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  1. I just wanted to say that Sacred 2 is part of the Steam Summer Sale. It's only $3.74
  2. Thanks for the info Flix. I can hopefully try this over the weekend.
  3. Thanks Flix. So I am still playing 2.3 at the moment. What would I need to do to merge the 2 mods?
  4. So I'm playing the Enhanced Edition and it got me wondering if it is possible to use the Rotating Blades Of Light mod that Flix made for Sacred 2?
  5. Thanks Flix! I can't wait for this. I love 2.3 and this looks even better.
  6. I thought that I downloaded it from Dark Matters but I am not sure. It also turns out that I already had the patch installed prior to installing it with the GME.
  7. Thanks Flix. I already have things installed with GME in the order that Dimitrius listed. Would it be best to remove everything from GME, then install the CM Patch with it's own installer before adding the Textures and the Addendum with GME? Things seem to be running okay the way that I have it installed, but I would rather fix it now if it is going to lead to problems later.
  8. Thanks so much for the super fast reply Dimitrius. Any ETA on when you will release the full version?
  9. So to play the Addendum I simply use GME to install The CM Patch 1.60 Then install the Addendum Then install the Trimmed Textures and I'm ready to play, correct? Anything else that needs to be installed? Is the order correct? Thanks in advance. Really looking forward to playing this.
  10. I have to say that this sounds and looks great Flix. The lack of a shared stash in Sacred 1 made things really more difficult for me. So I am really looking forward to trying this out.
  11. That looks just amazing Flix!
  12. Sad that Unbended may not be happening. I was looking forward to it. The new game is not as interesting to me.
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