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4 hours ago, chattius said:

Daughter tried her old Burgfräulein, noticed that the mods on rings changed and some old allSKills had something new it seems, some interesting and not ladylike curses.

...AND THEN: sapphire with +67 trading, emerald with +66 trading,ring with +32 trading, ...

So she traded a bit and got rings with +30 to devout offense lore ...

And now she asks if she is allowed to do the challenge I gave to her with the new v13...

I said yes, not her fault. And I am really interested how this +30 to a focus works once all runes are read. Because the more on a single skill is paid by no boost to the others.

What level is her character, and what difficulty?  This will be interesting indeed.

I want to give it some time and breathing room (and also see what's it like at low levels) before I just rush out a hotfix that nerfs them again.

And yes, bonuses on random jewelry got re-rolled, that's a side effect of altering bonus groups, my apologies.

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Have to verify if V13 is errorfree installed on her machine (french global version over a german install). Couldn't verify it on my machine (all english). I do not see rings with +xTreeFocus or +xTreeLore on my machine. Trade, weapon skills, all are above 30. But I do not see the +xTreeFocus ones in game. +toSingleSkill is also multiplied in normal armour?


I think I posted it in the enhanced edition tread already, what my belly feeling was about giving rings *5 to a single skill or *2 for a skill group. It was her old level 143 Burgfräulein build from the v12 tread. Normal trading jewelry at this level was around +6 or 7. So the values were to be exspected. The gems had already a double value anyway, they were at +13 I think.

My belly feeling was that for my singer I wanted to boost 2 skills mainly; warcry focus and warcry lore.

So instead 6*(+6 allSkills) I would now aim for 2*(+30 on WC-focus), and 4*(+6allskills): +84 on warcry focus and +24 all --- instead old +36 all.


Is this a reason for a hotfix?  Most curves get flatter and flatter the more skillpoints are in and fore higher values you need mastery. So it may not have this big effect overall. In the current state I would say: it has to be watched and more feedback needed.

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  • 3 weeks later...

I downloaded the mod, see previous post:

However when I try to unzip it it gives me :

Error with Extracting. (tried several devices).


I'll try again another day..


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18 minutes ago, Thert said:

The funny thing here is:

Nexus again links to this site:

The download is under the "File" tab.  It's hosted on the Nexus itself.

16 minutes ago, Thert said:

Error with Extracting. (tried several devices).

Try 7zip:  https://www.7-zip.org/

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2 hours ago, Thert said:

It downloads to google drive first, is that okay?

Download it to your PC.  Google Drive shouldn't be involved at all if you are downloading from the Nexus.

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14 hours ago, Thert said:

Is Speed Lore better in this conversion-mod?

The intensity is increased by 40%.  There are no other special effects added.

14 hours ago, Thert said:

Is Armor and Big Hits still the strongest here, as in Normal Sacred 2?

The basic mechanics are the same as Sacred 2.  Critical Hits do more damage, and the weapon-lore unlockable version of the bonus has a greater chance to trigger.

There is also "Crushing Blow" which has a chance to reduce the opponent's max hitpoints by 20%.

Armor is important, but Damage Mitigation is more like the Resistances from D2, that provide a % reduction to damage. If you can reach 100% you will be damage immune to that element.

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Encountered Sharptooth Slayer (name well displayed). Couldn't find Battlemaid Sarina (her location on the WikiMap seems wrong and couldn't find her either in the Ancestor's Chambers).


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Nimonuil was already very dangerous, now he's a total nightmare :butcher:

Ventar the Unholy had his name not displayed too. Strange issue.

The mod is awesome Flix. Great immersion, lot of details, the new bestiary is great, fantastic work :bow:

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34 minutes ago, desm said:

Nimonuil was already very dangerous, now he's a total nightmare

You really need to stay away from his self-explosion attack, that's the one that gets you. First time I played through v13 I had my elite mount insta-killed due to that and I was like "whaaa...?!". But if you keep a safe distance and kite a bit it's manageable.

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16 minutes ago, Androdion said:

I had my elite mount insta-killed due to that

I spent 4 mounts I think against him (even had to quit the session for the stock of the mount island merchant to refill...) and he managed to kill me one time too (wasn't playing HC to test). I hate him :D

Nameless Guardians were a piece of cake after that. Hadn't played since v8 I think.

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2 hours ago, desm said:

I spent 4 mounts I think against him (even had to quit the session for the stock of the mount island merchant to refill...) and he managed to kill me one time too (wasn't playing HC to test). I hate him

Nimonuil will have different spells in v14.  This is not due to the feedback you just gave (though it confirms my idea), but rather because I never noticed until recent testing he's using the Necromancer spells "Iron Maiden" and "Bone Spirit." 

This will not do, he is Inquisitor, not Necromancer.  IMO he should be using similar spells to what he used in vanilla.  So in v14 he will use a basic "Spikeshield" reflective aura and a Burning Hard Hit attack with his energy staff.

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9 hours ago, Flix said:

OK D2F v14 is released.  It's available in our Downloads Section as well as on NexusMods

All download links, threads, info, as well as supplemental materials like maps, lists, etc., have been updated.  I'll try to update the Wiki this weekend.

It's a weird time to be uploading with the site issues, but I managed it.  Grab it while you can!

Flix thanks you!! Yes even last night our hosts were doing  it  upgrades to all their servers and we panicked until we woke up this morning.. all sound, secure and fast! Thanks for creating even more for the fans during all this... appreciation!



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16 minutes ago, Androdion said:

So, having previously used v12 with the music add-ons and all instructions followed what do I need to do to put v14 in its place? Disable v12 via GME and enable v14, and that's it?

Pretty much just what it says in the first post.

Previous Users:

  • Disable the old version of D2F with the GME (important!)
  • Remove the old D2F folder from your "MODS" folder.
  • Place the new "Diablo 2 Fallen v14" folder into the "MODS" folder. Enable as usual.
  • -Optional- "Inferno Edition" and/or "SuperSpawn" should be enabled after enabling the main mod.  Disable before disabling the main mod.
  • Play with NEW characters only. Use old characters at your own risk.
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4 hours ago, Androdion said:

Thanks, and forgive me but I've been sleeping terribly (or not at all).

Not to worry. Take care of yourself.

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So the day has finally come and I've logged in to Sacred 2 again. :D

Been running v14 with the usual Inferno+Superspawn combo, I like the challenge and spawn density. First run was kind of sketchy, I still had many of the DS2 key mapping and gameplay in my head, got to level 5 and began again. Kind of a false start and then a proper run. Anyway, it's going well and all but there's something I'm finding a bit strange coming in from v12, or even from vanilla. Bonuses to individual skills are pretty high from the start, I could purchase relics with a +3 bonus to general skills around level 7 or so? I'm now at level 12 and I'm just buying gear based on the individual skill bonuses to be honest, and I don't even have Bargaining/Trading in my build. This is what it looks like with and without gear:



So is this normal, as in an intentional behaviour of the game now? And if so why?

Other than that I haven't had much mishaps or issues. Smite sometimes doesn't cause a leap but rather a run to the opponent from my Paladin when I cast it in a combo with either Vengeance or Zeal. I don't think I've seen that happen when cast alone, probably an issue with being in the combo, so most likely it has little if anything to do with the mod. Sometimes combos can be like that in vanilla. So all in all positive experience so far, I've been playing it really slow as I'm coming in from a totally different game. Seriously though, the amount of times I've pressed the space bar for pause only to realise it doesn't work! :D

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