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  1. I would enjoy seeing it when you have completed the mod. I was never fond of Sophia's Benevolence; I am more a fan of the Revelation of the Seraphim set. I can appreciate the protection offered by Endijian's Artifacts, yet it's so bulky and visually unappealing. Sacred 2 is such a rich and immersive game with graphics still marvelously detailed. For the price it's a wonder that it doesn't have appreciably more fans, especially with so many overpriced games coming out with little replay value. I have observed that you have an appreciation of Sacred 2 as do I and many others here at Dark Matters
  2. Ah Ha => Take On Me Rommel, the movie in question must be Flesh and Fury. Paul Callan (played by Tony Curtis) is a deaf boxer. It was filmed in the early '50s. "I'm not old. Consider the unfathomable depths to the beginning of time and then forward to its end. For such is nothing as much a blink of the eye to its Creator."
  3. I am relieved that you have the game working according to your wishes. You are probably thinning out vast hordes or Orcs of Lizard-people or some such at this moment. Have fun, Vishanka! (Special request: More videos, please.)
  4. hearing aid => Eh? Not from personal experience, I heard that many who get a hearing aid don't use it. It turns out that they start to hear the sudden cacophony of sounds and loud noises outside such as trucks passing and they prefer the silence. That sort of makes sense. Still, I would prefer to hear Sacred 2 when I'm playing it.
  5. @Flix I posted the following in the Games Forum at GOG under Sacred Games: Sacred 2 Purist Fixpack This new mod, Sacred 2 Purist Fixpack, will allow players to experience the game as originally intended by its developers. It does not include any armor or items and such which were added by the community after the release of the Ice & Blood expansion. Requirements: The base game of Sacred 2 Gold found right here at GOG and the addition of the Purist Fixpack. It should play with no issues on Windows 10. It virtually eliminates the "memory leak" issue which prev
  6. @Vishanka You may need to rename the folder in your C drive (Users/username/Saved Games/Ascaron Entertainment/Sacred 2) to: Users/username/Saved Games/Ascaron Entertainment/Sacred 2 German. This way your English Installation will not recognize the folder and create a new one for the English Version to use. It means that you may need to create a new character to use the English version. The old folder should still allow you to use the German version if you rename it: Users/username/Saved Games/Ascaron Entertainment/Sacred 2 and change the English folder to: Users/username/Saved Games/Ascar
  7. Vishanka, you could buy the English Version at GOG. It's on sale for $3.74 (U.S. dollars), but I'm not sure what that equates to in Euros. Still, it should be 75% off the regular price there as well. That way you would have everything in English that you may want, including item descriptions, and whatnot.
  8. That's some nice footage, Vishanka. I am looking forward to your final determination as to what build advice you recommend. I have made a build that got my Seraphim to level 200, but it didn't look nearly as fun as yours! Your video makes me want to star another Seraphim soon! I posted some videos of my "Devastating and Survivable" High Elf build if you care to watch amongst the other videos posted here . I encourage you to post yours there as well. Keep up the great work! @gogoblender I used a team of High Elf Shoppers, staggered at every tenth level and a Level 200 Shadow Warrio
  9. Your build is sound! Keep up the good work, Vishanka.
  10. Welcome Home, Vishanka! I am flaying the Purest Fixpack now, as well. I only get a crash very rarely when I cover a lot of the map and without stopping for a long time. I still do a quick save after I get a special drop and sometime preemptively. I hope that you will drop in now and then. There are many here who share your love of Sacred II.
  11. unique => rabbit How does one catch a unique rabbit?

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