you can purchase sets of 10 extra slots for 100 points ($1 each). There's currently a maximum of 200. We may increase this in the future once we fully understand their impact on server performance. Guild stash tabs (which are all nameable/colourable) can also be purchased. The guild leader can set permissions on which tiers of members can view, add items and remove items from tabs.

Only the guild leader can purchase microtransactions for their guild, but members and officers can donate points to their guild to help with these purchases. The guild leader can accept and reject point donations on the guild webpage (on this site). If they accept a point donation, then they are unable to kick that member out of the guild for three months. It's possible to reject donations if you don't really want to take their points.

Guilds are joined by account, rather than by character.

As mentioned in the patch notes, Guild Challenges are coming very soon.

The 1.0.0 patch notes that we posted yesterday contained some incomplete information about how we changed Righteous Fire. The correct patch note is:

  • The damage bonus now starts at 40% instead of 30%, but only increases by 1% per level, instead of 3%. Righteous Fire now burns nearby monsters and the character based on a percentage of life and a percentage of energy shield of the caster.

I'm going to get back to work now - not many hours left! See you at launch :)

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just reinstalled PoE after months since I last tried it..


is there going to be a D.a.r.k Guild then, and if not, which guild are most D.a.r.k Members playing in (if any) ?


cu around, maybe even in PoE (got tired of D3 for the moment, will see if PoE turns out to be fun or not) :)


€: nvm, didn't see it before.. : http://darkmatters.org/forums/index.php?/topic/21490-dark-path-of-exile-guild-reserved/?hl=%2Bpath+%2Bexile

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my internet crashed yesterday... while patching..lol


back online now


Vanylla created a guild for all sacred2-players

there are some germans and Ryan+me for now ->you can wisper me for an invite


guildsize is 30-> 10+members=100coins


are we enough active players for a [D.A.R.K] guild?

Edited by Chrona
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my internet crashed yesterday... while patching..lol


back online now


Vanylla created a guild for all sacred2-players

there are some germans and Ryan+me for now ->you can wisper me for an invite


guildsize is 30-> 10+members=100coins


are we enough active players for a [D.A.R.K] guild?

I think you, Spritzen, Cool, and myself are the only active players on here, so I suppose we could make it work. I'd also be up for getting together with the other Sacred 2 players! :)

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I reinstalled it on Steam and linked my beta account and all is well :)


experimenting with Scion and Spectral throw - so confused as to how this build will go!

replaying from start in Domination league - so much new content and stuff


I've left all my other characters with their reset passives for now


Man all the Anarchy league stash got moved to the Standard league, as remove only stash spaces.

And me being the "pack mule" that I am, is having a hard time choosing what to trash and what to keep :/



edit - where is all the PvP stuff?

Edited by CoolColJ
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I reinstalled it on Steam and linked my beta account and all is well :)

Did you notice periodic split second pauses once you'd done that, seems I was but wasn't sure if it was just 1.0 or Steam integration. I was most pleased that when I linked my account that the achieves I'd already got in game popped straight up in Steam once I viewed them. Pretty neat.

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