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  1. Welcome Dragon mage more versatile and less dying, elf more powerful.... I liked to start the game with a Dragon mage transformed into a dragon berzerker. In dragon form first levels should be easy. But only take the dragon mage focus to modify the combat arts. The focus to 75 is enough to have a fully modified high level companion later in the game. more intelligence, more willpower to your character. When you leave berzerk form fight with a weapon, if you found: use regeneration per hit items to recharge an offensive spell from mentalism tree. I think the dragon mage is more interesting because he can be played as a dragon berzerk, as a melee hybrid which does high level spells once they are recharged with spells, or as a pure mage once you got the items. No need to start over and over. He allows to change the playstyle by combining items in another way.
  2. The court says that a person has the right to tell facebook in advance that his account has to be deleted in case of death. Same as if he says that his letters and diaries have to be burned in case of death. If not it falls under inheritance law it seems: https://www.dw.com/en/facebook-court-rules-parents-have-rights-to-dead-daughters-account/a-44642230 All is a bit of a two edged sword: private sphere against the right of parents to check if internet mobbing may have caused the suicide of her child. The judge did it even more general in saying that internet accounts are always under inheritance law even if no crime involved. Diaries can be valuable and time witnesses as the one of Anne Frank.
  3. A 15 year old did suicide and the parents hope that something about the reasons can be found in her facebook accounts. The highest german court says facebook and others are equivalent to a diary or real letters and that access to the account belongs to the inheritance. So even very private posts from others can get into the inheritance.
  4. The Related Word Game - 2017!

    cuttlefish -> turtle My dad had dozens of canary birds. He used to hang cuttlefish shells in their cages. One day one fall down and to our surprise our turtle was running to it and biting pieces out of it.
  5. The Related Word Game - 2017!

    alpha -> Aleph Ever tried writing mathematical texts with a typewriter? The typewriter at school had type wheels for math symbols, greek letters, ... But not one with an aleph. And I had to write something about countable sets and sets which you can't count, ... When I handed my papers to the teacher he told me that he meant it more philosophical and not mathematical: You can count all fallen leaves on a day but not all broken hearts because the later is not well defined Some sets are more infinite than others and the aleph numbers are used to put them in groups. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aleph_number
  6. The Related Song Game

    Chet Baker -> Time After Time George Harrison -> Dream Away Song was at the end of the Time Bandits movie
  7. The Related Word Game - 2017!

    jewelry -> wedding-anniversary
  8. Thanks. My sister does photos for a living. She wouldn't have been such a nice judge - even my daughter would be harder - At least I learned to do the lights right because the shadows are easier to rescue. Our second daughter is a good photographer. She prefers old analogue cameras with 6*6cm monochrome film. She says take an expensive digital and people fear that pictures will be online. Having a double-eyed hanging before the belly and look on the mirror from above let people behave more normal in public. When I imagine how it started with her interest in photography: a 15Euro do-it yourself kit for a camera. Now she has the Rolleiflex of my grandpa
  9. Photos from solstice 2016 at volunteer fire-fighters Hope you get the impressions. Had only my small compact camera with me because I was on readiness for a possible call.
  10. Preparing for the Sonnenwendfeuer (big fires on hill top to celebrate the solstice) for saturday. We sell food and drinks while the fire. The money goes to the youth department of the volunteer fire fighters. No longer the big heat and the rain 5 days ago allows to do it without risk of forest fires. No rain or storm predicted and temperatures around 15 Celcius. So around the fire it should be warm but not too warm.
  11. The Related Word Game - 2017!

    sweet sixteen -> Quatorzième Oldest was sixteen when she was asked by local earl's wife to be a Quatorzieme because a guest got ill. I was puzled and was told: In 19th century France, there was a profession with the title "Quatorzième " (the fourteenth). This was a professional guest who was invited to social events whenever only thirteen guests were invited to sit at the table. The 14th 'guest' helped to avoid any misfortune which may have arisen from having such an unlucky number of guests.
  12. 30+ Celcius for days. So it happened what everyone was expecting: a heavy thunder storm. Our local fire fighters were alarmed for in just 2 hours: 3 lightnings into houses with hard to access fires below roof slates, dozen flooded cellars and fallen trees... All was in neighbour villages. Our village was lucky again. The clouds were climbing up to pass the small mountains and lost rain while climbing. So one side of the hill flood , other side not enough rain for even watering the flowers around the house.
  13. The Related Word Game - 2017!

    allergy -> Milbenkäse (mite cheese) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Milbenkäse My niece wrote her exam about using mite cheese to cure certain allergies. Wooden chest with rye flour , hand formed sour cream stuff, billions of cheese mites living in the rye flour. The digesting enzymes ferment and ripen the cheese. Since the mite eat part of the cheese too - you get both cheese and a bit of living content. Given the few kilograms produced each year: hundreds of lawyers had to discuss if the cheese is following the laws.
  14. The Related Word Game - 2017!

    dog days -> Home Slaughtering The relation between the earth and the stars changed with the centuries. The star sign is no longer visible at the hottest days of the year but rather end of summer. But I remember that our dogs were always happy when there was a home slaughtering at the farm of my grandparents
  15. What are you eating

    Speaking about large portions: Having a business meeting with people you never met before is a fight between etiquette and not starving. My 192cm and 90kg have to be kept alive. Not easy for example if your business partner is a French lady with half the weight. It is easier if you were in town for a day already and could eat in advance. But if you drove to the meeting for 6 hours with the car and are hungry? I now understand how noble people felt at a dinner with the emperor. The emperor was served first and the low nobles were not allowed to continue eating when the king was done. The low nobles were sitting at the end (Spitz) of the table (Tafel), served last and most often left the table hungry. They had to visit a nearby restaurant to be satiated. Their preferred meal there became known as Tafelspitz. The good thing is that most garcons know this story and know why I order a Tafelspitz https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tafelspitz