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The Related Word Game - 2017!

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Celiac -> Intolerance    As a pastry chef, I understand when People are actually gluten intolerant or they have extreme dietaries, but if they are just gluten free because it is the new f

Brit Humor -> Keeping Up Appearances I kind of agree with you on Brit humor if we are referring to things like Little Britain or some of the more modern pastiche styles of tripe that have come

kidneys -> sour   Saure Nierchen / Sour kidneys: wash kidney from a pig cut in not too small pieces put them in milk for a day to get rid of the strong taste and smell

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Credo -> Musical Theory


The books that I used when doing musical theory was Credo. Grade 1 - 5(When I stopped) but they went all the way to grade 8

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Mathematics -> Science 


Two subjects that I tried soooo hard to be good in at school...

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Polaris -> flop

(as in floating point operation)

Polaris was a 2007 research microarchitecture designed by Intel Labs demonstarting the theoretical capabilities of a many-core chip performing 1 trillion floating point operations. Polaris built the foundation that eventually resulted in Intel's Many Integrated Cores (MIC) Architecture.


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