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Gosh, thank you for all your hard work!! I finally got this version working today (I had forgotten how to "path" the GME correctly after a re-install of the game). I am super excited to start a-fresh and just wanted to show my appreciation to you and all of you who keep this wonderful game alive.:)

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On 10/17/2017 at 3:12 PM, MisterB1969 said:

Wanted to give this a try. But after I install with the GME, it didn't change the game. I go to character creation, but everything is still sacred 2. Spent two days reading the instructions to make sure I got the install right. So not sure what I am doing wrong :/


No other mods are installed

Game files validated. 

Community Patch installed

The Diablo 2 Mod itself

Music moved into the Mods folder of the D2 Mod. 

But when I run, the game is still Sacred 2. 

Using Windows 10. 

I am having the same problem double checked and the GME is in the right place but when I start its still the same as before.

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9 hours ago, forbiden1 said:

I am having the same problem double checked and the GME is in the right place but when I start its still the same as before.

Did you run the mod enabler and enable the mod?

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Ok found the problem.

when I extracted the zip I extracted it directly to the mod manager and it didn't extract it just copied the zip over so when I enabled the mod from the manager the manager then extracted the files NOT enabling the mod after manually transferring the files to the manager from where it extracted them (the sacred folder) and then enabling them it worked.

thank you for the awesome mod and also the quick response!

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Hi guys..

I have installed the mod and music packs, but there is no text in the menu... I already edit the registry, but it did not work :( 

I have a gold version from GOG with CM 1.60 installed...

Any tips?

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On 05/12/2015 at 11:40 PM, Flix said:

The fonts needed for the interface are located in the "pak/fonts" directory of the mod. They are three .ttf files. Right-click each one and select "Install" to install them on your system.

Hi Das, have you installed the Diablo fonts?

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52 minutes ago, Flix said:

New Release: Diablo 2 Fallen v11

Read change log HERE

All posts/threads/files are updated.

Mod is also mirrored on Sacred 2 Nexus

Flix, this is just awesome, thanks for putting all this work in... careful that you don't get mobbed by  fans when going for your starbucks one early morning




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52 minutes ago, Azazy said:

Планируется ли русский язык?

Азази, это Английский форум. У вас есть переводчик?

(Azazy, this is an English forum. Do you have a translator?)

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Эта модификация поддерживается только на французском и английском языках.

(This Modification is only supported in French and English.)

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On 12/22/2018 at 11:40 AM, Azazy said:

are there any plans to make a Russian translation?

There are no plans to make a Russian translation, but if there were interested people who were skilled in both English and Russian it would be possible, maybe even relatively simple.

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2 минуты назад, Hooyaah сказал

Здесь нет планов по переводу на русский язык, но если бы были заинтересованные люди, которые умели и на английском и на русском языках, то это было бы возможно, может быть, даже относительно просто.


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Добро поЖаловать, Иван. Я сказала, что это должно быть легко. Но, чтобы сделать это означает много времени и усилий. Я не знаю, если наш друг Фликс хотел бы взять на себя такую вещь.

({You are} welcome, Ivan. I said it should be easy. But to do this means a lot of time and effort. I don't know if our friend Flix would like to take on such a thing.)

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Фликс бы лучше спросить, но я не верю, что это можно использовать стили брони из Священного 2 в Diablo 2 мод. Я не уверен, какую ссылку вы ищете, но вы можете получить результаты, используя функцию поиска в правом верхнем углу страницы.

Flix would be the best one to ask, but I don't believe that it's possible to use armor styles from Sacred 2 in the Diablo 2 Mod. I'm not sure what link you are looking for, but you may get the results using the search feature at the top right of the page.

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Are you looking for this armor set, Alex?: Revelation of the Seraphim You can download it here.This set can not be used with Diablo 2 mod.

Вы ищете этот набор доспехов?: Откровение Серафима Вы можете скачать его здесь. Этот набор не может быть использован с Diablo 2 мод.

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Flix should be more available to answer your questions after the holidays. In the meantime, Ivan, the only information that I could find to answer your question is in The Diablo 2 Fallen Items Thread. However, it doesn't mention much regarding the armor available with the Diablo 2 Mod. Because I play only Sacred 2 Gold with the latest patch I am relatively unfamiliar with the Diablo 2 mod. I hope that you find the answer that you are seeking soon.

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