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File Name: Moony's challenge Mod

File Submitter: Moonpaw

File Submitted: 18 Jul 2011

File Updated: 24 Dec 2011

File Category: Ice & Blood Patches and Mods


This is a mod that should add a lot more difficulty to the game by letting the player face hordes of super aggressive monsters. It'll be like fighting stoned pro-athlets on dope in a 100 meter dash with only 1 leg. ((Pretty tough))

It also adds many random boss encounters to all over ancaria (once this mod is complete) and they do respawn.



Newest update is CM patch 130 compatible/dependant


Click here to download this file

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Will deffo take a look, once I get my comp back up. Just made some hardware updates. --> Windows and games reinstalled. But it's really worth it.

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A query...I think you said in another post that this should work with the cm patch. Does that mean that you installed the cm patch and then edited the files you've uploaded. If so, this mod should probably be marked cm-patch only since it would edit files that are also edited by the cm-patch giving users an install that has some cm details and some that isn't.

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bug? the minimum mob level in every zone has been raised! I tought it was only for the beginning (ennemies level 11) like you said but in Gold with a 0.00% SB and a level 41 char, undead legionnaires near clearview are level 61...

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After a very long break from modding (had to finish my exams and now I work as software developer apprentice) I started modding again and right now im working on a tool to edit the spawn.txt file with a GUI programm so itll speed up my work and ill soon release new versions with changes and more boss spawns. Stay tuned and up to date :3

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After releasing one of the most talked about mods for this game, it's great to see you're still coming up with new ideas.


Great having you back here on the boards on Sacred 2~!





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Thanks! its good to be back^^ Could you ask Schot if he got my PM? im waiting impatiently for a response^^ I asked if I could use their ancaria map with the google api for my editor. Since region coordinates are saved in the spawn.txt it should be possible, with some modifications, to view the different spawn regions on the world map with just a mouse click

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I have a problem with the werewolfs boss, I can't hurt they, when I do some damage, they regenerates it in one second... is this normal?

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Four years is a hell of a necro, but did I miss some basic instructions somewhere?  It seems obvious to me the .Pak folder overwrites stuff in the .pak folder, the scripts go in the scripts folder, and then... nothing really changed except balance.txt.  I got a huge boost to attack speed cap which just makes the game easier (seraphim can get almost 150% extra speed no problem, Swords and Alacrity), the exact opposite of what I was hoping for.  Others here seem to have gotten it working, so I figured I missed something.  I'm still in Clearview with almost 200 quests done in Niobium at level 109 and I'm tired of two shotting the whole game with autoattacks (with the Nexus' Survival Mod installed too)... I desperately need a difficulty mod that works that is more involved than just turning up a few numbers to extremes, was hoping this would be it.

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