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Torchlight 2 - New ingame Video June 30th

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and the game is only 20 bucks!

Honestly this is a great game...I have been playing the beta and while it doesn't have the polish that D3 has it is a great arpg in its own right.

It doesn't have the online all the time DRM that D3 has shoved down our throats and that is certainly worth supporting.

And it has online HC!

No dedicated servers unfortunately but you can play co-op with up to 6 others..that's 2 more than D3.


Don't get me wrong...I love D3 and I'm playing it heaps...but TL2 is another game that is certainly worth getting...which I'm pre-ordering this pay check. :thumbsup:

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I have the steam version, and the Steam Workshop is very convenient for downloading all the different mods out there

I'm constantly suprised how complex you can get with TL2, and how much depth can be had with the builds, skills, socketing and leveling.   Right now I'm going through my 10th or so character - but o

I've been having tons of fun with this game these past few days. So much so I just bought it (I played through the demo over and over....) This is SO much better than D3 - which I started with this w

Forgot to mention the modding of course. Someone on Runic's board once asked, "How much of TL can we mod?" The reply was, "You can do whatever you want as long as you don't try to make a profit from it." So even the files that most companies will say, "HANDS OFF OR ELSE!" can be modded in TL2.

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Currently, I've got my hands full switching play between Sacred 2 and Titan Quest Immortal Thrones, but I will be buying a copy of TL 2 once it comes out. The first character for me will be the Outlander for sure. Also, Torchlight 1 was relatively easy for the most part, so I'm glad they're ramping up the difficulty in TL2.

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Its gonna be a blast can't wait to play engineer! And now 3 days to go


even thought I'm 28 I still get the jiggels about a game thats gonna be fun to play

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I've been watching this topic since it was creating, and today's the day! I got my copy as a gift, so I'll most certainly play it.


EDIT 1PM EST : And it's out!



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I have to agree, from what I've played so far this game is spot on. The fantasy fruit machine is tuned perfectly to give you that loot fix, feel somehow OP, yet give you good challenges. I've lost 4 toons so far on HC, currently playing a Veteran SC Outlander to get a feel for things before going back to HC again. My last HC Ice speccd Embermage certainly hurt to lose, but in many ways it made me happy :BlobRed: that the game wasn't going to be the face roll that D3 immediately offers you with.

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Well like all ARPGS I simply can't play SC :yawn:


Last night I got myself up a fire spec Embermage on HC Veteran! I've managed to get a ton of Vit and +Health on my gear and bar getting my base Vit to 26 I've poured all the rest into Focus. I have to say that at level 14 I think this is my strongest build so far... lovin it!


Long live Zaphod! :drinks:

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Diablo3 , Guildwars had no chance by my kids for this one. Cute graphics, defense optimizing is close to sacred2, ...


Kids were shocked when her mom and dad played an elite difficulty berzerker to NG++ without ever dying. A female character with a shield and a wand who goes close combat with SPELLS :) Out of the class playing rocks, next will be a melee embermage...

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Naughty gogo!! go and buy this game now! It's a fantastic game and fits very nicely along side Sacred 2 for the loot fix and playing around with classes, plus it's cheap. I know D3 stole a lot of it's thunder but I played D3 for about 40mins - 1hour before never playing it again, I played this well over 60hours now and it doesn't lose it's place on my installed games!

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Ah, too late Spritzen!

I gave up my "thing" for HC and finally gave SC a try...I am so hooked...finally!

I barely buy anything, always set a super low budget for items and pick up whatever is there for tat moment, and just live off the land.

I'm in Inferno, feels great, and because I spend less time dying, I'm spending more time trying all the skills out and finally relaxing with the game.





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