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  1. I did the Sohei guide short after the german release of the AddOn.As far as I know it was the very first guide for the AddOn and mainly to show what is new, for example reg per hit. For a 'test character' it played surprisingly really easy. But with time it came knowledge. So my newer characters had no longer a weapon skill: see the hardcore mentalist. Even it started like the Sohei with weaponhits recharging the spells... At niob and having the cm-patch it was possible to have a nearly doubled combat art range while spamming the spells without the need to recharge the, Look at the Video. The mentalist is like a butterfly: early you are a caterpillar with weapon attacks to recharge the spells. But late game you can turn into a butterfly, ignoring the weapons and go full mage style. And you didn't neat a cheat tool to reskill, because it is just carefully choosing the right equipment to do the metamorphosis. I think there is room in skill points to fit bargaining in. I took alchemy mainly for hardcore reasons. Spell resistance is another candidate. Perhaps someone with spare time and less than 5 kids could do a nice guide using the above.
  2. Long ago for me... I think the steam printscreen key is overwritten by the teleport key (F12) from sacred 2? You had to press either ctrl, shift or alt and the screenshot key to print a shot including the interface. Don#t know which of the 3 it was. Another option was to use the command line interface for a screenshot. Was it 'sys ss 8' for a screenshot in full intern resolution (might be bigger than the monitor resolution). With the sys commands in the console you could also just print the character without surroundings real big.
  3. The Related Song Game

    The Judy's - Her Wave Juli 'Perfekte Welle' / Perfect wave was a great hit in 2004 and played a lot in radio, till ... yes till the big 2004 x-mas tsunami came and all radio or tv moderators considered it macabre to play a song called the perfect wave .... South afrrican band Shine4 made e africaans version called 'Perfekte Werelde/Perfect world'. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Perfekte_Welle
  4. Well, if one of my kids was so smart to place riding boots, most of the filling will be oranges and walnuts It was not before Luther that presents were given at X-Mas. It was December the 6th when Saint Nicholaus (270-343ad) died. He was rumoured to throw gifts through a window of people in needs. Luther didn't like the idea of honouring saints so it was moved to 24th, and the child of X-Mas became the gift bringer. But the idea of Saint Nicholas never died, and from Dutch people it was brought to America, where its name changed to SANTA niChoLAUS and arrived at 24th and not 6th. And then Coca Cola decided to paint him red... But that's another story.
  5. Decembre the 5th at evening kids are placing their boots before the door. Saint Nikolaus will fill them with nuts, fruits and small presents. So at morning of Decembre the 6th kids are curious what he placed in their boots. I am an old child and I placed my biggest boots too: 2 candles and a good bottle of wine was in...
  6. Yet another use of the Melkfett/udder cream: smeared on wooden water barriers it stops the growing of algae and sweet water shells. I removed the water barrier to a small rivulet/creek to flood a field with 4 inches of water in hope it freezes. The next ice hall is miles away and costs money and transport time. Why Melkfett: it is not poisonous so the fish breed isn't affected. But I wouldn't do it if not buying a 10 litre bucket. 3.50 euro for 0.05 litres at a drugstore, ouch
  7. Enough snow for some cross country skiing, but too much snow storm for alpine skiing on the nearby higher areas. Good thing is: normally we have to drive the kids down to the valley for cinema, youth club, ... Today most kids from valley are where the snow action is, and thats not down where they live or on higher hills. My field kitchen was producing 300 litres pea soup and the box for a volunteer money spend had 250 euro in, so my costs are covered.
  8. Wake up! It's snowing! Was never easier to wake the kids up on a Sunday morning.
  9. In the near future Amazon supplies the whole wide world at x-mas. The whole world? Stone age Mr. Yanomami wielding a blowpipe to Mrs. Yanomami: No meat at home. I'll hunt for an ape at the Amazonas. Information age: Mr. Sexy to Mrs. Sexy: Phone reports no wine in the fridge, should I order something more than wine at Amazon ? Information age 2: Mr. Yanomami to Mrs. Yanomami: No meat at home. I'll take my blowpipe and search for an ape at the Amazonas. Information age 3: Mr. Chattius with a gun on his shoulder to Mrs. Chattius: Da*n drones. One chased of the goose I was looking for for our x-mas dinner. But I shot the drone - all we need for a candlelight, inclusive sexy underwear... Yes, Amazon will supply the whole wideld world, except Mr. and Mrs. Sexy who spend whole x-mas trying to reach the Amazon hotline.
  10. The Related Word Game - 2017!

    Vulcans > Vulcanus Roman name for the Greek god of fire and smiths: Hephaistos
  11. Fire fighter phone alarm 4am, car accident because a rain storm blowing leaves into a sharp curve mid in forest and you can't brake if your tyres are on wet leaves and not on the road... Another alarm while at work 9pm, same reason just another place... Short after work a fallen tree had to be removed... While we were all together and had the equipment: chopped the big x-mas tree for the village market place 3 days earlier than planed and moved it there... I bet the paid fire-fighters in the big towns have less work
  12. Not because of Black Friday (not really a thing here): Bought today a set of 4 WINBAG pump wedges. A plastic bag which can be filled with air to lift 300 pounds of weight. I needed it to repair some old roof doors (stopping cold air below the doors) where there is no room for a second person to help. You can put them in a gap of 2 millimetres and pump them up. Needed 4: two to lift in a straight way and two to the sides to make a 90 degree mount My wife watched it and asked for them for glueing some self made decorations for the winter time. @Flix Yesterday: a Waldzither (forest cither) for our third. Not many people were interested in it at a garage sale. Bet most weren't knewing what it is. Some said a strange banjo https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Waldzither if you want to know how it sounds: https://www.youtube.ru/watch?v=rWhRtBrU0hc
  13. The Related Word Game - 2017!

    Apatosaurus -> Europasaurus A very small relative. Europe was more or less several small islands at the time of dinosaurs which caused island dwarfism. Compare the skulls of adults fro a brachio- and a europasaurus
  14. The Related Word Game - 2017!

    vampire > Emily Gerard https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emily_Gerard
  15. Make a sentence from 5 letters

    Pink elephant, alcohol caused hallucination BOOZE