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Sacred Demo

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Well, as was mentioned in a previous thread somewheres around here. Dark Matters grew out of a bunch of folks who met through the game Sacred. Sacred is a wonderful rpg that stands out among the rest. Cool character classes, great design, quick gameplay, amazing creative armor and weapon modifiers (We love the mods!), and a whole whack of mysteries that'll keep you busy for years. All these and many more reasons such as the awesome community it has are reasons why many of us here await Sacred 2.


So try out the demo if you haven't already tried it. And if your not an rpg fan... Well, try it anyway. ;) You might just like this one!


Cheers to erialc for finding this link. *Hugs!*

Sacred Demo from GamersHell


This one might be faster but you'll need to create an account:

Sacred Demo from FilePlanet



Hope you enjoy!

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Those who havent tried it, you just have to!


I havent had a good go at it yet, but what I have seen looks awesome!


Give it a go :D


Hehe.....just what I need ANOTHER game to get obsessed over ;)



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You bet, intoxicating is right


Great game...one of the best, I ever played. The community was it's finest attribute. Character building, special attributes, teamplay, hardcore mode...all the best stuff for a RPG there never was. AND.. I would never have met gogo, schot and all rest that I played sacred with...


Aurora - You'll love it. Your a super strategist, best I can figure and this game will challenge your skills...


Can't wait until Sacred 2

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The community was it's finest attribute.
The community management isn't too shabby either :tongue: hehe, sorry, couldn't resist :)


But seriously, even though I'm biased, if anyone hasn't tried it you really should check out at least the demo. I played through it countless times countless ways trying to get past that darn guy that came and killed me every time I hit the boundary while I waited for the release - big fun!

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I remember playing the demo over and over. Must have been back in about march 04, so long ago now.


As gogo said, it is a great demo. Good enough that I rushed to the shops and bought Sacred on release day :mafia:

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Jooooin ussss!


Ah it truly is a fun game. About a month ago I was playing around with the demo just to remind myself of what all was in it. The actual full game is just so much more. Not to mention MP adds tons to the fun. Lotsa if different ways to hack your way to glory. :P


Sacred2 is sure to please and its looking mighty fine judging by the tidbits we've been getting from the Ascaronies. :lol:

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