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  1. Im glad that things are starting to go great for you,you should slow down alittle cause no one wants you to hurt yourself again.I totatlly feel you on the job thing though.some people just dont get it,theres not alot of jobs out there. I hope the new guy works out though.
  2. I work in a vet clinic and I have cats as well so I will try to help.cats are like people they have lots of different personillites. this is what I have done when getting a cat/adding a cat to the family.get a seperate food/water dish and another cat box put that stuff in another room and when you bring the new kitty home put the kitty in that room away from the other cat. reason for this is so the cats can get to know each other by smell and sound,cats can be very territorral at times.this can last anywhere from a week-end to a month or more it all depends on the personilites pf the cats.ma
  3. the computer version is really good but I dont have money right now to get it for the computer likewise I will,I made the mistake of buying it for the console,I dont think I will do that again-- im sad
  4. sohma


    I heard about it now my curiosity has been piked I will have to cheack this out I hear its really disturbing.
  5. I bought the game for my ps3-I will be honset,be warned this is my opinion-the game is a mess,and I do mean a mess.I was really looking forward to it.if your going to play this game play it on the computer,because thats what it seems to have been built for not the consoles. the games buggy,some buggs good some bad. framerate and slowdown for the ps3 is horrible,on my ps3 the game has locked up/froze causing me to:a-restart,b,hardshut down on ps3,c soft shutdown to reboot game.some people have stated that they havent had a problem I have had a few. character creator is really good-you make a
  6. congrats and welcome to the parent club.hes beautiful I like alexander its a good strong name.
  7. its the best game I have played on the ps3 to date.If you have a ps3 buy this game,if you dont have a ps3 buy one.This game is that good.Its an action rpg,it has unique online elements,pvp that kind of thing just done in a refreshing way.gameplay is hard and addicting but not fustrating.If you die its usually because you did something dumb. graphics are good,not much in the way of story,whats there is good.Its all about the gameplay.Ambiance is excellent,turn the sound up and the lights off and enjoy. you have weight limits which is intresting,those limits can sometimes be a pain but nothing
  8. great thread an up for me is that my hand is doing much better and I found out that its only soft tissue damage--I got bit at work by a dog due to a vets sheer stupidty and incompatance. I can play sacred again-yeah a down for me --just got a game I was really looking for to playing only to find out that its crap-im really sad about it beacuse it was one of my favorite series.
  9. congrats--wow,thats a lot of work,Im tired for you
  10. sohma

    G.I. Joe

    I had free tickects to a midnight early release.it was good,its a popcorn movie.Im allways watching movies to me this one was good. a few holes but still good.my problem was the cast,they seemed just a smidgen off to me.the guy who plays duke seems to me to be trying to hard.still its a good movie.
  11. what a shame ,I would br nice if the new company doesent decide to bury such a great game.I dont think its right that they dont seem to be supporting the consoles though.I play this game primarily on the console and its one of my favorite games of all time.its not often that I get to play a game in this genre thats this good,it could always be better but this game is great as it is.
  12. I was on tonight and had a werid glitch.Im on the ps3,Im level 60 dryad.Im in the desert,and when Im fighting the scarab riders,these things happen- 1-the scarab riders wont die 2-the scarab riders sudden disapear,they wont drop anything,they just dissapear,sometimes they will be half dead and suddenly their gone.they also should be dead but dont go down, then suddenly they dissapear. this is my second char.I never had a problem with my seraphim and my dryad is using an ice blowpipe if that helps.thanks
  13. I think he needs to get out more ,but the lines are very funny to me.I almost chocked I was laughing so hard when I read that.--funnier still I know people like that.
  14. I have this problem to, just in the last week.Im playing a dryad.I also noticed that the buff would just randomly come back on.Im not to worried because the buffs seem active under my pic.Im on the ps3,I guess its just a glitch.
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