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  1. The Related Word Game - 2017!

    ravioli -> Lent The German Maultaschen are like ravioli but bigger. So why Lent? english wiki about Maultaschen: History In Swabia, Maultaschen are the traditional dish associated with the Lenten commemoration of Maundy Thursday and Good Friday. During Lent, Catholics and other Christians are encouraged to refrain from eating meat. However, Maultaschen are humorously associated with these days because the meat in the dish is concealed under the pasta dough and cannot be seen by God. Among the anecdotal stories regarding the origin of the dish, one claims that Maultaschen were created by the Cistercian monks of Maulbronn Abbey for that purpose.[3] Indeed, a Swabian German nickname for the dish, Herrgottsbescheißerle, means "small God-cheaters".
  2. The Related Word Game - 2017!

    Machines -> Denis Papin When I had to wait to pick my wife at the university of Marburg I had all the time in the world to watch an exhibition about Denis Papin who was a professor there.
  3. The Related Word Game - 2017!

    always wanted one -> left handed My oldest daughter is doing her master in arboristic. Her fiancé did a three bladed Victoronix budding knife (?) for her first successful test. And my daughter said: Darling I am left handed. Actually she is nearly as good with her right. This special knife is ultra sharp because the sharpening is done either left or right. It is used to attach twigs to another tree. Our apple tree at the house has 4 different sorts of apples for example. 3 months were you can leave the house and pick an apple. Can't flame her fiancé. For her left handed knife she visited a weapon smith and used his gear to make one herself. ||||| ||||| normal symmetric is ||||||| | | | | \ / | / \ | \/ |/ \|
  4. The Related Word Game - 2017!

    Whalebone -> Yes
  5. Sunday was mother's day in Germany. The weather forecast map was painted red: warning for hail, heavy rain, storm, ... However it was sunny , calm and good BBQ weather for 70 family members. We planed to use the barn we had emptied. But watching the rain and cloud radar online: a small stripe with no clouds was at our place. So we could do the BBQ outside. I had mixed feelings because we are not connected to the water supply and forced to use our water supply well which reaches deep into the hill. Also the forest around was dry like cinder. So we needed rain badly. We had luck; rained all night and at morning the sun is here again
  6. I used to buy a new mount when the old one got too high in levels. Horses and mounts level up with you, and they level up faster. So there is a point when their level is too high: more negatives (lot +reg time) than positives (few more hitpoints). @woody Our village owns a baking house which is heated once a week. You can't compare the taste of a cake from a baking house with the same cake from an oven. Young village kids use to ask everyone who is doing a cake if they can get a bit of it. So people normally do twice or thrice the cakes they would normally do. People who are ill get their share. Wood is collected by the older kids, which has the nice side effect that their is less danger for forest fire if there is no dry wood near to the village.
  7. The Related Word Game - 2017!

    Gordon -> Pasha Charlton Heston played Gordon Pasha in Khartoum?
  8. Jostabeere... Yummy, have to try a Josta-berry cake with the frozen ones we still have. Welcome to the forum by the way. The most fun with a temple guardian was when I made a spikes build and played without a battery. With a battery the TG tries to shoot, without battery the TG runs to the target for melee combat . And once in melee range you don't need faster regeneration. All you need is to hit and some items with regeneration per hit. Some problems vanish with a high enough level. My level 200 dragon mage mentalist started with melee combat and a summoning elementals every 10 seconds. Around level 20 I had the first items with regeneration per hit. It was like 3 melee attacks on one spell till level 50. Then it was melee hit, spell, melee hit spell and I started to go away from summoning and used attack spells, with more levels I put more levels into the spell. At level 100 the spell had 200 runes read in and was still recharged with one hit. Then I added items which increased combat art range. 40% more range is like 1,4*1,4= twice the area covered with a spell. At level 13ß or so I removed all my regeneration per hit gear and went for 100% chance to halve regeneration times and played as a pure just spells character. I try to have a plan for my characters to have long time fun. Melee, melee hybrid with summoning, melee hybrid with area attacks, just area attacks: four different play styles in one character instead 4 characters. And now to the cake, perhaps this one?
  9. The emergency box is mainly thought for medical emergencies, when no other person can tell the docs about the patient because they live alone. Storing medical data in a fire safe together with money and important documents? If it is a good safe, how long will it take to open it if none of the fire-fighters is an experienced bank robber? They won't have the time to try it if it is a heavy fire and if it quickly extinguished... They have to proof that they needed to open the safe. Doing the box avoids a lot of legal trouble. I have important documents at my bank safe and a notarized copy at another bank.
  10. The most important reason for the fridge is that nearly everyone has one and that it is easy to find. The german manufacturer site: http://www.notfalldose.de/Notfalldose/ We supported it mainly because in our countryside area are a lot of houses with just 1-2 people above 70 because their children moved to towns because of work.
  11. We had an open door day at volunteer fire-fighters and we managed that every single or two-person household in our very small village has an emergency box in their fridge. The idea is that medics and fire-fighters don't have to search for medical data of an perhaps unconscious person. Persons with a box place a sticker at the back of their house-door, a sticker at the front of their fridge and have a box with all medical data in their fridge. Are their similar solutions at your place ?
  12. The Related Word Game - 2017!

    umbrella -> Macrolepiota procera (parasol mushroom) Yummy. Easy mushroom to collect with kids. No other mushroom looks like it --- at least in germany
  13. Sauerkrautschokoladenkuchen

    It highly depends how you make the Sauerkraut. Self made you can control the salt amount. It is washed several time for the cake. We don't want the Sauerkraut taste, we want the boosting effect from the Sauerkraut acids to the chocolate taste. The trick is used in molecular gastronomy. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Molecular_gastronomy Fermentation for food storage is thousands of years old and was probably discovered several times at different places. The difference is in what cabbage is used, what barrels are used and what spice is added. The taste of Sauerkraut and how it is made is different even in the same area. My family lived in forests so the barrels for the Sauerkraut were wooden ones. My wife's family build stone ware and clay stuff. She brought her Sauerkraut-barrel with her: 160 pounds heavy from stoneware. She is used to add normal wine, I am used to apple wine, her family didn't add cheese bacteria, mine did... So we met somewhere in the mid for our self-made Sauerkraut. Our self made uses Spitzkohl - pointed cabbage (?) and not the ball-like white cabbage. Spitzkohl is softer and the longer leaves make it better for recipes where meat is wrapped with cabbage leaves. But balls need less place for transportation so Spitzkohl is more expensive, if you find any. We grew it ourself. Then add a bit apple or fruit-wine, juniper berries... and salt. A big stone ware pot and a exactly fitting stone weight which is so heavy that it has a hook so I can use a winding tackle on a tripod to lift it. After three days we add a milk acid bacteria mix. The same which we use for our self-made Handkäse (sour milk cheese with very low fat). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Handkäse
  14. Make a sentence from 5 letters

    TASTY --- Toads and salamanders taste yummy YUMMY
  15. Sunday, BBQ at a friends place 3 miles away. 16:30 30C, sunny 16:35 20C, hail storm with heavy lightnings, phoned home to close the storm doors 16:40 16C, rain storm 16:45 16C, flooding of the local rivelet starting because of a mud slide from just worked farmland 16:50 16C, daughter number 2 answers: which storm, we were sunbathing, no heavy weather at our house, she just heard a bit of thunder from the other side of the hill I think weather researchers call this micro climate Wife smiled and said our daughter had her boy friend visiting, could be the reason for not recognizing a storm this near