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Ahhh I could live in this thread forever.. Timo how exquisitely evil you are to have planted it here...






p.s. heh, quite the xbox post you have there Zyther... from all the stuff they offer with gaming consoles, it seems like this is where these guys make all/most of their money from?

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Hehe caught the idea at another forum, where people show off... EVERYTHING lol I've even seen pictures of a bag of crisps :yay:


Edit: removed link... You guys wouldn't have been able to see the thread.. *sigh*

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I think he was enlightening tha Canadians over here eh, lol.



Nice toys! Ugh... Must resist spending... Just a little longer... :thumbsup:


*looks at stubbie's monitor*

Ooh nice! I notice you have the forum up on the monitor there. *mental note: Need to work on skin...* :o


Love those keyboards and Xbox... Yup! That would be a 5 :agreed::crazy::mafia::evil::) rating from me. Wish I had one too!

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Actually, if you guys wanna hear something funny, at work, they were supposed to have been giving away an xbox for christmas, but apparently all the xboxes were sold out... a bunch of itouches were sent out as gifts instead which was the one I won here:








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*DISCLAIMER* Yes I made sure there were no bullets in this before I took the pics. ALWAYS make sure you AND someone else clear a gun before handling it. BE SAFE. BE REAL SAFE. ok?


Totalman's newest collectible... Smith and Wesson Model 681 .357 Magnum with Delaware State Police insignia etched into the side of the stainless steel. For me wanting to be a state trooper, this service revolver holds a special place in my heart, as it served on the force and was retired over 20 years ago. (im going to try to get a better camera so that I can post a clear picture of the detail of the insignia). it was owned by one of our S.O.R.T. (Special Operations Response Team aka SWAT) members. beautiful piece in near-mint condition (hasnt been fired in 20 years) and has a colorful history. one of under 1300 total guns made with the insignia, and that includes .357 model 681s, .38 caliber S&Ws, and S&W shotguns with the logo. quite a lucky find for me. 4-inch barrel, original (I think its oak) handle, stainless steel, custom trigger and hammer (has a single action trigger pull of what feels like nothing... I think he said .5 lbs)


Heres the one with the clearest view of the insignia










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I just got the majority of the parts for my new computer, I'm just going to hold out until the Nvidia GeForce 9 series is released later this month before buying my Graphics card and Motherboard. :)

Anyway the parts! (sorry for the pictures incidently I didn't want to open my packaging incase I damaged anything :)

An Akasa Eclipse case


Xclio 550W power supply shiny :thumbsup:


My 2GB of 667Mhz low latency RAM :)


A nice fast DVD drive :)


My 160GB Seagate Barracuda Hard disk


and finally my AMD Athlon 6400+ Its 3.2 Ghz Dual core


I'm looking forward to using this computer when it all gets put together!



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dead secksi tim. I need a new comp soon... and a new copy of sacred so I can get online...


soon to come - Pictures of Total's new rifle *circa last night at about 630 pm) lol... I need to stop going to the shooting range, or I will never stop buying guns... it's an old stevens model 62, .22 caliber, synthetic stock, 20.5 inch barrel, 10 round magazine. weighs 5 pounds... yes, that rifle weighs less than my most recent handgun buy. I recommend if you're into "plinking" or squirrel hunting, or anything like that, get one... its around 90-100 USD, most accurate .22 rifle I've ever shot. PS I do not advocate for the killing of little rodents or animals, and I personally don't practice that way of life. I shoot paper targets safely at a range, and I do not advocate doing anything unsafe with firearms. just my little spiel, be safe and have fun, thats what life's for!



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some very nice purchases made here gang. Total, even though guns very much frighten me, it's still a beautiful piece, the workmanship in these photos is beautiful. My Uncle has an extensive gun collection that he showed us while we were all down in potomaq village once for Christmas (is that how they spell it lol) and it's easy to see how they can become collector's items, very weighty pieces with huge amounts of history all connected.


And Tim...new computer...sigh... drool... ahhhh, I'm slowly goin green , lol...


Looks like that's definitely gonna take you through to Christmas





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Well over $1,100 of stuff I recently bought.

And I love it :)


:( we've got 2 360's in our house.

zyther, my xbox live name is "eatkitten" add me if you remember. we'll play some halo.

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  • Linux Starter magazine
  • Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy Gibbon
  • Sata cable
  • 40GB Western Digital HDD


All ready to give Linux a try :P

Now I only need some time... :pitcher:

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Heh we inspire each other I guess!


I've been nosing around trying to learn more about how Linux works for quite some time, but haven't dug in deep yet.

With the experiences from others on this board, I feel more confident I can get it running etc :P


On a side note: I've spent under €30 on the stuff!

The magazine+Ubuntu disk was €9

The HDD was €15, it's completely new but I bought it second hand from a guy on a Dutch tech forum.

The cable was a whopping €3 :pitcher:

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Wireless headphones :) €40 for a real class A brand!

Daily on-line offer over at iBood.com, at least €20 cheaper than anywhere else.

That being said, it's very hard to get your hands on one here in Holland, can only find 'em in 2 stores.

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a bit better sound from now on :woot: (it even has a blue LED) :yay:






hehe I think Timo have been cleaning up in his photobucket :P

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Lol why is that BHJ, that many pics missing here? :woot: nice speakers btw, what brand and type? assuming it's not a sub :yay:





My 2400 was acting up a bit, one of the ports went bad, ah well it happens. Keeping it as a backup card.

Went with the second hand thing again, spent €40 for a 7900GS TOP (TOP meaning 20% overclocked).

Cooler was idle quite noisy, when gaming it was like a vacuum cleaner, so I purchased a new silent one.

I'm a happy camper again!

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Lol why is that BHJ, that many pics missing here?



hehe its a sub Not the 12" I wanted but its prob big enough :woot: (its a Dantax_black.gif)


8" Active Subwoofer

For Pro-Logic & AC3 systems


· 1 x 8” High Excursion Woofer

· Output Power: 80 Watt

· Independent Volume

· Frequency response: 38-250 Hz (adjustable)

· Impedance: 8 Ohm

· Subwoofer RCA line-in

· Auto Power On/off

· Volume Control

· Power LED Indicator

· Line In

· Speaker Terminal In

· HI-cut Frequency

· Phase Select

· Cabinet: Black, Cherry, Beech or Maple

· Dimensions: (WxHxD) 295x445x410 mm

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Does it get you the "oompf"? ;) lol

I'll see if I can fix some of the pics here then :) EDIT: OK most of them have pics again lol

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