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  1. Hey, Some time ago I got inspired by a post on a Polish forum where one of the users was trying to create Sacred map from minimap tiles in a browser. I actually thought it was a great idea because I didn't even know about existence of such map. That's when I found out that something like this is already on SacredWiki, although I wanted to have a more "complete" version. It sounded like a fun challenge. So I started slowly coding the website, almost 2 years ago I believe. Well, that's how things usually go with programming side projects, I worked on it for a few days and left it, came back for next couple of days months later and so on. This weekend I finally finished zooming (I purposefully wrote it from scratch rather than using existing libraries) and deployed it on a free hosting so it's available for everyone now You can check out the map here: https://sacredmap.netlify.app I just want want to point out that I will be slowly updating it but I wouldn't count on frequent updates. But the map is certainly not finished yet so eventually some new features/markers will be available
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  2. I removed the color from the model and the model itself is actually not that bad... if it just was possible to draw on the model directly... --- Reverting Jungle to Savannah... I hope that will turn out well for other regions. Not sure if there were problems with human or elven region, we'll see. Jungle has the most amazing mood colors and I want to work with that. Naah.. it's just... I turned it into a Savannah... but it all feels like the region with the lions, and I think that's enough Savannah. The jungle needs to be a jungle... I think it still has much mood in green but the standard grass does not fit. will try to draw something new.
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  3. I didn't like any of the things I created. And it annoyed me that there is that spot in Thylysium slums that just would not fit with the jungle grass. But I got inspired by one of the grass textures and drew a new one based on that. I drew one and duplicated it 8 times so no variation yet, colors/contrast and so on also not final but I think it's the grass base I was looking for reminds me of lank savannah grass. Since the lower part is green grass blades it also fits Thylysium slums. The problem there was a ground patch which is green and not brown like jungle. Didn't catch it with nice ambient lighting but it will do:
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  4. newTypification = { id = 10, name = "CLF_AMULET", stat = "", modreal = 1000, modfocus = 0, modbasepoints = 0, bonusgroupID = 261, weapondamagespread = 0, fightdistance = -1.000000, } mgr.createTypification(10, newTypification); bonusgroup 261 does not exist. EDIT: here is a full list of all non.existent bonusgroup-IDs being called in typification.txt: Unsorted, every appearing as often as being called: Sorted, every appearing only once: 172 173 177 224 239 251 252 253 254 261 563 737 769 @dimitrius154 didn't check addendum, might have the same issue.
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  5. The color is determined by the bonus tier, same color scheme as for items. You have 1,0,0, for your minconstraints which would make them all grey. Not sure about the socket problem.
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  6. You indicated you were using Windows 10 I remember there being some posts about this, added your version to your title, have you tried searching to see if theres reported posts about your issue?
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  7. @Flix There's a piece of information that came up with my current project which I never shared: In EE, all of the following bonustypes (and only those) have negative scaling with item tier on average, meaning on average the bonus gets weaker the higher the item tier it appears on: BONUS_REDUCE_EXTRAEFFECTCHANCE BONUS_SHRINKHEAD_ESSENCE BONUS_WEAPONDAMAGE_REL BONUS_SUREHIT BONUS_DEBUFF_POTENTIAL BONUS_WEAPONDAMAGERANGE BONUS_SPELL_INTENSITY BONUS_REDUCE_DEBUFFS BONUS_CHANCE_KNOCKBACK BONUS_CHANCE_FLEE BONUS_EXPERIENCE_REL BONUS_BLEEDING BONUS_AREASPLASH BONUS_STATS_REL BONUS_SHIELDBLOCK BONUS_SLOT BONUS_LIFEPOINTS BONUS_ARMOR_REL BONUS_EVADE BONUS_WOUNDEDRAGE I thought maybe you'd find this information interesting.
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