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  1. Awesome work schot. Would love to see sacred wiki again.
  2. Got my attention! Can't wait to see and hear more. cheers folks!
  3. I second Etherian on this one. I have gone through soooo many mice I can't count until I bought a Razr Mamba. It has been the best mouse I have ever had.
  4. That new rig is pulling a few more amps than the old one eh? I have a APC 1200 that pulls about 140 watts on browser and 225 in game. Which is less than 30% load.
  5. I use a free utility called HWMonitor from CPUID.com It will auto detect all your system temps automatically. Depending on the motherboard. As far as heat goes, the case is a huge part of that equation, along with proper ventilation/fans. I have and Antec Nine Hundred Two Case with a total of 5 case fans. 3 low rpm 120 mm intake with filters and 1 120mm exhaust plus 1 240mm exhaust built into the top of the case. A Thermaltake CPU fan and my 700w ps has a 120mm fan as well. Before replacing my case, the old cheap case I had could not let me overclock due to temps and I had CPU
  6. I think your choices of components are pretty spot on for a game machine. That Mobo chipset is 3 channel so 3 sticks of 4 gb is good. I have 4 sticks of 2 gb in mine and I never see more than 50% used when running multiple instances of Sacred2. On my last build, I started with 2 SLI GTX 260 GPU cards and found that the heat produced was not in proportion to the performance. Plus, Sacred2 got a little screwing in some areas where ground textures flickered really bad. I ended up seeing a bigger boost in performance (Frames per second) by tweaking my processor speed ( i5 750 is 2.66 sto
  7. Bridgette Nelson that stared in the Rocky move was very tall at 182cm. 195? wow, that is taller than me. At 6ft 3in I would come in at 190.5cm
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