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    Howdy, Played this years ago and recently picked up on Steam for $4 and have been having fun with different characters. So I decided I needed a utility character (bargaining, blacksmith, and enhanced perception) and found a build in the sites Temple Guardian section. Everything been going okay until Gar'Colosuss. I can get the shield down (although it takes forever) but then can't dent him before shield goes back up and he heals. Meanwhile he pounds through my shield and health while I slam through potions. I've tried switching to a ranged weapon but then I do even less damage. Hit and run with Dedicated Blow doesn't work. Icy Evanescence isn't slowing him down. Untouchable Force's stun isn't stopping the rage pounding in close. Eleven attempts, four death, 70 potions and one mount later I'm nowhere but frustrated. I'm only playing on Silver ffs. Any ideas on how to beat this S.O.B.? Is he level locked? We're both level 20 now, can I do some leveling and come back with him still level 20? Here's my character so far. T-Energy Shroud modded Power, Recharge, and Reflection Combat Alert modded Defensive, Repair, and Permanent
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    I think maybe rather than immersed I was a wee bit submerged in the game. That was a pretty creative grave on the Devs part. They tried really hard to find interesting things about every player grave to make them extra personal. Mine was based on a quest I wrote. Which, now that it's brought up, I think I'll update it to include a video.
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    I found this interesting screen... Schot. So, is that where he's been lately?
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    Another thing is if you need set items, repeating the quest "Good Address" can give a few every now and then. It's easily replayable in free mode in a multiplayer game, especially with the community patch that lets you port to thylisium docks. There just clear out some ship thieves and bam, random blues or sets.
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    Hehe... Dealt with the wind chill myself, though it somehow didn't feel too bad. Probably because I drove to work and overcompensated with the layers. ;p Minus twenty with windchill, then it warmed up the following day to minus eight. Honestly, Toronto tends to be either very mild, then suddenly freezes you to death out of nowhere.
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    Hello! My first recommendation is to socket something the gold socket of your Boneslicer. Even it's just the Blacksmith art "Whet" it will help a bunch. Also, I recommend reading some more runes so that you can level up your combat arts, If your character is level 20, I'd say your combat arts should be at least level 5. Look for Regeneration per Hit rings and try to socket them in your gear if you feel your regeneration time are getting too high after leveling your CA's and buffs. That's just at a cursory glance.
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    Not through the scripts, no. Skill functions are mostly hard coded.
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    Leaves falling, snowy rain, freezing the night and made the leaves a mix of leaves, water and ice. Sure as hell there were cars sliding from the street. My fire fighter app alarmed first time at 4am. There are times when it is better to switch the electronic assists off. With a blockading wheel the leaves would have turned into a barrier, with electronics the wheel keeps rotating and rolls over smaller heaps of leaf when driving downhill, sometimes not slowing down at all. My family spends one day a year at a race track. Safety training connected with some racing who does the fastest lap.