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DarkMatters Featured Sacred Guides and Builds Index

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Index has been updated today with Nihilith's wicked Regen Time / Duration : The good balance, How to simply manage your boost CA/Spells level. Also note Nihilith has a wicked HTML version at the bottom of the guide.


Fantastic work there Nihilith ;)


Thanks for adding Claire :D

My thread isn't really well laid out, but html is fine. If any update in the html version, I'll reply in the original thread.

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A special note of thanks here to Nightwolfe who has just added the DarkMatters Featured index of Sacred Guides and Builds to her site.




The index of community made Sacred Guides, Builds and Maps, now finds stickied homes in the German Sacred forums, the Italian communtties and and many, many others. I'd like to applaud the entire Sacred community for the fantastic effort you've all put into your guides.


With the help of all our friends, precious Sacred info is now spreading even faster all across the word.


Good job everyone!




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No really it was my pleasure.... saved me the time of asking each person if I could copy their guides and finding a place for them on my website! However I do not object to making new pages for really great guides so if people want me to put theirs up in my site I can..... there were just way too many FANTASTIC guides listed her for me to want to try to get them all up. But thanks to you all they look great just like they are... :D

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Oh I am a happy lass 3 new additions to the index,

All 3 are great additions to the forum so a big Thanks for the work you all did with your contributions :woot:


Drinks in the bar! :thumbsup:

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Oh that would certainly be an awesome addition here Knuckles. In the case of the forum indexing of builds/guides here you would need to post it on the forum here in the Sacred Guides: DarkElf section. Reason being is that the DarkMatters Index of builds/guides needs to link to the respective builds and guides from here on the forum. I know that WD guide quite well and you can be sure that as soon as you've posted it it'll be added to this index.


We didn't add it to the forum here because we feel that generally that should be reserved for the author to submit here on the forum. :bow:

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