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Corona Virus - COVID 19

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Three schools in district allowed school trips to Italy for skiing when the outbreak was still obvious. While they were there the area was reclassified as high risk area and now they are back and all teacher and kids under quarantine.

Will get expensive for me. I am considering to buy a light weight car or something like this for our third. She has driving license for farm machines and light weight cars would be included. Till I found one she can drive our old Unimog with car sign for farm machines and 25km/h max speed.

Bad feeling if she would have to spend 3 hours a day in crowded school bus and train. Unimog saves 1 hour, car would save some more.

Alternativly I could get a used electric Elizzy with a max speed of 45km/h and 60km range. Wife and daugher prefer the Elizzy, I am more for a 4 wheel light weight.





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There is no running away from Corona Virus. All you can do is to try to avoid infection, buy some time, until scientists have found something against it. Maybe it is better to skip school for a while if you have too much concerns. The chance of infection is currently still low, but it will skyrocket if the population still behaves like !diots.

Btw, that tuk-tuk thing displayed above would get stolen anyway. Keep the money.

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Buying time was exactly the idea. I don't want to break all social contacts for her. I see low risk visiting school (12 people in her class because of music and maths combination). Everyone in class can wear winter clothes and sit at a window and open it. Public traffic as in train or bus is worse.

Tuk-Tuk stealing ...Why so pessimistic? Everyone in 20km would know who is the driver of the Elizzy. That is the advantage and disadvantage of countryside.

And speaking about tuk-tuk. Second hand Piaggio Ape Classic would be another option.

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Oh, no Clans nearby? Lucky you!

Public transportation is the same problem as crowds. That is where you catch an infection. Lets say the flu. Buying a Tuk-Tuk, Quad or whatever will not solve the problem, because kids meet in school and most likely they took the train or bus to get to school. They simply carry it from point a to point b.

Since the governments plan how to deal with Covid19 isnt known to no one, maybe not even to the gov itself, it might be better to skip school if the reported cases are getting closer to the place you live. Maybe your wife, as a doc, has a better insight.

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The school will turn back time for some days till test results are up: One class, one teacher. Maths, nature sciences, languages all be done by the same teacher for HER class in a room for her class only. Access through the emergency exit. Breakfeast and lunch packets from home.

Friends in France found a nice used light weight car from french manufacturer Aixam for just 2500 Euro. 2 piston 6kW Diesel with 45 km/h max speed. Normally needs 16 years age but our daughter did a test and has a reason to drive it earlier. Something like this, cabin but nothing in the rear. Not the worst because so we can customize it at the next do it yourself shop.




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For the sake of mankind, chattius please buy the tuk-tuk you had in mind first. That mega-thingy looks horrible! Dont make your daughter, and the whole family with her, unhappy.

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You people have no fantasy...

First step some colourful vinyl wrapping

Second step: designing something for the rear like a removable but foldable camping/outdoor equipment, ...

First it is just something to avoid bus and train in a more comfortable way than a Vespa Scooter.

And then daughter can be creative. camper, pickup, transporter, ... Just what she wants. 

It's too late anyway. We will drive to france tomorrow with her and a trailer to put the thing on.

I had something like this in mind, Move the right side up as a roof, Some tent stuff at the sides... I would choose white and marine blue as colours, but it will be up to her. I think I can build the rear container for 400-500 Euro for parts. Work done by ourself.



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Did you tell your daughter already or is it a surprise? :yay:


I try to figure out what that strange thing is good for. From a distance I would suggest to stay away from bank robbery, smuggling, and high speed pursuit.


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No surprise. She just went 15 and she did a test for mental fitness to drive a car. Then she had to do a reason to need one, like saving 90 minutes each day.  Normal cars are still 3 years away. Light weight cars are normally age 16,  limited to 45km/h and should be light weight. So lot of plastic is normal. We have several barns where we can store different rear parts if needed.

They are tax free, save driving school lessons, driving them can be used to start at a better car insurance ratio when 18,...

I won't do something like this where the sleeping part can be extended like a telescope.


Nor will I do something like this, with too much plastic forming


I will do more or less straight parts.


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Starting with next monday schools and universities will be closed. So the Aixam of our third will be used to help my wife. 20 minutes with a saw and it can carry 12 boxes each 50 litres. Daughter can use it to deliver medicine and food to old people who have no own car and can't use public traffic because it is reduced to uselessness for our countryside village (no school =  no puplic traffic to school for kids. Old people could use school buses before corona).

Will count as social hours for school modules.


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We just got back from Mexico yesterday afternoon.  We were without panic the whole week until the very last day when it seemed like every single last member of my family or friends all just had had to message me to to see how scared they could get us :blink: ... told them that there wasnt anything I could do from so far away and no number of shots of empty shelves could do anything for me at that moment... course... now that were here... panic! :lol: :oooo: Course, there's been a run on silly items and meat is at low levels...but all suppliers are saying its going to be stocked and I have tons of Ramen in my cupboard.

Most folks are are in self quarantine for four teen days... and there is, of course, the requisite closings of gyms, meeting places etc etc... luckily im a remote worker and dont go out much...though I am sad my gym at the office is closed..will have to take up "social distancing" exercises?




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We have had a few cases (53 last time I checked) reported in South Africa. Some in Cape Town and there is now 2 cases in Stellenbosch at the University... I am not too worried about it to be honest.

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26 minutes ago, Delta! said:

I am not too worried about it to be honest.

Well, the question is how to deal with covid19? Wait until it rolled through your country then return to normal, that is the classic way how a gov deals with the flu for example, or shut down everything and try to prevent spreading as good as possible. That is the current strategy in Europe. The health system of first world countries is quite good usually, but I dont want to imagine what happens if covid19 starts battering poor countries. In Italy the situation is that far out of control that doctors have to do a triage, which means they have to decide who lives, the one with the best chances, and who dies. What a horrible situation.

If you want to hear some first hand reports from the front line, there is an Italian doctor who blogs every day. What he describes does not sound too pleasant. I will search the articles for you if you want.

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46 minutes ago, Dax said:

Well, the question is how to deal with covid19? Wait until it rolled through your country then return to normal, that is the classic way how a gov deals with the flu for example, or shut down everything and try to prevent spreading as good as possible. 

This is how South Korea and Singapore have dealt with it ... by being very progressive with social distancing and “flattening the curve” so that the spike isn’t so deadly. Hopefully not panic but respectful hygiene and self quarantining can help us all all get through this well



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Yes, closing the door and staying away from other two-legs is the best solution currently. At least it is good to see that all countries of the planet can work together if the situation demands it. War games and the whole circus are forgotten for a single moment.

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South Corea, Singapure, ... They have the big advantage that 3 of 4 borders are water. Germany is central in Europe so most traffic runs through it. Even if we would have 10 times the border police we have at the moment, it would be too low to cover all holes.

Winning time, flattening the curve is not understood by many it seems. The number of medical ventilators is limited and most of them are needed for emergencies which are not related to corona. So if we have 8000 beds free for corona emergencies we have to make sure that the number of heavy infections stays below this number at any time. This may increase the time the pandemie runs but it lowers number of deaths.

The mathematician with game theory lessons in me says: go out, get infected as long the number is way below 8000. But if everyone is a mathematician the situation would turn into the worst possible.


Preparing for the worst, hoping for the best...

We will double the amount of potato and vegs we plant for family. One reason is boredom... My wife is a doc in countryside. This means many old people which are the high risk group for a deadly outcome. So we one more reason to avoid an infection.

Schools and university closed, and a lonely house mid in a forest clearing. So we do some projects planed for summer: painting the rooms and fences, kids can work in the garden and bring in their own ideas - like red and blue potato which lower blood pressure, salade, red beets,

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My town (Hattiesburg, Mississippi) has the first reported outbreaks in my state.  Many hospitalized elderly patients in just a few days.  Some of my co-workers and family are still in total denial that there's anything to worry about. 

I live a borderline germophobe's life anyway, so I doubt there's much that will change with my routine and habits (yet).

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We actually got denied visiting my Ammamma at the residence she lives in... Email sent out to government forbidding any family to visit during this time... and I'm not even allowed to go into the office for two weeks and our own gym has closed down.  Flix I hope your  IT assignments dont take you into any crowded spaces... luckily that one time a month I have to get into work is canclelled as well.

Hope everyone here is holding out... soap, water and purell folks!




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5 hours ago, Flix said:

I doubt there's much that will change with my routine and habits (yet).

Who does not learn from history, is doomed to repeat it.

People went to carnival in Cologne, despite cov19 was already in Gernany, returned to their homes and federal countries infected. It was just a few weeks ago. Nowadays, more and more is under lock down. People leave their home only if necessary and keep distance to others. In some areas in Italy, the Military delivers food and supplies and drops everything in front of your door. The RKI, it is the German CDC, believes that we will have 200.000 dead maybe. And we got a good health system.

Learn from the others and make sure you got enough at home for a month or two.


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Home office ?

Countryside internet access in Germany is worse than any town in a third world country I fear. Some companies here put a lot of money in radio links because fast cable is not here yet.

Home office with explosives?

We reduced production down to only medical needed. Airplane parts are delayed, not much flying anyway. We have the luck (?) that we are few people. We agreed to do three 12 hour shifts a week for each. So there are maximal 3 people at work at a given time. Every of the three 3-people teams is from nearly the same place. Hope this will avoid spreading the bug.

My wife is using the firefighter building for her work as a doc. It is a big hall with large opened doors mid in village. So patients can avoid contacts as much as possible.

My parents in law moved into our village, same with my mom, kids from my brother (responsible for cash dispenser, wife is nurse), older daughters with family or friends - at least as long schools and universities are closed. Lot of help for house repair, painting, garden, ...

Noone in village can do home office. Farmers, smith, carpenters, ...


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Avoiding infection is in the first line a very personal matter. It is hard to believe that people still refuse to listen to recommendations from scientists and medical experts.

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