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  1. That's pretty much the thing, there does not see to be perfect right or wrong. Some more history here
  2. Droppig by to give you guys a heads-up about an upcoming game: A good friend of mine bugged me with this: Black Geyser "An isometric, party-based, real-time with pause RPG in a world infested by greed and envy. Coming to PC, Mac & Linux on GOG and Steam." I find this to have an interesting concept with the way greed is supposedly influencing your game world. The game looks pretty neat as well, it does seem like they've implemented a lot of the engine and functionality before diving into the whole Kickstarter-business. As of last week we've both backed the game with Early Bird support (promising a free game key) with additional funds to get any future expansions/DLC. Take a look and see if it's something you want to keep your eye on
  3. Any new games for [D.a.r.k.]?

    It's been a week and a half you animal, tell us already
  4. Any new games for [D.a.r.k.]?

    @Knuckles how are you finding Rimworld? I've seen quite a bit on Twitch and it seems like a really chill game I was looking forward to Unbended as well...
  5. I actually liked the demo of D3 but I never picked up the game and I found Grim dawn to look like a carbon copy of Titan Quest to me, a game I've tried many times but never really got into... Maybe that's why I am having difficulty in finding new games to like
  6. It's just a shame that the current hot genres are the survival- and king-of-the-hill type games, which mostly aren't that interesting to the RPG-lovers. And there haven't really been any good, deep, MP hack'n'slash games lately, have there?
  7. Any new games for [D.a.r.k.]?

    Cool, I'll keep my eye out then
  8. Hi guys, as you all know I bump in and out of the forums now and again but I have not seen (or played) a full [D.a.r.k.] supported game in quite a while now. Are there any new games around which you guys are playing in a loose setting? Is there any game on the horizon which could gain clan support?
  9. Planning my next pc purchase - Again!

    @gogoblender Laptop wise I love the Razer Blades. I wish they sold them here. But this is one I'm eyeballing over here even though my PC is fairly similarly specced: https://ca.msi.com/Laptop/GS43VR-7RE-072CA-Phantom-Pro.html @Schot Buuut since you are going desktop and already have the mobo: GPU prices are weird now if you're going top spec. We can't get most higher end GPU's anymore because the miners are buying them all... Maybe hold off from buying a top of the line GPU until you've found a new game you want to play? The standard GTX750 did fine in my rig until I wanted to play PUBG. That game made me switch to my current GTX1050ti. Going mITX is a drawback when buying GPU's, though. It will severely limit your choices if you are going for a SFF PC as well, and not a more regular looking case like for instance the Fractal Design Define Nano S (comes with a windowed version as well). http://www.fractal-design.com/home/product/cases/define-series/define-nano-s PS: have you looked into barebones like the Zotac Zbox Magnus? Small footprint, big specs
  10. Hah she's not the wife... yet...But actually, just yesterday we celebrated our anniversary of 11 years and we are doing fine, in every way possible. Sadly, the biggest thing happening this year is that I lost my grandmother from my mother's side of the family last month. It was a sad situation where she was suffering more psychologically than we ever knew, physically she was doing OK-ish.... Oh and our summer holiday was spent in Canada this year sadly not your part of Canada since you guys are up in Quebec right? We went to BC, it was L-O-V-E-L-Y. Game-wise, I've dabbled about in the Witcher and PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, and played through DeathSpank but I have been gaming very little... I actually got a second hand Wii for cheap so we can game from the couch a little bit haha. At least my hardware is being kept up to date as much as possible. My pre-built PC, a Medion, came with a dual core Intel i3-4160, 8GB Ram and a GTX750. At the moment it has a GTX1050ti, 16 GB Ram and I have a quadcore I5-4590S with aftermarket cooler ready to install. And we still have to finish our desks, so we can fit our new-to-us-but-second-hand BENQ 24 inch MVA panels. If I find the time How's everyone else around here doing? *pours a few beers*
  11. I may be absent for a while.

    Good job Spock! Getting a new system set-up is always a little bit of a clusterF no matter how well you're organised. When I got a new PC a little while ago I was going through similar issues.
  12. Is Unbended still happening?

    Haven't been around fer a while but this really is some sad news. I miss our old sacred days
  13. Thought I'd necro this thread. Anyone who's interested should keep their eyes out for the new patch to be released, currently 0.60 is in experimental phase but playing DayZ is night and day between 0.59 and 0.60. The way the game is rendered changes a lot which also lessens the strain on your system. Say hello to a ~50% increase in FPS. Currently I'm running a i3 4160 (3.6GHz), 8GB RAM and a GTX750. Mediocre to low specs to be gaming with, but the new experimental patch means I can run this game on mostly medium settings and still have decent frames. Btw, I have updated the first post just a littlte bit. Also fixed the trailer.
  14. Happy B-Day Schot

    Congrats Schotsman!