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Applying for D.A.R.K Clan Ogame

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1 Favorite pizza topping Cheese the more the better

2 Favorite Beer what more can I say :hugs:

3 Where did you hear about darkmatters.org from? From playing ogame on interacting with some members of D.A.R.K.

4 Most favorite book ever-Not sure if I would call it favorite but it sure is intresting and scary Apocalypse 2012

5 Favorite movie of all time.-Road House

6 Current Favorite Game? why Ogame what else is there? *lol*

7 All time best video game ever played-Quake 4

8 Favorite sport or hobby?-motorcycles

9 What do you want for your birthday?-Another year of health ( Remember if I get in D.A.R.K,D.A.RK. will have the honor of having the oldest ogame player. cough cough whez whez )

10 Do you know anyone from our forum? Blade-Gogo-Ike-and to a lesser extent Yaga ( thanks for recalling for one of my old team mates even though I know you wanted all those goodies) DarkIndy13 ( who I will make love my doggy even though he hates small dogs *lol*)

11 Who can you get and name from this forum that can personally vouch for you as a trusted member? Blade-Gogo-Ike

120If applying for Fellowship Status do you agree to abide by all the posted Rules of the Fellowship? Yes

Now a little history about me. I have been playing Ogame for over 2 years now. Was at one point 2nd in command of TLA and also second in command of Jin-Roh and for a short time the leader of JR. Right now I am ranked 80 over all, I dropped a few ranks do to destroying a planet recently. I am ranked 19 in fleet and 34th in research. I am usualy on line playing ogame around 80 hours a week since I am semi-retired and only work two days a week.

I would have made this longer but shhh I am at work and don't want to get caught ;) but if anyone has any questions please ask

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I will forward it internally right now. :hugs:


If you don't mind me asking, y the change?


I left JR basically because of the lack of communication. The main alliance no one would post or talk with each other. It was pretty much just Ban and I posting. We had people in the main ( the wing was very good about communicating ) that we wouldnt hear from for months and months. So I thought I would go out on my own for a while. And I always liked posting and talking with others in the DARK matters forum.

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Well, lol, fancy meeting you here in this section of the forum..and well met!

Borg, we'll open up a discussion vote thread regarding your official application and you'll get a pm back from us in a week.

Great seeing the app!




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Hey guys, sorry for the double post.


Borg, there was just a few elements that I feel we have to touch upon, mainly those of our honest concerns regarding your so-long association with Jin Roh. Perhaps it could be said that someone who has so many friends in the game as you, could perhaps be seen as a valuable asset to anyone that was interested in D.a.r.k motivations.

I do not mean to impolite or rude here, but it's important for us all to understand more deeply what your motivations are for joining dark, considering your very long association with Jin Roh.


Is there anything that you can tell us that will help us understand that your interest in D.a.r.k are genuine, and that you're in fact, honestly in for the long haul?


I hope you understand my questions here as the last person whom we accepted turned out to be a spy, and it took us six months to finally bring him to justice...the largest ipm strike in all of ogame history.


I personally feel like I know you, I very much have appreciated the almost two years you've been on these boards, and your bbq thread is a mainstay of my dreams.


Can you convince the others here of your sincere intentions as well?





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No problem Gogo. I understand your concerns and the possibly the concerns of other D.A,R.K members. I would point out my past record as a way to alivate these concerns. When I left along time ago TLA I made a point, as I have with Jin-Roh of never attacking these members. Well unless I was attacked first. ( as a side note I have tooooo many friends in ogame and it has lessened my ability to find targets) If you look at what could be called my track record? You will see then when I left the other two alliance's there is no record of a sudden increase in attacks on either alliance. If I was a spy one way or another it would have been brought to light a long time ago.

My reason to apply to D.A.R.K is because of my time on D.A.R.K. matters forum where I have met and talked and exchanged posts/remarks I feel I have made friends with alot of D.A.R.K members I have been approached to join other alliance's from the top one down but have turn them down. Even while in JR as 2nd in command or leader I was communicating more certain members of D.A,R,K than most of JR. Why? Because I enjoyed the verbal exchange.

No matter what is the final outcome of the vote ( and I really REALLY hope to get in) I will still want to continue and will continue my talks with my friends here in D.A.R.K. and one who isn't in D.A.R.K at the moment ( Blade)cool9xa.gif

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I have made a oversite, I neglected to address what I can bring to D.A.R.K let me try an add more to my application in that area then.

D.-determination in playing, which means I don;t give up, I am on-line ( according to the wife) way too much.

A.-action wither it be helping a mate in trading, or defending them

R.-response to questions,requested action,or just general posting on the forum

K.-kindredship ( having the same belief, attitude, or feeling )

= D.A.R.K.


(wish there was a H there somewhere for my humour.png )

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Well, there is an "H" in SHEEP. Perhaps you could do something with that, let's Salsa, Humor, Elderly . . . :)


- Ike

Ahh but I used the letters D.A.R.K as the first letter of the statement. Mmmm? let's see Ike




E-ewe ( female sheep)

P-pass over the fence



( and who said borg's have no humor )

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Just to be sure we round all the bases and not make it too easy for yah :) why D.a.r.k. and not PAWNZ? Ban's over there, Blade has some history there and they seem to have a tight and active cleeeek. Also Jin Roh's present in other uni's too which you play in, are u still in those jin roh's?


Don't mean to grill you too much and you'll have to excuse me if I sound a bit xenophobic but our last member (Eleanor) was welcomed into the fold only to lie, drop out, and join Pax and then drop a few hundred ranks (course that last part wasn't by his choice :()

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No problems Locutus ask all you want. Actually my first thought was to go to PAWNZ and was going along with Ban when he left JR but PAWNZ has a strict limit of 15 and Ban was number 15. But it worked out well in the end because later I found out that in PAWNZ it was the same as in JR. No communication in the forums. If I wanted lack of communication I would have stayed in JR or go on my own. Which I actually did. And thru my activity on the D.A.R.K. Matters forum I've come to know alot of the D.A.R.K. members even more than I had by just playing in Ogame. And D.A.R.K seems to have the same out look as my self. So I got lonelydeprimetriste294230fr.gif

I am only playing in one other universe and that is 14 where I have my own alliance of four members, one of the members is Blade. the other two are JR members. ( a little bragging here : with just 4 members we are ranked 30 there-end of bragging) I have never been in a JR alliance in another universe.

And again to try to put away any fears of spying or becoming a traitor all one has to do is look at my 2 + years of Ogame history. You'll find a history of loyalty and honesty ( hey I was a Boy Scout after all ) and I believe that not one bad word has been said against me, well except maybe from some of my targets I hit *lol*

Bring on the questions I am ready

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Hey, good to see you here in this section Borg! :drunkards:


I had the opposite story as you with PAWNZ and D.a.r.k. just recently about 6 months ago, hehe. ^^


Looks like a great application - hopefully you are well on your way to becoming a member. I know you have been on this forum for a long time, so you have a great shot at getting in (I think).


As for being in Jin Roh and Gogo's and your posts above: I can personally vouch for Borg in this matter - his intentions are very sincere. I am indeed playing with Borg in uni 14 (As a nooby miner ranked 50 hehe shh). Also locutus, D.a.r.k. was my first choice - not PAWNZ. ;) One last thing to say: If Borg does end up getting into D.a.r.k., my return to uni 9 this summer may start with an application here, because I'm quite unhappy Borg can't join PAWNZ because of the member limit. :whistle::P


A question for the not-so-lonely-anymore Borg: Who's steaks are better? Yours or mine? :)

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A question for the not-so-lonely-anymore Borg: Who's steaks are better? Yours or mine? ;)



Thanks for the backing Blade I really do appreciate it :) And as for the steaks right now I win cause I can BB-Q and get the good flavor you would be shoveling snow so no bbq's for Blade :D

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Well it's a said day for me at least. I was unable to get into the Clan. But I wish to thank all my friends who voted and tried to get me inmanga396gx.gif, Thanks I appreciate it a lot. And to the others that didn't want me in I understand your reason's and respect them

But you can't get rid of me on the forums *lol* I will continue to be posting a lot here.

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Know that there has been very serious consideration/debate about this application. The refusal is by no mean an outright refusal to you.


You are welcome here at FDM, and you bet I will continue to enjoy BBQ. :bow:

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Thanks Myles, I realize that it was just about not being allowed to join the clan and nothing to do with the many friends I had and still have in D.A.R.K.. I will be posting and taking part in the board here just as always. And holding a bbq from time to time for friends to drop by. barbecue.pngfor all my friends

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