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  1. Zodiac-Mindwarp

    Sacred Reborn: Daemon Chronicles

    I have to say that this sounds and looks great Flix. The lack of a shared stash in Sacred 1 made things really more difficult for me. So I am really looking forward to trying this out.
  2. Zodiac-Mindwarp

    Hero Statues

    Thanks Flix!
  3. Zodiac-Mindwarp


    That looks just amazing Flix!
  4. Zodiac-Mindwarp

    Is Unbended still happening?

    Sad that Unbended may not be happening. I was looking forward to it. The new game is not as interesting to me.
  5. Zodiac-Mindwarp

    Eye candy - modding Sacred 2 ladies

    That looks amazing Pesmontis.
  6. Your knowledge is just amazing Flix! Thanks so much.
  7. So there is a way that I can swap out a skill and give my Shadow Warrior Bargaining? Might pointing me to a simple set of instructions on how to do this. Thanks a ton Flix
  8. Zodiac-Mindwarp

    Shopper/Enchanced seraphim

    Hey Sevin85, Welcome to Dark Matters. Sorry it took so long to get a response. You might want to take a look at the Queen Of Blades build in the guides section. Should be a pretty well laid out version of what you are looking for.
  9. Zodiac-Mindwarp

    Played for the first time in over 3 years

    Hey Dobster, I am currently running the Steam version of Sacred 2 Gold, along with the CM Patch, the Items Mod and the Enhanced Spells Mod. Everything is working fine.
  10. Zodiac-Mindwarp

    Happy Birthday Wolfie

    Have a fantastic Birthday Wolfie!
  11. Zodiac-Mindwarp

    Diablo 3 Console Release September 3rd!

    I have not pre-ordered the Xbox version yet, but most likely will this week to score the $10 discount that is bveing offered. Pretty excited about this. Improved loot, and no auction house will hopefully make this an even funner game than the PC version.
  12. Sacred 2 Gold is availible on Steam for $19.99 A great price, and a great time to grab it if you are doing a reinstall anyway. Enjoy! P.S. Just took a quick look at Amazon, and the downloadable version of Sacred 2 Gold is only $4.99!
  13. About 10 degree's with a pretty strong wind blowing the fresh snow around. I really can not wait for Spring!
  14. Thanks for the work on this file Nighthawk. Quick question. Does this drop file work with 1.40? Or only 1.30?
  15. About 10 degrees here, but windy and snowing. I can NOT wait until Spring!