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    I've been working on a 5th elemental lord, since there are 5 damage types in the game, and the Earth Lord has been pulling double duty for physical/magic. The Lightning Lord is attuned the "magic" damage type: He will have his own quest line in Hissil'Ta. In the Ruins of Khatuz where you first arrive at the swamp, Asheara and some of her Iron Wolves will be nearby to fill you in. The Perfect Amethyst quest reward will also get moved to this quest. The Earth Lord will reward a physical Sigil (Wol) instead. Earth Lord is also going to get some updates - more on that soon.
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    Hello! Finally, Sacred 1 HD is real. After posting a first topic (SACRED UNDERWORLD 16:9. THOUGHTS.), 10 days have passed and I found the right values for the correct rendering of the picture, lol. More than one year was spent for searching I decide do it in 1366x768 because it is nearby resolution to 1024x768, and it not require changes for height. On 1920x1080 monitor while FULLSCREEN: 1 the picture is stretched proportionally, but there is a slight loss of quality and appears a little black stripes vertically. Now it is demo only, there is a lot of work ahead.
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    I fell into a little bit of a history hole today, looking at Wolfe's Lair and visiting DA's forum. Glad to see you still sticking around And I can't believe I missed this topic!
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    hey sorry im no forum user and I always forget about these. I want to clear out some stuff. there was never a public thing like a "sacred toolset" it was just a collection of old id lists, hacks, tools and other stuff I had lying around on my hdd. sorry to disappoint you with this. like you already found out, the russian vk communitys for this game is where new stuff regarding sacred happens today. darkbloods was dead for like 7 years but im now in the process of recollecting old members of our long lost sacred history. we have opened a discord server but stuff written there so far is german only.
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    Why so pessimistic. Currently we just print new ones. The fabric is removed from the old ones and destroyed. The plastic parts are put into a desinfection container and could be re-used. We have to desinfect our metals used for medical products anyway. The calculations are done with anything before the mouth the short while you are in a supermarket or at other contacts. They show that a shawl before the mouth is better than nothing. A person not knowing about its infection is dangerous. Consider him as a biological equivalent to a military multirocket minelayer. A minelayer with 270 mines is less deadly than one with 300. These 30 mines are what could be easily disarmed with a simple thing like a shawl worn 20 minutes while in a market. Of cause 270 instead 300 doesn't look like much of a difference. So lets play Terminator. Humans against transformer robots. Robots test a minelayer with 300 mines, find it successful , the robot animates the next 3 robots to transform into minelayers too, .... each of them teaching 3 others robots, ... Humans react, they find a computer virus which deactivates 10% of all mines allready in the matrix used to copy new robots. Then General Dax commander of the united earth forces says: 270 instead 300? Are you insane? I want to win the war quickly. Find a better weapon I won't sign that. Corporal Chattius commander of the resistance says: Better than nothing, lets do it. A year later: Who knows... I know that not all parametres are in the calculations, but it isn't in also that you can teach people to spread as few virus as possible. So if you reach 20% with a shawl, teaching how to breath in public, how to make a useful mask and how to use it, ... All I want to show is that at expontional spreading small changes in behaviour can have a big effect. Normal washing at 60C is enough to destroy the virus for normal people, be it shawl or clothes you have worn at supermarket visit. All you say is that you can't stop 100% of the infections , I agree. I am talking about stopping as few as 20% and that is reachable. Noone will be 100% save by wearing masks or shawls. But the long time effect is obvious. Sadly we live in a world where quick money and success is all what counts. State is loosing money, we have to start work again,.. After a week: Why isn't there a cure already... When my grandpa died and I got a piece of old oak forest... my bank specialists for investment said, chop it and sell it, put it in papers. Wood prices are high at the moment. I said oak trees need hundred of years. I am selling them slowly. Big oak trees for asian temples, for big wine barrels, ... Was 12 years ago and 25 carefully sold trees brought more money than chopping all 300+ right away. Let's face is. Noone in europe or america was confrontated with a pandemic like this before. The only continent which was has people who wear masks and reducing numbers of infections.
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    throne => toilet The porcelain throne... ;)
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    Excuse the double post, but that's just to bump the topic on the lists. I finished a four hour session starting from scratch (of course). Ran into Llama8 who was playing as well, he mentioned he was playing for a month or two. On the technical side of things: initially the game gave me a scare because it took an abnormal time to load. I killed it, but left it running on the second try. Eventually it started anyway. The game performs okay, on a Haswell quadcore and an AMD RX580 I run high settings and get anywhere between 60-80 FPS. Haven't tinkered much with the settings to see whether I can bump any without performance issues. The story: as far as I have gathered up to this point, you are chasing after shards of an ancient artifact known as the Epoch. The interesting thing is that the power of that artifact seems to fling you across time. Also, the power of the artifact seems to have created time rifts, where you get the option to travel to a different period. Keeping in mind, that also means different enemies (damage types!). Gameplay: it plays pretty much like any other H&S. There's life and mana, but health potions have an interesting mechanic to it (the amount you can carry depends on your belt type) and there are no mana potions as far as I can tell. Regen speed is quite high though! The only thing taking me some time getting used to, is the fact that your LMB does not target your enemies for a default attack, nor can you assign an attack to it. You assign your attacks to right-click and Q, R, T and E. Any minions you can guide with A. Content: there are currently 4 classes available, from the 5 classes intended to make it into the complete game. Not all of the masteries are available yet either. Every class has 3 optional specializations in the form of masteries, and you are able to pick certain skills from your skilltree to specialize in as well. Aside from that, there's gambling, forging, side quests, etc. My take so far: I quite enjoy it! More than I've enjoyed the Van Helsing game, and more than Titan Quest which I got really hyped for during development and found rather slow actually playing it.
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    "So what exactly does the Community Patch do?" I seem to hear more and more comments from players like "I don't think I need this to enjoy the game," "not sure this mod is really doing anything," and the ever popular "this mod sucks." Presenting a somewhat haphazard and spotty change log, spread out over 10 years, doesn't help the case so much. Many people just see a tweaked interface, or catch wind of new fan-made items and quests, and get scared off. Put frankly, the Community Patch is indispensable to Sacred 2. To prove that, I've put together a FULL change log, that lists EVERYTHING the Community Patch does, as of the latest 1.60 release. View and download the full change log: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_2UcD-_lE-D2-yokJ6_3Ywfm7375yXNB/view?usp=sharing I used all previous patch notes to make this, as well as my own examination of the files to catch any "stealth changes." I tried to be as comprehensive as possible, while still making it concise and easy to digest. I'd encourage you to show this to anyone who has doubts about the Patch, and to read through it yourself if you want to get a really good grasp of just how much is fixed. Happy playing!
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    Brother says that he signed for weekly pakets of random fresh food with included recipes. Option at your place too? He says he want to avoid supermarkets at the moment, I say that he signed because in each paket is a roll of toilet paper. Jokes in the time of corona. He and his wife can't do home office and work considered important for public. Luckily I can reach work without any contact to others when I drive cross country with motorbike.
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    Just noticed this comment. My favorite Massive Attack track by a mile is the 'Flash Treatment' remix of Psyche (or rather this was the original; what wound up on the full Heligoland album was a remix).
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    I think one of the coolest things about this is we can get some extra awesome images for DarkMatters's background scenes^^ gogo
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    Good news, we did it! Sacred ReBorn Multi Resolution is in pre-alpha stage now! There is some screenshots in 1920x1080
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    There might be another option. Overlookers have altered some spawn triggers in their code modification Sacred Reborn. In some caves, teleport to Hedgenton, head east and follow the river, boss monsters spawn. I guess these guys have the toolset too. MetaL is here every day, Starling as well. Maybe they can help. Zerisius is also on Sacredvault.org, the site is still alive but very very quiet nowadays. Thorium keeps it running, he is a member here too, maybe he can send Zerisius a message. I will give it a try, the site is in German mostly. Also I will try to find out some more about the location of the toolset. It was not more than a single phrase I remember, but I will see what I can do.
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    It's never crossed my mind, not least of all because the Community Patch is not mine to restrict. It belongs to the community. I've also spent years trying to get the CM Patch and Sacred 2 mods & resources to as wide an audience as possible. The biggest mistake Ascaron made post-release was forbidding talk of modding and doing everything to thwart it. Likewise the biggest fault of the early CM Patch development was to horde all their modding methods like an elite secret society, never releasing tools or sharing knowledge. The final reason is that I know that there a large number of pleased-yet-mostly-silent users. A loud minority of people who complain should not ruin things for a much larger portion of players just because they didn't spend time posting about their experience.